Ep. 30 Wake Up, Conservatives!  Tea Party, Scott Walker & Why To Get Our Heads Outta The Sand! [audio/text]

Ep. 30 Wake Up, Conservatives! Tea Party, Scott Walker & Why To Get Our Heads Outta The Sand! [audio/text]

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Wake up, Christians!  Wake up, Conservatives!  Wake up, every freedom-loving Patriot in America!  The Republican primary candidate pool is swelling with Tea Party voices, and Scott Walker is a conservative force to be reckoned with.  He’s just another reason why Tea Party has become the emblem for traditional-values America, and why conservatism is the blueprint for success…

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Hey everyone! Good to be back here for another session, welcome to Feet To The Fire, the new voice of conservative dissent! Jam-packed summer with everything going on for sure, and my apologies that we haven’t gotten to all of it.   I know important stuff happens and even though I don’t address it specifically, it doesn’t mean we’re not aware here at F2TF or that I don’t care. Gotta pick and choose what I zero in on to make the best use out of this resource, but as a fair overview, in case you’ve missed some things: we’ve got Obama giving nukes to Iran in a horrible nuclear deal being superintended by genius Secretary of State John Kerry; it was just adopted this week actually, even though Iran happens to be pretty much the world leader of state-sponsored militant Islamic terrorism; Chief Justice John Roberts (who’s supposed to be a conservative appointed by a Republican president, George Bush, Jr.) Chief Justice John Roberts and the Supreme Court yet again upholding ObamaCare in violation of the constitution and continuing to impose it on the American people; spineless Establishment Republicans helping Emperor Obama in his attempt to ram free trade bills through Congress to the detriment of American commerce in a giant worldwide wealth redistribution plan; a former male Olympic athlete who tragically thinks he’s a girl; a white woman who thinks she’s black; a local chapter of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington who thinks white people might be black; a civil rights coalition made up of leftist African Americans who don’t seem to find it disgraceful and insulting that a white woman thinks she can fake being black by going to the tanning salon a few extra times, because after all, that’s what it means to be black, right? tan skin, how degrading; and a media that thinks all of this is so clever and natural, a media convinced that they themselves are anything more sophisticated than an assortment of carnival spectators waxing philosophical on the cultural implications of the bearded lady. I mean, I haven’t even addressed this yet: the Spokane, Washington woman, head of the NAACP out there, story emerged a month or so back, a white woman who is pretending to be black. And holding her ground in TV interviews! And the media’s like, in all seriousness, “Hmmm, yeah, wow, maybe she’s black; hmm, yeah I guess if she wants to be, if she feels like she is…” This is where the LEFT has brought us: if you can be transgender, I guess you can be a trans-racer. And I mean… honestly, I can’t, I just, I don’t think I can… address that story. I mean, really, what more do you have to say than what I just said? The story speaks for itself. Do I really need to comment on it? This is modern liberalism in America. And of course, can’t neglect to mention, the lofty Supreme Court of America overturning 2,000 years plus of Christian heritage and western law by redefining marriage and forcing homosexual practice on all 50 states in direct violation of the constitution, plunging American society into a further state of moral chaos. Thank you Anthony Kennedy and the other four irreverent judges that joined him.

And yet in the midst of all of it, we did have some fantastic news that hit on Monday. That yes in fact, as we expected, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a veritable lion of the Tea Party, is officially entering the Republican primary race for the presidential bid in 2016. And coincidentally, this couldn’t have been timed more perfectly for the episode that I was planning for this week. Somebody must have informed Walker that Feet To The Fire was planning to do a show about him so that he could coordinate his campaign announcement with our programming.

Now, as you know (and if you don’t, you need to review some previous episodes and get caught up cuz you’re missing out) as you know, we just finished up our series on firearms; although I’m sure, I’m confident, that is certainly not the last time we will be addressing the issue, as it’s one of liberal Democrats’ favorite points of attack and one of the most significant battles for justice and liberty that we face in this country. And I also committed to possibly giving you a little surprise edition some time upcoming with more thoughts on the 2nd amendment. But for now, we are gonna leave that and pick up where we left off a few weeks ago when we were discussing the Tea Party.

