Ep. 29 On Guns, Religion, & Tyranny: 2nd Amendment Lessons, #5-8 or more [audio/text]

Ep. 29 On Guns, Religion, & Tyranny: 2nd Amendment Lessons, #5-8 or more [audio/text]

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Right to bear arms?  How about right to bear Bibles?  This isn’t a game, folks.  And it certainly isn’t merely a political exercise in defending gun rights.  There’s more at stake than just rifles.  The Constitution’s mandate to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” ought to be taken very seriously by every God-fearing, American Patriot.

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We have got a lot of ground to cover here today, so glad you’ve joined us. Honestly, don’t know how I’m gonna fit it all in to one more episode here on firearms, but going to do my best. If you haven’t yet listened to the other 2 previous blogs on gun rights in America, I would strongly recommend going back and checking that out as there is some real pertinent information in there that you need to know regarding the current debate over our 2nd Amendment right. And it will also help clarify and complete and give a basis for a lot the comments you’ll hear in this show. Alright, let’s get right down to it.

Let me set the stage again with a quick review. We are holding liberals and Democrats and leftists’ feet to the fire for their rash and treacherous attack on the legal and just right of Americans to own and carry weapons. Their foolish agenda of disarmament endangers the lives, liberty and physical welfare of everyone in this country, as we saw unfortunately in the South Carolina church shooting as well as in other such tragic incidents. As I’ve said now numerous times but just to be clear, especially for any tuning in for the first time, liberal Democrat gun control policy is blood on their hands because it’s the very reason why so many defenseless, innocent, unarmed civilians have been gunned down in cold blood with no way to protect themselves, precisely because of liberal gun regulation and the liberal cultural narrative; gunned down precisely because we’ve been taught as an entire culture, and worse, even forcefully compelled by the government, not to carry firearms in our day to day business because they say it’s too violent and unnecessary.

And we’ve been addressing 7 lessons to be learned from South Carolina about guns and the 2nd Amendment. Except I just added one more and made it 8. That’s very much like me. By the end we’ll probably end up with like 12.

Incidentally, in case you don’t know the actual wording of the 2nd Amendment, here it is: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” We already looked at the first 4 lessons in the last episode, and we’ll continue here with the next 4. But these are a bit different than the previous, more of a big picture of the essence of the 2nd Amendment, all more or less interrelated points, kind of playing off of each other, and so they will kind of blend together. I will be taking a more macro view of the 2nd Amendment here, discussing its more universal implications……. That sounded so fancy, right? Macro? Oh wait, how about this… This episode will be the metanarrative on the 2nd Amendment, the grand story, so to speak. Even more sophisticated, huh?…. And so without further ado, the next 4 lessons.

  1. Democrat Gun Regulation Is All About Power, Not Saving Lives

Leftists and liberals use this façade of wanting to end crime and save lives in order to coerce people to adopt their gun policy. But such an ill-informed, disingenuous appeal for protecting life is false, especially since all the evidence proves otherwise, proves out that their gun policy accomplishes the very opposite of what they’re suggesting, that is saving lives and reducing crime; the hypocrisy here is self-evident. If they cared about lives, they’d change their minds to fit the evidence and support the 2nd Amendment, which is proven to save lives! And so it’s patently obvious that it’s really just a means for hiding and advancing their actual agenda of expanding the government’s encroachment into our civil liberty, with the goal being that they eventually erase the right to bear arms altogether. Their goal is an unarmed citizenry completely exposed to tyrannical subjugation. Their goal, as it always is with any issue, is consolidating power into the hands of the few, the ruling class, until the governing authorities ALONE are the only ones with the guns. At which point, nothing stands in the way of complete social domination because there is now no viable, physical threat on the part of the citizenry to stave off maniacal despotism once they lose the right to defend themselves. And then, you can kiss all your other freedoms goodbye, like free speech, assembly or freedom to worship, freedom of religion, or having and owning Bibles, you get the idea. It’s all gone at that point, and persecution, vile persecution against whomever and whatever at the whim of evil men becomes the only law of the land. I care about gun rights, listen now, I care about gun rights because I care more about holding onto my Bible. Obama himself seems to get that, this correlation between Bibles, religious freedom and guns, better than many conservatives and Christians apparently, based upon a quote of his from his 2008 campaign. He infamously said the following, referencing folks living in rural Pennsylvania and the Midwest, “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.” Can you believe he said that mockingly? How degrading, mocking good, Christians, American patriots exercising their civil rights lawfully. Nevertheless, this nasty quote of his serves my point: Obama seems to understand that Bibles and guns go together; why can’t Christians? He is more shrewd than we are it seems!

