Ep. 28 Guns Are For Everyone! 7 More Lessons From South Carolina, #1-4 [audio/text]

Ep. 28 Guns Are For Everyone! 7 More Lessons From South Carolina, #1-4 [audio/text]

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So there are a few more things we need to keep in mind in the debate over our 2nd Amendment right, and here’s a list of key points that will equip you for defending your lawful obligation to keep and bear arms.  Listen up, America!  Men AND ladies, too, we need heroes in every home and on every street…

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At the same time that the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting happened, exactly one week before it to the day, something else happened in this country that went completely under-reported and under the radar, and that’s because it didn’t help advance the liberal cause of gun control; it didn’t fit the narrative, so it was passed over. On Friday, July 13, 2012, two armed men walked into an internet café in Florida bent on evil, but they faced something altogether unexpected. An old man, fearing for his wife’s safety and the safety of himself and others, and driven by that age-old virtuous impulse to defend the innocent, exercised his 2nd Amendment right in compliance with Florida’s stand-your-ground statute, drew his handgun that he was already carrying as a responsible and prepared citizen, and immediately disabled the perpetrators, shooting them several times until they ran out. They were quickly apprehended, treated at a local hospital for injuries sustained – good shot old man Samuel Williams! Way to demobilize without killing, the best option yet! – and then charged with criminal conduct. And they looked like a bunch of clowns as they tripped over each other, running like cowards out the door while taking on fire. Actually kind of hilarious. It was all caught on video, you can watch the video, beautiful footage for sure. And you know why I’m bringing this up. Because that night, an old man with a gun saved lives, clearly and emphatically saved them, which sustains the basic social principle that good guys with weapons thwarts evil criminal activity and saves, literally, actually, empirically, saves lives, it’s proven, you can see the results, check the data. So thugs beware! You may think you can get away with it, but in some places in America, you can still be put down by an old man whose carrying. Which is what we should all be doing, except unfortunately many of us can’t because of flaming liberal Democrats and their complicit counterparts in the Establishment Republican party. But facts are facts, and the unfortunate horror of Aurora Colorado was prevented from occurring just one week prior in a business place in Florida. And yet people, liberals, still don’t get it and go on attacking our gun rights, which betrays a completely ulterior motive since it’s obvious to anyone with a half a brain that disarming the citizenry doesn’t save lives, it’s costs lives and the cost is high.

Or how about, if you think the Internet café isn’t a comparable story to a mass theatre shooting, how about back in 2007, same right-to-carry state of Colorado, the shooting at New Life Church. Report goes that the perpetrator may have had as many as 1,000 rounds of ammunition, carrying multiple firearms including a rifle, started his killing in the parking lot, claiming two lives, and then he entered the church building for more bloodshed. Do you know what he could’ve done in a church building filled with hoards of people? That’s as much, if not more, than a theater. And guess what happened? Gotta love the virtue and stalwart courage of an armed American… female. That’s right, you heard me. Female, Jeanne Assam, former law enforcement experience, comes out from cover where she was waiting for him, she draws her weapon as a law-abiding citizen with the right-to-carry, and lays the guy down. She even had enough time to identify herself before she fired on him. Incredible! What a story, tragic for sure, but a much better ending than many other similar situations. And that’s an authentic American patriot, safely carrying and protecting the flock, love and concern for the welfare of those around her. And don’t forget, she charged, listen, this woman CHARGED the guy who was already shooting, fearlessly charged him without thinking twice, ready and willing to sacrifice her safety and well-being, her own life, for the safety of others. We need more civilians like that, quite frankly! Obviously not scared to get a permit and buy a gun, let alone use it, as opposed to most women and men in our society who’ve been trained to disarm themselves into helpless victims. And I just have to add this side comment, off topic: that’s no modern, whiny, complaining feminist with every social grievance under the sun who hates conservatives and guns and hates her own femininity. That’s a confident, self-assured woman who knew how to act righteously and decisively before God and men. She was even quoted later about the incident, saying, “It seemed like it was me, the gunman, and God.” YES! I absolutely love the character exemplified here, so much more dignified than the embittered feminists running around out there, grumbling about everything.

And so clearly from that story alone, this is not about gun-toting, macho-ism. It’s about integrity, virtue, courage, and this woman had all of the above and used her resources at her disposal to save people. So yet again, lives were saved, real, numbered, actual lives, spared from victimization under a brutal assault. Praise God she was there and ready that day. Guns aren’t just for men, they’re for everyone.