I had been giving you an overview of the Tea Party, what it represents and who are the people that comprise it, who are the candidates running with a Tea Party label on a platform of traditional, conservative American values, the values of Faith and Freedom; that’s the Tea Party. We were investigating some of the names that have surfaced in the Republican primary race, kind of like a survey of the candidate landscape. I had spent a bunch of time on Ted Cruz, and lo and behold, the next guy on my list was none other than, Scott Walker.

Now, to be sure, when I did my last episode I said numerous times, this is not in any way an official endorsement of any single candidate in the Republican contest, that’s not my objective. There are a lot of good ones out there, many of whom I’d take over what we currently have any day of the week, and certainly over Hillary Clinton. But the objective here I made clear: I was using the opportunity of the developing Republican primary race and large slate of candidates to make a case for the need to get behind the Tea Party movement. My objective here has been to take advantage of some current campaigning to inform folks of what the Tea Party actually is and what it truly represents, as opposed to the smeared reputation it’s been handed from a biased media. The objective is to help wake up conservatives and Christians, help them realize the Tea Party represents the core values that we hold dear, it is our movement and not something to be brushed aside or dismissed as lunatic, fringe extremist. It’s actually not even an organized party, but it’s the unofficial grassroots movement of conservative Americans, and its something we need to wholeheartedly support and get behind and rally to. We need to not be afraid to call ourselves Tea Party folks but rather should be proudly asserting our solidarity with those candidates and political leaders that comprise the Tea Party, statesman who aren’t afraid to stand up for definitive conservative principles.

So let’s continue right where we left off…. Who is the Tea Party? The Tea Party is Scott Walker, Republican governor of Wisconsin who has exploded onto the national scene because of his several thrashings that he gave to liberals and liberal policy in what is normally a pretty blue state, blue meaning Democrat. And now he’s running for president, another strong conservative in the Republican primary. And make no mistake, Walker is building his campaign on a clear desire to appeal to, fortify, and enlarge the conservative base of the Republican Party. That’s his platform, and that’s the appeal he’s making publicly.

Scott Walker won the governor seat of Wisconsin in 2010 and got right to work. He immediately proceeded to disentangle the strangle hold that public-employee unions had over the state by challenging and revoking their collective bargaining rights. Of course, teachers and other workers had a fit, so much so that the Democrat party machine actually sent in protestors from all over the country to camp out in the statehouse in the capital city of Madison, kind of like some vulgar mutated version of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. By the way, in case you never realized, Occupy Wall Street was the Left’s effort to create a counter-Tea Party movement, started back in 2011, and it was a complete flop because you can’t engineer a staged grassroots revival. The Tea Party is authenticate and still thriving; Occupy Wall Street was Democrat-sponsored contrived agitation and it died quickly.

Anyway, back to Walker, they turned the statehouse into an old-fashioned hippie-protest pigsty, think Woodstock gone political-activist. But Walker persevered. The libs got so mad, they challenged him in a recall election in 2012, which he went ahead and won. The Democrats in the state Senate even staged a petulant walk-out from the legislature and actually fled Wisconsin and hid just across the border in Illinois in order to deny quorum for a vote on Walker’s initiatives against collective bargaining. Can you believe that, like little sissies? “We’re losing, we don’t know what to do! Run away!” They ended up coming back, embarrassed, after Republicans passed the measure anyway. Absolutely hilarious. And the best part of this story is after Walker’s policies took effect, Wisconsin went from a budgetary crisis with huge deficits, like all the other blue Democrat states around the country, to a budget surplus of nearly 1 billion dollars. The unemployment rate started to fall in Wisconsin, and he was even able to implement tax cuts for the good citizens. Who knew? Conservative policy works.

