Ep. 24 From Local Cop To Federal Agent: Liberals’ Latest Nationalize Scheme [audio and text]

Ep. 24 From Local Cop To Federal Agent: Liberals’ Latest Nationalize Scheme [audio and text]

Liberalism Comments Off on Ep. 24 From Local Cop To Federal Agent: Liberals’ Latest Nationalize Scheme [audio and text]

Agitate the citizens, then step in with a solution.  Only problem here is this solution usurps our own constitutional prerogative of self-defense.  Another one of Obama’s task force initiatives and we’re gonna end up with the American version of the KGB.  Leave our cops alone, libs!  Go pick on someone your own size.

Full Transcript of Audio:

Alright, so last time we talked about how liberal Democrats just want to nationalize every facet of our society and bring it under federal oversight. They create some crisis or agitation in the citizenry and then propose their national solution that is just a means of expanding the power of the central government. So why am I bringing this all up? Well, only because of the latest power-grabbing nationalize scheme that is percolating in the media conversation that most people may not even be aware of. And that would be, nationalizing our police force. That’s right, dissolving our constitutional prerogative of localized law enforcement under centralized federal oversight and control. And what issue is being exploited this time as the excuse for national police regulation? The supposed rising crisis of local police brutality, especially against minorities.

Have you noticed the casual undercurrent in the media narrative over the last year or so?   It has been pushed particularly well by the Obama Administration and his justice department under Attorney General Eric Holder, by their incessant meddling and critical commentary on local law enforcement issues. Every so often it rears its ugly head, this propaganda about how our police forces and armed citizenry are supposedly out of control and we need to fix the system. I’m referencing the recent cases that have surfaced. You had Trayvon Martin some time back in Florida, young black man killed in self-defense by George Zimmerman, who the media conveniently deemed a white Hispanic in order to make sure it was a race relations conflict.

Then of course more recently we had the incident from Ferguson, Missouri where the white cop was found not guilty for the death of Michael Brown who was resisting arrest and went for the cop’s gun. And then Eric Garner in New York, who died while resisting arrest as well. For more info on how the Left turned those two cases into racial wars and exploited black America, check out Episodes 15 and 16. And then more recently the case in South Carolina, and in this one it does seem very possible that the cop was quite wrong. Let me be clear about that up front. A video that surfaced shortly after the April 4th incident shows the police officer Michael Slager shooting the victim Walter Scott in the back. I’m not going to address the details of the investigation nor try to ascertain whether or not Officer Slager is guilty, although it definitely looks like a situation where this police officer grossly overreacted and to a lethal degree. If it is found that Scott was murdered by the cop, we would all support the full implementation of justice and execution of the law against the police officer. We will let the local authorities handle that. A verdict of guilty for the cop would make this case different than the others, and our sympathy certainly goes out to the victim’s family.

Then just this past weekend and still continuing, we’ve seen an explosion of riots in Baltimore and violence against police over the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died while in the custody of the Baltimore police department. What I want to address here is that regardless of the outcome of these particular episodes, this is just another opportunity for the LEFT to exploit a tragic altercation with local police forces. So what do the liberals do?  Rather than just allowing such cases to independently resolve themselves within the courts and with the just execution of the law, the liberals constantly takes a batch of these situations to raise the charge that there is a natural problem with our police force in America, with our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, that it is a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed. And we constantly have a liberal media in obedience to the Obama Administration who are leading the charge, overstating and reemphasizing and restating this alarmist claim about cops. The mainstream media employs all the buzz words and key phrases: another incident of “excessive use of force” by a white cop against a minority, young blacks are fearing for their lives in their own communities, there is a breakdown between police and the people they are supposed to protect. The System is broken, there is abuse of power. Police brutality! And everyone joins in on the deafening chorus of protest, demanding a solution. And that’s when you start hearing ridiculous things about federal regulations, like mandatory body cameras for all cops. Which leads to Al Sharpton’s comments. After the video of the South Carolina incident surfaced, dear old Al spoke the following at his National Action Network Conference with other leftie fascists present like communist-sympathizer Mayor DiBlasio of NYC. And when I heard the sound bite on the news, I nearly lost it.
“There must be national policy and national law on policing. We intend to come out of this convention going from state to state, dealing with the need of having a nationalized justice department assigned to deal with how policing is appropriate,”