Look, I hate to say it, but Obama doesn’t care about saving lives. Liberals, Democrats, socialist Marxists, they don’t. Otherwise they would be in favor of the just and legal arming of a free citizenry as a deterrent to crime and as a means of preserving life.  Their clamor for more gun control betrays their deeper motives. All they care about is consolidating power and reducing the citizenry under a totalitarian state. And there is no greater obstacle to their evil agenda than the citizens’ right to bear arms. Keeping and bearing arms as the Constitution mandates makes us a lawful hindrance to brutality and the trampling of liberty, and tyrants will not soon violate the covenant law of the land and transgress our freedoms if it means contending with an armed citizenry. They need our guns before they can dominate society. They need our guns before they can confiscate our Bibles. So liberals make it their aim to destroy that fundamental civil liberty of owning a weapon, the first civil right that protects all the others.

And this leads to my next point, which I’ve already referenced, which is the following:


  1. The Government Will Never Give Up Their Guns

Liberals would have you believe, in perpetuating their façade of saving lives, that this gun-free utopia is some sort of viable option for any nation. Utopia is not an option: either we all have guns, or just the bad guys have guns. This mind-numbing liberal ploy that we can somehow have a government-generated utopia where no one has any firearms and everyone is perfectly safe and either forcibly or voluntarily disarmed is a complete scam, not possible. Because bad guys will just never cooperate. That’s what makes them bad guys. They’re uncooperative. We already addressed that in the last episode.

And yet this is all besides the fact that even IF the bad guys magically became cooperative or are successfully forced to be so, even if all guns were confiscated from every last citizen, that would mean an even more nightmarish reality, hardly a utopia, but instead a much more devastating situation than just thugs in the streets carrying weapons. That would mean the government itself then becomes the only one with weapons because you know that they will never give up theirs.   And that is indeed the worst proposition of all, because an armed government against a completely disarmed citizenry is the greatest recipe for destruction, loss of life and an unrestrained rise of abject wickedness. That, as we know all too well from history, is THE recipe for the ruination of society and man’s complete oppression over his fellow man. And, in actuality, that’s what the liberals are gunning for, to be sure, no pun intended.

The reason they support gun control is not really so we have a safe utopia with no bullets flying around. I repeat, that’s just the façade. The real reason they support gun control is so that in the end, the only ones with weapons are the political class, and then they can run roughshod over the people and run the show and forcibly govern the society at the end of a barrel just how they want, no constitution, no rule of law needed – and we have a word for that, as I’ve used numerous times in this and pretty much every other episode when I’ve reference the liberal endgame: it’s called tyranny, dictatorship. And that’s not good for anyone. And we can readily see why from history: those places where tyranny has reigned over a defenseless, disarmed citizenry, the greatest and most horrific atrocities against humanity have been committed. Think Soviet Union where the people were completely disarmed and millions upon millions of people were slaughtered over the course of decades, and Christianity was essentially outlawed. Or Nazi Germany, where the Jews were stripped of firearms just weeks before Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, the night when the violent outbreak against the Jews commenced. And by the way, that violence was allegedly justified by the Nazi’s as, you guessed it, a gun raid on Jewish civilians. Political opponents of the Nazi’s were also systematically disarmed, and the whole process started much earlier with something as seemingly innocuous as national firearms registration, which, by the way, conservatives are adamantly against. And any sensible citizen with a brain should be as well. Unbelievable how people refuse to learn from history.

Thankfully, though, at the Founding of this country, the Framers were very much well aware of history and the need to build lawful checks against evil into the fundamental constituting of a society, which brings us to… Lesson 7.