So then, Walker runs again in 2014 for another term, now his 3rd run in like 4 years or so, and all guns are aimed at him nationally from the Democrat Party, the entire country is watching. And that’s because his success there gave a glaring example of the abject failure of Democrat fiscal policy and the superiority of conservative policy in restoring the economy of a state, and this in front of the whole world for all to witness. And guess what, he wins again, despite their best efforts and hoards of more money being thrown into the campaign against him. And so Scott Walker has become the poster child for how to successfully win elections as a Republican, 3 vicious electoral battles all within 4-5 years, and he comes out a winner every time!   That’s amazing. And he’s become the poster child for how to successfully defeat the liberal agenda and execute a conservative policy even with huge resistance from liberal Democrats. His state of Wisconsin has become the blueprint for the effective articulation and implementation of an aggressive and unwavering conservative agenda. Conservatism is how you win, and Scott Walker exemplifies that.

Listen, Republicans win when they run Tea Party conservatives like Walker, even in a blue state like Wisconsin, and yet all we keep getting from the Establishment Republican party in national elections are milk-toast candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney; boring, stale, status quo party moderates who lose everything because they stand for nothing. Wake up, Republicans. Jeb Bush is another guaranteed presidential loser. Wake up, Christians. Let’s try Tea Party conservative this time, what have we got to lose? You’d think after witnessing such monumental electoral and political victories against Democrats in their own territory, that Republicans nationwide would stop and think and pay attention, “He maybe this guy Walker is on to something, maybe we should pay attention to how he gets this done, maybe he has a winning strategy we should emulate.” But no, the Establishment political class wing of the Republican Party will just keep denigrating any and all Tea Party activists who threaten their control; and they’ll keep putting forward their lousy, guaranteed-to-lose moderates like dear old Jeb.

And by the way, Wisconsin is still to this day pumping out state budget surpluses, and Walker is still hammering away at entrenched liberal policy that everywhere else has been bankrupting our country. In fact, Walker just recently signed a bill from the Wisconsin legislature revoking tenure for professors at public colleges and universities in Wisconsin, another huge win for conservative policy, incredible.

A little more biographical info on Walker, he is the son of a Baptist pastor, yet another unashamed professing Christian candidate. Lotta stuff to read up on his background, nice article in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel on his Christian upbringing and church life that you can check out online. Seems he even preached a few times as a teenager, filled in occasionally for his father in the pulpit, and he now attends a nondenominational, evangelical church. Also interesting to note his life experience prior to politics is in business, and he actually never completed college, which is absolutely awesome being that Walker has such a successful business career and political life. Not that going to college is bad; actually going and completing is great! It’s just that not graduating is yet another way Walker is sticking it to the LEFT because it flies in the face of what liberals expect for an aspiring candidate. He is all self-made man, and no solidarity with the ruling class.

You see, the LEFT has zero respect for anyone who has not passed through the purging power of their liberal bastions of higher education and received full indoctrination into mind-numbing leftist ideology. In their minds, such an individual is boorish and uncivilized, an uneducated rogue to be contemptuously scorned, completely incapable of succeeding at anything. Non-college grads and the working man for them are the epitome of ignorance. And so the Democrats are in a fit that this guy is actually winning elections, defying the odds, growing wildly in popularity, and now has the nerve to run for president. He has NO business doing that because to them, no college means idiot and immediate disqualification. He doesn’t fit the mold for what their conventional wisdom says a candidate should look like: sophisticated, cultured, Yale graduate, a connoisseur of sushi and Marxism. Walker’s non-degree status and yet unbridled success stands in direct contradiction to everything the LEFT stands for and believes in, it’s in direct contrast to everything the Establishment says is required to be eligible for their prestigious club. And so it’s fun watching this underdog upset their lofty, self-ordained status.   They don’t know what to do with him! The only ones libs respect are those who have ascended to their heightened, elitist circle of socialist brain-washed groupies that roam the halls of our universities. To them, Scott Walker is just another know-nothing cowboy who has no right, no prerogative to enter the political arena, no more right in their eyes than someone in a straight-jacket. He is ill-mannered, and so is anyone else who holds to his primitive values, who hold to the Bible, family, traditional America. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what the LEFT thinks of Walker and you and anyone else who still reads the Bible, and that’s what they think of all of us good, common folk who make up the Tea Party. And yet this type of down-to-earth cowboy is exactly the kind of candidate we need saddling up into Washington to upset the apple cart and restore sanity and values-centered politics. We need a vigilante politician, degree or not, to ride in, take names and clean house. Keep going, Scott Walker, and keep winning, I love it! Make the Libs squirm.