WHAT!?! National Police Force? That’s their solution?!   Regulating OUR local law enforcement?! That’s completely insane, but that’s what the Left is gunning for, no pun intended. Obama’s presidential rabbel-rousing, his penchant for unleashing Holder and the Justice Department onto neighborhoods where these incidents occur, and his relishing every opportunity to find the nearest mic and give a community organizer speech about police violence surely betrays the motive: that these fanatics want to get local police forces under the arm of the federal government. I have one comment for him – get your Oval Office out of our police stations, our municipal courts and our main streets! I am so sick and tired of the president weighing in on local matters. It is a gross overreach of his presidential prerogative; he has no business getting involved in local jurisdictions, his authority needs to stay relegated to matters of national interest within Constitutional bounds. All he and his leftie comrades are doing is inciting local skirmishes and violent protests over alleged civil rights violations in order to bring the rising outcry about police abuse to such a heightened screech that we all cave and agree to federal involvement in some national police scheme.

Mark my words, liberals don’t want this because it would help minorities or reduce police overreaction to violent crime or altercations with cops. I’m repeating myself, but just so you don’t miss it, all of those issues, like civil rights, are just being used as a ploy, a façade, an excuse to help advance the true liberal agenda, just to consolidate authority into the central government.

Okay, national police policy, federal oversight on our cops, what’s the big deal? Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? It’s so cooperative. So uniform. So hippie-happy. Won’t it prevent civil rights violations, abuse of power? Actually no, it will produce the opposite, it is the most efficient way to streamline the abuse of power. History proves nationalized law enforcement is one of the most egregious offenses to liberty, one of the most convenient ways to subjugate the masses, silence political and religious dissent, and pervert a free and just society. Think Soviet KGB or Nazi Gestapo.

This police issue has everything to do with our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, our prerogative as citizens of defending ourselves. We know that one of the greatest defenses against the accumulation of power is this ability to bear arms, defend ourselves by force, individually but also at the local level of townships and states. We are an armed citizenry. And we are armed not only as individuals but also in our local townships and municipalities and counties because we have our own lawn enforcement, who is beholden not to a central government but to the people in the communities in which they serve. This is why the Constitution protects not just the right to firearms but also the right to maintain militias. One manifestation of this right is seen in the local police force. Have you ever thought of your police that way? And there is no measure of the appreciation and respect that we have for the fact that in this country, like in no other, our police forces are comprised of our neighbors and friends, members of our own community, not federal, national officials commissioned and discharged and sent by central executive force and powered with the ability to trample our liberties. There is no loyalty to the feds because there is no central federal law-enforcement agency or regulations. Those who are given the authority to serve and protect are our neighbors, not our tyrants.
In the midst of all that Obama has been doing and the havoc that he is wreaking on the world stage and in America, I think some people are missing why there is an all out assault on local police forces. National regulations on law enforcement fits right into the liberal model of what the new America needs to look like. Can’t have all these rogue, local pockets of armed cops that defend the population and impede the progress of a central regime. It’s an endless horizon of diverse militias spread all across the fruited plain; that’s an insurmountable army! You can’t wield statist, dictatorial power over that kind of unregulated, unchecked, dispersed police force. You need to take that over, control that, regulate that, usurp it, nationalize it. Then all these individual municipal police forces become instead one consolidated federal army with permanent surveillance over our local streets and neighborhoods.   Good bye, freedom; hello, police state. Hello, “sorry, we heard you store Bibles in this house, and they need to be turned in.”