And, ya know, there’s tons of these stories out there like this, people, good citizens, armed and standing up and defending themselves, thwarting criminal activity, and saving lives. How about the Assistant Principal in Pearl High School, Mississippi, 1997, who stopped a shooter after retrieving a .45 caliber handgun from his car? Ann Coulter actually wrote a great article on this after the lethal Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, where she details numerous accounts of civilians intervening with guns. And she explains how the data shows that gun-free zones, which unfortunately many of our school districts have become around the country, liberal-created gun-free zones have a much higher death toll when crime erupts than those places where carrying is legal. As a matter of fact, she makes the point that of all the gun policy that is promoted out there, from registration to background checks to waiting periods and magazine capacity limits, the only one, the ONLY policy, that is seen to statistically reduce deaths in violent crimes is concealed-carry laws, laws where the citizens are legally permitted to carry concealed weapons. And she references the now famous study by economists William Landes at the University of Chicago and John Lott at Yale that substantiates just such a claim. It was an extensive analysis of US. crime data that proves the contention of the life-saving impact of concealed carry.

Now obviously I’m sharing all this to continue our conversation from last time about the lethal nature of liberal Democrat gun control policy in America and their unashamed yet debilitating attack on our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. We looked at the devastation this leftist liberal culture of disarmament caused in the South Carolina church, where unfortunately, no one was carrying to stop the intruder, even in a state with still very broad gun rights. And I want to take this opportunity in light of the South Carolina massacre to give you, let’s see, 7 more lessons to be learned from this incident, about firearms and gun rights and the need to stay righteously vigilant on maintaining our just and constitutional right and obligation to bear arms. It’s a list, everyone likes lists, so here’s an easy list of some great key points to remember in the gun control debate.


  1. Punish Criminals, Not Civilians

When violent crime breaks out, what do we do? If not more gun regulation, what should be our reaction? Well, it’s simple. Punish criminals, to the fullest extent of the law, which conveniently is something liberals are actually against. Apprehending the lunatic, trying him in a court of law quickly and justly, preaching the gospel to him so he can repent, and then executing swift and decisive judgment on him for all to witness, meaning capital punishment, death row – now that’s one facet of a proper reaction for sure, and that is a step in the right direction. But stripping away the gun rights of all the rest of us law-abiding citizens? That’s completely not the solution, completely the wrong direction to go in, and most certainly will increase the problem, not curtail it. It will have the opposite of the intended effect and will not reduce such incidents but will most assuredly just lead to more disastrous consequences and a greater loss of life. It will just mean more of these dreadful, shooting rampages against defenseless innocent civilians that we see. For all the complete statistical evidence on this, on the increase of violent crime when the citizenry is disarmed, and conversely the reduction of crime when people carry, see the study I reference earlier: More Guns, Less Crime by John R. Lott. This guy has published 3 editions now, starting in 1998, using crime data from every county in the U.S. dating back from 1977, that’s over forty years of statistics. And he’s certainly not the only source out there. So we see the proper response here is to maintain, and to be sure, strongly maintain, the civil right of self-defense, and then go prosecute these wicked offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

You know, ya’ gotta love it, I’m being sarcastic by the way, the same liberals who advocate gun regulations – stripping the innocent of their civil liberty and self-defense – are the same liberals who advocate light sentencing against hardened criminals, and they’re the same liberals who protest against capital punishment, meaning they want to acquit the guilty and release them. Incredible, just like a liberal Democrat socialist, right is wrong and wrong is right. Defend the murderers from just punishment and yet punish civilians, violate and transgress the free civil rights and dignity of law-abiding civilians. It’s just what the Bible says about evil in a culture: accuse, attack and condemn the innocent and yet defend, advocate for and acquit the wicked. And that’s what liberals are doing when they defend convicts and yet devalue and endanger innocent civilian life by disarming people. Proverbs 17:15 makes it clear how wring this kind of thinking is, “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, Both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.”


  1. Criminals Always Have Guns, Regardless of the Law

Gun regulations, while disarming the populace and rendering us defenseless, most assuredly does NOTHING to stop criminals from continuing to get guns, and it does nothing to make criminals decide to stop being criminals and stop attacking people. Violent criminals are roaming the streets and will use whatever they can get their hands on to commit crimes against whatever victims they can find. I reiterate again to make the point: all you do with gun regulation is strip the victims of their power to defend themselves and others. As has been said appropriately by many, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” This is one of liberals’ greatest falsehoods and scams in this debate, this underlying presumption that gun regs will somehow become binding on criminals and effectively restrain their behavior. Restrictive gun laws only penalize citizens, not criminals.