  1. The 2nd Amendment Was Intended As A Hindrance To Tyranny, Not for Hunting

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about personal self-defense with firearms, but I don’t want that to overshadow the real reason why the right was granted in the Constitution to begin with. And I’ve already hinted at this point in my discourse here, if not said it outright. We have to ask ourselves, why did the founders put that in there, this 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, into the Constitution? Ultimately, let me be clear, it was not for hunting, as the liberals will always make the claim. Or to keep cool guns handy, or even just to stop criminals, though these are for sure aspects and benefits of it, especially the having really cool guns part. But it was, on the broadest level, to restrain evil in the form of a tyrannical government. To emphasize only the more narrow aspects of the amendment is to neglect the predominant implication and political intent of the lawful right to keep and bear arms. It is missing the forest for the trees. On a microscopic scale, sure, restraining evil is pictured in personal and localized self-defense against crime, which is what we’ve been discussing in light of South Carolina. On a macro scale, however, it is seen in a civil threat and armed restraint against the larger and greater evil of a despotic, encroaching national government. And understand, though liberals like to espouse the high integrity, advanced civility, and superior evolutionary status of modern man in mind and manner, the glaring fact is, man is as corruptible as ever and as capable as ever in establishing a wicked tyranny and an oppressive state. The same story of yesterday is destined to repeat if we are not vigilant. Which brings us to…


  1. History Teaches the Evils of Disarmament

I’ve already mentioned Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany as glaring examples of why not to disarm people and what can happen when you do. But let’s go back a bit further shall we? The Founders, as I said, were students of history, and so let me take a cue from ancient history that gives great credibility to the idea that an armed citizenry wards off tyranny; and that conversely, the advantage of arms consolidated only in the ruling class inevitably leads to it. I’m going to read to you a passage from a work entitled “Nero,” originally published in 1853 by historian Jacob Abbott. My brother actually forwarded this to me recently, and it was perfect timing, perfectly relevant to the discussion at hand. Incidentally, Emperor Nero was one of the worst, most vicious and most notorious persecutors of the Christian faith in history, setting Christians on fire as torches to light up his garden parties. Abbott writes this regarding Nero and the lessons we have learned from him over time, “How could it be possible for one man [that is, Nero] to bring the immense population of such an empire as that of ancient Rome so entirely under his power that any number of the most prominent and influential of the citizens should be seized and beheaded or thrust through the heart with swords and daggers at a word or a nod from him? The explanation is the army. Give to the single tyrant one or two hundred thousand bold and reckless criminals, well-banded together and completely armed, under an agreement between them by which he says, ‘Help me to control, to take dominion, and to plunder the industrial classes of society, and I will give you a large share of the spoil,’ and the work is very easy. The governments that have existed in the world have generally been formed on this plan. They have simply been vast armies authorized to collect their own pay by the systematic plunder of the millions whose peaceful work feeds and clothes the world. The remedy which mankind began to discover and apply is equally simple. [now here it is…] The millions who do the work have learned to keep the arms in their own hands and to forbid the banding together of masses of troops for the purpose of exalting pride and cruelty to a position of absolute and irresponsible power. In Nero’s case, so great was the overwhelming fear which the terrible power of the Roman legions inspired that even the Senate bowed humbly before it and joined in the shameless flattery of the hated tyrant.” How clear and how telling, how foreboding for America! This excerpt conveys the exact point clearly even from ancient times, that the only sufficient means to prohibit the evils of tyranny is for the citizenry to be capable and armed for defending itself. This is still the best and surest check against evil.

And, by the way, how frighteningly and disturbingly consistent was that account with the way our own Congress and Senate in like manner bow to Obama and constantly give in to his demands, unwilling to challenge him but consistently succumbing to his political pressure and that of the leftists. It’s actually kind of nauseating, just constant perverse flattery to his self-ordained imperial status. I mean, look at this latest Supreme Court ruling, yet again for the second time upholding ObamaCare, even with a majority conservative court. Despicable. Obama’s advancing liberal agenda goes unanswered, even with maddening unconstitutional encroachments on our rights and overt trampling of the rule of law…. But anyway, back to our lessons. Now, where was I? Number 8? Okay, that was number 8, let’s add lesson number 9. Told you there’d be more, it was inevitable.


  1. It’s Not About Guns, It’s About Self-Defense

It’s also worth noting, based upon what I just read to you, that the debate doesn’t have to do with just guns per say; it’s not just that we want guns specifically as citizens. We don’t have a strange obsession with exploding projectiles. Rome didn’t have guns, they had swords. It has to do with simply being armed as the citizenry with whatever form or current apparatus of personal force is readily available in that time and place, whatever the most technologically advanced form of defensive arms for that era. It could be a gun or it could be a knife or it could be a club. The point is, the citizenry needs it, the citizenry better have equal access to it, or else swift tyranny ensues. It has to do with lawful access to force and where the power is placed for access, ownership and use, where the seat of physical force rests in a society, whether it is with the people altogether? or with the government solely, with only the despotic, ruling class.