Remember how government is divided up in our country. Power in America is divided into three branches or entities. It is the legislative which makes the laws, the judicial which renders judgments and applies the law, and the executive, which executes the law through the use of force, the enforcer so to speak. That would be like the cops or the army. Separate branches, which is an innovation of American constitutional government, divides up all of these arms of government so that no one person or group has all of the authority to act. But beyond that, each branch itself is divided up amongst local, state, and federal jurisdictions so that no one level of government maintains all of the executive power of enforcement, all of the lawmaking power to legislate, or all of the judicial power to render judgments. There is such a plurality of public servants, so many diverse levels of influence and authority, so many spheres of competing government interest, that no one group or person or level of government is able to consolidate authority. Unless of course you take those local spheres and state spheres of power and swallow them up in the whole of the national government and subsequently create one large kind of monstrosity, one large massive arm of government, one massive executive branch where there is no longer local police force but only a national police force. Then our neighborhood cops, formerly our brothers and community members, instantly become federal agents. That is a grave transgression of our system of divided powers. You cannot consolidate executive power. It must be divided between state federal and local levels so that no one group or cohort wields the sword over everyone else.

I’ve already made the case in previous episodes that one of the primary checks against tyranny is our structure in America as a confederation. We have divided government. Confederation means divided government, government in all kinds of spheres and levels. We have federal government with its own parameters and jurisdictions of authority and then we have a state government with a broader expanse of authority. Then we have county jurisdictions and then even local township jurisdictions, and this is where the greatest authority and influence is placed in order to manage the close details of the individual and his life. But that is by design because who better to govern us on the most intimate details of life than those who comprise our very neighbors and family members and participants in our own community. We would rather our rulers close at hand and next-door rather than far away, governing absently and divorced from our circumstances. Make no mistake, we are not supposed to be governed by a bureaucratic leviathan, a central authority likened to European-style socialist nations. America is America because it is governed by local governments. Localized authority, confederated authority, a loose grouping of townships, county, and states under one very limited and restrained central government that has clearly delineated powers under the Constitution, powers that cannot be overstepped and rules that cannot be transgressed.

This natural impediment to the consolidation of power by diverse spheres of jurisdiction was best and most eloquently described by Alexis de Tocqueville in his work Democracy in America. He was a foreigner investigating the American political structure in the mid 1800s, early on in our beginnings as a republic. The chapter is entitled “Causes Which Mitigate the Tyranny of the Majority in the United Sates”… Now it’s gonna get a bit wordy, but try to pay close attention as it is very insightful regarding the separation of powers that we’re talking about here. Gotta get nerdy if we’re gonna learn anything, so stay with me. He writes this,

“In the American republics [notice that’s plural, indicating many republics, plurality of sovereign states, that’s how these United States were always viewed by everyone, even foreigners: a loose organization of independent states] In the American republics the central government has never as yet busied itself except with a small number of objects, sufficiently prominent to attract its attention. The secondary affairs of society have never been regulated by its authority;… The majority…has NOT increased the prerogatives of the central government; those great prerogatives have been confined to a certain sphere;… However the predominant party in the nation may be carried away by its passions, however ardent it may be in the pursuit of its projects, it cannot oblige all the citizens to comply with its desires in the same manner and at the same time throughout the country. When the central government which represents that majority has issued a decree, it must entrust the execution of its will to agents over whom it frequently has no control and whom it cannot perpetually direct. The townships, municipal bodies, and counties form so many concealed breakwaters, which check or part the tide of popular determination. If an oppressive law were passed, liberty would still be protected by the mode of executing that law; the majority cannot descend to the details and what may be called the puerilities of administrative tyranny.”

Wow, what a description of our construct in America, and also a foreshadowing of what the LEFT is attempting. That last line is exactly what the Obama Administration and his liberal minions are trying to do in every bit of their agenda, and particularly with this issue now regarding local police forces: deconstruct, neuter, render powerless, the municipal and state governments that compromise those political breakwaters of local influence and plunge us into administrative tyranny by bringing that mode of executing the law described by de Tocqueville under the arm of the national government.