Listen, Maniacs ALWAYS have easy access to firearms because they’re maniacs, criminals who don’t follow the law. That’s what makes them criminals, that’s what it means to be a criminal: ignoring the law, breaking the law. So making more laws for criminals about restricting access to guns doesn’t work for them, for people who don’t follow the law in the first place precisely because their criminals. This is so silly having to explain this, but this is what liberals reduce us to. I mean, isn’t this simple enough to understand? Why, Obama and the liberal Left and the Democrat Party, I ask, why in the world would you make laws restricting the lawful from access to guns and then foolishly assume that this will somehow magically impede lawbreakers, that this will somehow magically stop the secret and illicit actions of violent lawbreakers? Oh right, sure, as soon as you pass gun control laws that further endanger regular Americans, all the honest criminals out there are going to immediately think twice about getting their hands on a black market weapon. “Gee, maybe I shouldn’t have this gun or use it to shoot people since it violates federal regulations on magazine capacity. I think I’ll go register it.” I mean, get real, this is completely ridiculous! Meanwhile, us law-abiding citizens are going to keep following the law and turning in our weapons, because that’s what we do as law-abiding citizens, we obey. We’ll keep stripping them down to fit federal mandates ‘till all we have left is one bullet and half a trigger. And then we’ll grovel at Uncle Sam’s feet, “Please sir, please, just one more bullet, can you spare me just one more bullet for my tiny broken pistol?”

And then rest assured, the criminals who are paying attention to what’s going on, who are paying attention to how unarmed we’ve become; they will know we are just sitting ducks and will regard us as such and will begin to treat us as such more and more, as they’re already doing. You don’t think the criminals realize what’s going on here?!? More and more they are aware of the fact that more and more their victims are very likely unarmed, defenseless targets, and so there is less and less fear in their eyes compelling them to think twice before attacking a woman and raping her or stepping into a church and gunning down a bunch of trapped civilians. Why do you think they always go to schools, for pete’s sake?!? You don’t think they know public schools have become liberals’ favorite “gun-free zone?” Of course they do. That’s the number-one ticket for the highest and fastest kill count with the least likely obstacles or retaliation and the most helpless of victims. Think about that, our public schools where our kids are, thanks to liberals, have become the safest place for mass murder. This is sick. Get it right, folks, we gotta get this. More gun control comes at the cost of human life. It doesn’t solve the problem. Less gun control and easier access to firearms preserves law and order and stabilizes society because good people stand ready to defend, in schools, in malls, churches, theaters, anywhere else. It’s just so simple that we have to assume liberals have more sinister motives at work here. But that is to be addressed more fully in another episode…


  1. Every Crime Is A Hate Crime

All lives are equal in value, regardless of race. And the guilt of murder can’t be increased because of the race, gender, status of the victim. Human life, all human life, is infinitely valuable, period, making the murder, the taking of innocent life, equally horrible in all cases. This guy in South Carolina committed a heinous act, and obviously, it was racially charged because he was quoted indicating as much. But that doesn’t make it particularly worse than if he killed other people, nor is it classified as a “hate crime” distinct from other murder, as liberals like to call it. That is a term they’ve invented just to exploit certain events to stir up the citizenry by qualifying some types of human life as more or less valuable, as though dead minorities is worse than dead whites. I repeat, all human is life valuable, and this notion of it being a particular hate crime just because the victims were black is absurd. Any crime like this is a hate crime, regardless of the skin color of the victims, white or black or otherwise. A crime isn’t a hate crime just because the victim is a minority. It doesn’t make the evil worse. A crime is hateful because it’s an attack on other humans, all of whom have been made in God’s likeness. Any attack on any human essentially is an attack on God’s character, personhood, and holy law. ALL murder is hate crime, evil is evil regardless because human life is valuable regardless, minority or not. Sure, the racial element/component in this incident can’t be denied. But it’s merely another twisted facet of the same hatred that claims life in any other situation. So let’s stick with the word “crime” as it’s always been called, because any other qualifications, “hate” or otherwise, create distinctions of evil that pervert our sense of equity and justice.