I’m clearly not done, let’s go to 10.


10. The 2nd Amendment Protects Religious Freedom

I’ve already quoted in this episode the famous adage, that the 2nd Amendment is the first right that protects all the others. This couldn’t be more true; and yet it must be added, most emphatically, lest we miss a key ingredient here, that the right to bear arms protects above all else the preeminent of all civil liberties, the one most often attacked by the force of evil on the earth, and that is, religious liberty, which is our 1st Amendment right. This is truly the highest exercise of freedom; it is man’s freedom of conscience and internal faith, intellectual and spiritual freedom, by which he can act upon his prerogative and duty before God to worship and practice true religion. Indeed, religious liberty, among other things, is what the founders meant by writing “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” in the preamble to the Constitution. This is, these are, the blessings of liberty: free religious worship and expression; the unbridled, unrestrained pronouncement and advancement of the Gospel. That is what Christians are and ought to be most in favor of. This free and unrestrained proliferation of the gospel is one of the hallmarks of liberty in a lawful nation. That’s why the Pilgrims first came, to escape religious persecution, and why America was first established to begin with, as a refuge for religious dissenters and a secure home for free, biblical Christian worship, for the free, unfettered propagation of the gospel, away from the threats and suffocation of tyrannical oppression. And the fact of the matter is, Christianity is historically and theologically of all the religions in the world the most persecuted, the single greatest target for man’s rage and satan’s demonic persecution. Eliminating Judaism first, and now Christianity, has always been the main reason for attacks on religious liberty. The 2nd Amendment keeps that horrible violence against God’s people, God’s church, and against gospel proclamation, at bay, and is the surest protection for free and public worship. Christians would do well, then, for the gospel’s sake, to understand this and act upon it by remaining unflinching in their defense of our 2nd Amendment right.

You must understand the principle at work here. When people are made to be victims under a lawless government, evil always comes swarming forward, and in such a way as to the diminishing of the gospel; make no mistake, ultimately against Christendom and for the suppression of Christianity and true religion, that is always the final purpose and endgame of evil in the world. Evil comes swarming forward when people are rendered defenseless, weaponless, and powerless. That physical loss for the people of a basic civil right, self-defense, results ultimately in a spiritual loss for righteousness and the kingdom of light and a spiritual gain for the kingdom of darkness, which flourishes in a man-centered, dictatorial empire. There becomes then, as Amos says, a famine of the Word of God under the hand of persecution, which, though perhaps may very well be the judgment of God, nonetheless becomes a famine of righteousness to the eternal judgment of souls. So we do not suffer lightly as Christians this advancing of evil and darkening of the gospel light in a nation. We know it must come, but woe to those through whom it comes! Disarming the citizenry greatly accelerates this process of religious persecution and the stifling of truth and religion.

And look, Satan and the forces of evil in the world, let’s be honest, they aren’t ultimately worried about puny little guns and firearms that can only kill the body physically. Although the forces of evil love physical death and carnage, that isn’t their main goal. They aren’t worried about having a sweet collection of rifles at the end of time, it’s not the final objective; that’s a bit silly and myopic and doesn’t give evil enough credit. The main goal of the forces of evil is spiritual death, spiritual ruin for humanity, entrapping souls in wickedness, and so their main target is the Bible, free religion, Christian worship, the goal being to destroy that and damn souls. And the reason the forces of evil hate guns so much is because firearms are just such a nagging nuisance and such a frustrating yet very strong impediment to this kingdom of darkness, particularly here in America, a threat impeding their progress of destroying religion, ruining souls and erasing the Scriptures from the land.

Furthermore, Christians are not commissioned to stand idly by and say good, bring on the kingdom of darkness and the usurpation of justice and righteousness in a nation, bring on the burying of God’s Word and law.  We should be the one’s to stand in the gap and halt the progress of evil because we refine society, we reform it through the gospel; we are to be the salt and light with the Word of God.