And so we arrive at the seriousness of this threat against our cops. Let me ask a question. What is the best way to create a federal enforcement agency in America equivalent to the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet KGB? Just what we’re talking about here, take local law enforcement and regulate it, nationalize it. And how do you nationalize the police force? The same way Obama has nationalized everything else. Agitate the population. Create a narrative of unrest in the society, a national consensus of grumbling that there is an inherent problem with our local police agencies. Just like they’ve done with healthcare and now we have nationalized ObamaCare. Just like they’ve done with education, and now we have national common core curriculum standards. Just like they’ve tried to do with our manufacturing industry under cap and trade laws, in the name of environmentalism we need to nationalize our manufacturing. And now we hear in the media again and again the same resounding narrative, police brutality, followed by this sinister idea of national protocol for law-enforcement. In the leftist, socialist worldview, they need to abolish the executive arm, the enforcement arm, of local government in favor of a federal agency of execution against the civil society. And that is why Obama and the liberals keep sounding the alarm on the dangers imposed by our local police force. He just gave another speech on it in the wake of the Baltimore riots. Included in his inflammatory remarks was this: “Since Ferguson and the task force that we’ve put together, we have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African-American, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions…  this is a crisis.  I think there are police departments that have to do some soul-searching, I think there are some communities that have to do some soul-searching.” Now I’m sorry, that can only be intended to agitate the population and create racial strife. That’s our president doing that! And it’s obvious Obama doesn’t really care about justice for minorities ; otherwise the more significant black on black crime statistics in America would be even more troubling to him. All liberals care about is consolidating power and disrupting, perverting, and systematically deconstructing our Confederation. And alternatively, if there was a real problem with police brutality, there are ways to solve that without nationalizing the police force. But the fact that federally regulating something is the immediate solution of the left betrays the fact that they’re not interested in solving the problem but rather finding any excuse they can take advantage of to consolidate power into the hands of the federal government.
Honestly, I can’t think of a more sinister way to eradicate the ability of a free people to govern and protect themselves and maintain their own civil liberty. It comes down to whether or not as a free people we should police ourselves under our legitimate 2nd Amendment right or instead have a federal police force exerting unchecked physical authority over the citizenry, what would be called a police state. It comes down to whether or not the executive arm of government that enforces the law, whether or not that power should be dispersed among the several localized municipalities as a check against tyranny or rather consolidated into one massive force so that the federal government can bring disastrous imposition onto the rights of the people. Give me a break! This is America for crying out loud, not the Soviet Union! There is no better way to abolish liberty, justice, equity and the rule of law than to vest the supreme governing body with complete executive force. You can forget all your other freedoms, like free speech and most importantly free religious worship, once your right to free self-defense, both as an individual but also as local jurisdictions, is surrendered over to the national government. It’s with a national police force that you crush ALL of our rights and subsequently crush free Christian worship. Regardless of our cultural decay, there is still a Christian consensus in law and principal. You cannot steal and murder your neighbor. The government still operates under a Constitution that is binding. However, once you remove the ability of the people to defend themselves, anything goes, might makes right. And that’s when all liberty, and especially free Christian worship, the essence of liberty, freedom of conscience, can be distorted, crushed and destroyed. So cherish your local cops. They are a crucial link in our strong chain of civil liberty, an important component of America’s legacy of freedom. Go thank a cop they protect and serve and thank goodness they’re from your town and not an arm of DC.

Let justice roll down like waters America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Understand what local police forces are, local communities protecting themselves from within with members of their own neighborhoods who are answerable and accountable to the people whom they serve, rather than armed bureaucrats from some distant headquarters who answer to the king. Make no mistake, the only thing worse than a well-intentioned bureaucrat is a well-intentioned bureaucrat with a gun. So my answer to Sharpton and the rest, all those liberals out there, thanks but no thanks. Keep your national police policy to yourself. And we’ll keep our cops. And when loony-tune liberals start criticizing our police with accusations of brutality and the like, stand up and defend the police who lay it all on the line to defend you every day. Tell the liberals to quit rioting, and hold their feet to the fire…

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