  1. Liberals Are The Ones Creating A Culture of Death, Not Guns, Not Conservatives

These same liberals who are railing against high gun crime and the need to take away our firearms because of the culture of violence are the same liberals who are advocating abortion and the reckless slaughter of millions of innocent babies in the womb. They are reaping for us a culture that places no value on human life. And then they wonder why things like this happen. And aren’t they the same liberals who are peddling excessively brutal, vivid, horrific graphic violence on our TV screens and in the movies they make? Aren’t these the same self-righteous media stars who are out there selling violence every chance they get and then calling it entertainment? Selling graphic violence to our kids in video games like Grand Theft Auto? These are the same people, liberals, Democrats, the Hollywood elite, the ones railing against gun violence, they are the very same ones who are destroying any notion of the sanctity of life by ripping God out of our culture, out of our schools and out of the public square. I mean, these are the people who are protesting having the 10 Commandments on display at public municipal courts because that supposedly violates religious freedom. And yet one of those very commandments is “thou shall not murder.”

Do you see, do you see the hypocrisy and sinister deceptive façade of liberalism and the Democrat Party? They are so sanctimonious, such Pharisees, preaching to us about how we ought to surrender our firearms because we are perpetuating an environment and culture that is dangerous for everyone, and yet they are the ones destroying, literally destroying by their wild liberal agenda, the very fabric of morality in our country and any notion of the sanctity of life. They are literally destroying and shredding any remaining vestige of a moral Christian consensus and any consciousness of the sanctity of life and then have the nerve to tell us the reason there is violence is because of our civil responsibility to keep and bear arms. Give me a break. Hypocrites through and through, I have to say. Maybe the reason we have problems with each subsequent generation devaluing life and the reason we have a significant rise in violent crimes like this is because we are teaching every generation from birth through adulthood that it’s absolutely okay to tear babies limb from limb, cut them into pieces, pull them out of a mother and throw the parts in the trash because the pregnancy was inconvenient. I would suggest it is hard to inculcate any sense of a moral obligation to respect human life when that is how you are teaching youth to view humanity: an unexpected inconvenience to be tossed in the garbage. And it doesn’t help either that the same liberals are telling us we all evolved from monkeys, too; just accidental organic blobs evolved from nothing and heading to nothing with no inherent value whatsoever. Is it any wonder there is a culture of death in America? There certainly is, and liberals have created it, not guns. Liberals and the Democrat Party have created it with their godless policies and agenda. And then they have the nerve to lecture us on human rights, and we’re supposed to shut up and listen and comply. Give me a break. They are Pharisees through and through. Their man-made, self-righteousness is devoid of God’s law and value system, and is having a ruinous affect in our society.

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Stay tuned in for a few more lessons to be learned. Sorry, I’ve got to hit this gun topic while it’s fresh in our minds because there is so much confusion to dispel on the matter. And because people need to learn the value of arming themselves. And because gun rights versus liberal disarmament is just  such a perfect and vivid depiction of the stark difference between conservatives and leftists on any and every issue. It’s just the perfect picture really: courage versus cowardice, guns versus helpless victimization, standing for justice versus being a weasel, the stalwart lion versus the sickly, pale, embittered, greedy weasel with no ethical conscience and an unhealthy addiction to stealing things. Oh, and an unhealthy addiction to eating weasel gruel crumbled on the floor at the feet of college professors. Yep, that about nails it. So don’t fail to check out Part III of our series on the 2nd Amendment, you need to hear it, trust me. And actually, I’m not sorry, I love this. I loathe liberalism and particularly, their whiny, spineless obsession with surrendering our gun rights over to the federal government. So I consider this series a kind of personal magnum opus. And hopefully it’s a resource for you, something you could even come back to for reference down the road when you get tired of hearing liberals talk all day long. Tell them to lose the skirt and buy a pistol and try acting like a responsible citizen instead of a sniveling elitist. And then go ahead, hold their feet to the fire… but don’t say that!… they might think you meant fireARM or firing SQUAD, and then they’ll freak out and have you arrested for hate speech. So be careful, weasels are tricky son-of-a-guns… I mean, well, don’t say that either, because they don’t like guns… just, say… ya know what? Just hold their feet to the federally registered, maximum 2 burning-logs, limited duration, temperature-controlled, smokeless, ventless, odorless, non-toxic, organic girl scout camp fire with mandated, government-issue safety screen and immediate-access fire extinguisher… with environmentally-friendly fire repellant… outdoor party skirt included with kit as well a free Captain Nancy hat… that should work… I think I just lost some listeners…

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