Don’t be fooled, the disarming of the citizenry by liberals and the outbreak of excessive violent crime that we’ve been seeing, like in South Carolina, it is orchestrated chaos by the liberal left. And I’m not talking conspiracy theory, no tin-foil hats here. I’m just saying it’s evil, this is an evil agenda, which understandably exists in any society and is easily self-evident; it’s presence and effects are traceable. This isn’t even happening underground in some secret society, it’s observable. You have to understand what real evil is and its progress. And ultimately it’s damning; this liberal agenda has final, spiritual implications, it is a damning influence. It is the anti-gospel, anti-Christ influence in the culture. And I, like Martin Luther, will not just sit around, apathetic, self-righteous and silent, while, in the hands and wicked threats of the powerful ruling class, the kingdom of darkness forcefully advances to the destruction of souls.
The liberal elite ruling class fighting for disarming is happening for the same reason they are fighting for legalizing drugs, as I said: orchestrated chaos, orchestrated social degeneration and disintegration.  From riots in Baltimore to shootings in school buildings and churches, anything to weaken the moral fabric of our society, anything to weaken the citizenry intellectually, physically, spiritually, And this is because in America, the citizenry embodies the law and stands as the single greatest obstacle to the advantage and advancement of tyranny. So if it can be weakened to the point of no longer remaining a suitable or viable blockade to the consolidation of power, liberty crumbles; and tyranny, the tyranny of an evil, man-centered system, complete with a demonic, humanist philosophy that rejects God and rejects anything sacred, righteous, or holy, this tyranny rules; rather than law and the equitable and just transcendent rule of law, which is government the way God has established it, rule by law.

More violence, more turmoil, generated exactly at the hands of liberal policy, this orchestrated chaos, makes the people further susceptible to the noisy clamor for government intervention, more government-generated solutions and all the more willing to suffer the ever-increasing relinquishing of their civil rights. So the left, you have to understand, fosters through failed policy and cultural degradation this kind of violence in South Carolina and then subsequently feeds off of it in order to perpetuate and augment a greater coalition of power against the civilians, until a civil society thus disarmed and overthrown is plunged into a culture of death, both physically and also spiritually.

As my pastor noted recently while teaching through the book of Revelation, the greatest and most vicious and evil persecution against man and specifically against Christianity has always historically come at the hands, not of civilians, but at the hands of government: those commissioned with the power of the sword to administer justice but who have abused that privilege and turned into a license to murder, pillage and destroy innocent lives and people of faith. Listen, it is your moral obligation to resist universal disarmament and gun control policy. Such policy violates basic principles of morality and justice necessary to a free and peaceful society. And such policy places everyone at risk, first from violent fellow man and next from oppressive regimes. Gun-free utopias just aren’t optional because gun-free utopias are a myth that will never exist, that could NEVER exist because the ruling class, the powerful elite and the mighty, the last to hold on to weapons, will ultimately never let them go, no matter how much they clamor for peace.

Alright, 10 lessons, I’m done… kind of… Seriously, you think I don’t have like 12 more points about guns? C’mon you know me better than that. I’ll leave it here for now, but I’m thinking I may decide to follow up with a BONUS feet to the fire edition, more fun thoughts about firearms. This stuff is useful to know and fun to talk about. We shall see, but keep your ears open; we’ll see what mood I’m in.

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream! Truer words could not be spoken right now. What this country needs is quite a bit more justice, justice against criminals, justice on behalf of innocent civilians, and justice against the unlawful encroachments of the federal government on the rights of the people, a federal government that is bent on tyranny by force. I will end with the inspiring words from a great country song that goes like this. I’ll read you the words, don’t worry I won’t sing. It wouldn’t go well with my sweet bumper music anyway. But it says this: “Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son, A man had to answer for the wicked that he done. Take all the rope in Texas Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys, Hang them high in the street for all the people to see that… Justice is the one thing you should always find, You got to saddle up your boys, You got to draw a hard line. When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune, We’ll all meet back at the local saloon. We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing whi…” well I’ll let you hear the rest of it for yourselves. Just… don’t believe the hype out there. Disarming and more gun control does nothing to preserve life and liberty. Manning up and arming ourselves to protect our families and neighbors and freedoms, well now, that’s courage and that’s sacrifice and a will to stand, and that’s the kind of virtue that has helped make America great. So cling to your Bibles and grab your guns, thanks for the advice Obama! And when the liberals exploit tragedies like they do everything else to advance their twisted agenda, tell them to back off and quit harassing us with their cowardly notions of retreat and surrender. And then go ahead, hold their feet to the fire…

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