So there are a few more intrepid and resolute firebrand political leaders that constitute the Tea Party movement who are worth knowing about, and some more candidates carrying conservatism into the national spotlight via these Republican primaries. I’d like you to get around to meeting them, and I plan on introducing you; so keep listening, and pay attention to the national debate. And work at getting informed, instead of joining the ill-informed and disingenuous cultural lament spun out by liberals, “Oh, there’s just no one good anymore. Not worth voting or even being involved, both parties are exactly the same.” That’s just bogus liberal propaganda, nonsense platitudes intended only to suppress any dissent by disengaging all of us voters from political life. That’s just what the liberals want, all of us in fly-over America not voting. Listen, the parties OUGHT NOT be the same! And Republicans who are trail blazing a new and right course should get our full support! If we lose the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, let it be because it was wrenched and wrested out of our hands, not because we cannibalized our own and devoured them with friendly fire.

You see, liberals, they want to disenfranchise us traditional voters and silence any dissenting voice with their notions of the system being broken and the repeated “every politician is corrupt” mantra. That’s like the favorite ignorant cop-out slogan of every uneducated college student and self-ordained independent. Don’t believe the hype! They want you thinking that way because they want you giving up and shutting up, and they want you dumb-downed. But God can still raise up good men and bring reform if He wants! Don’t limit God’s prerogative to act on behalf of His own righteous will and raise up good leaders if He so desires. He did it in Babylon, didn’t he? In Egypt when Joseph first arrived, too. He can do it here. He is the one who superintends and raises up men to govern and also brings them low. Evil men and good men. And whether He does raise up better leaders or not, righteousness, the rule of law, justice, God’s intended course for good government, are still our calling and responsibility before God and is expected of us as Christians.

Find out who’s running, find out who really represents our interests, and support those folks who are begging for an opportunity to turn things around. What if these authentic leaders do surface? What if they really are out there and yet we all just sit home in denial and ignorance and join the low-information voter crowd? What if these good leaders fail because the very conservative base that they appeal to has been lulled to sleep by ignorance or resentment or an unhealthy and unbiblical retreat from the public arena? Listen, it’s your responsibility as a conservative and a Christian not to let such an opportunity go to waste, not to squander liberty when you have the opportunity afforded you of taking a stand for righteous government and just laws. Shame on us if our head is buried in the sand from apathy or anger. You’re gonna give up so fast on preserving the life of the unborn? Give up so fast on the rule of law and the right to life and property? Should the Church retreat from it’s sanctifying influence on a culture? If we don’t support and vote for the good candidates, then who will? When the true dissenting voices start popping up, it’s a tragedy for sure if we remain oblivious. What if some men God raised up, as it says in the book of Esther, for such a time as this? And yet the Christians and the conservatives, the very people who are supposed to be the salt and light, who are supposed to elect the right leaders to restore God’s law in a nation… those very Christians fail to act and fail to raise their voice in a republic where we still retain that privilege and responsibility. How tragic indeed! How tragic to be found missing at the very moment we are called to act! Here’s that verse from Esther I mentioned, listen how timely and appropriate for Christians in America. Esther 4:14 “For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”  Now I’m not saying God has promised relief and deliverance for the nation America. But if in His sovereign will He chooses to raise up better leaders for better government, like he often did even in the marred history of the nation Israel, then courageous action from the people of God would be expected, not foolish and lazy ignorance. If justice fails in the civil society, it ought not be on our watch but rather despite our best and most valiant efforts.

Until democratic republicanism ever comes to an end, which it may, let the blessings of liberty in our nation be used by us to administer and advance the cause of God’s righteousness, which is the gospel applied to a civil society at large. Let us be a sanctifying influence. And let us be as those who are found by God having been faithful with this good stewardship of freedom. We must practice as Christians the virtue of self-government for as long as we retain that privilege in a free republic. How long should we persevere in this and endure? Well, until we lose the right, if and when we do, if it should ever come to that. At which point, I will have to just release a new episode with further instructions. But until then…

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Scott Walker is the real deal, at least for now it seems so. And there is no reason at all why strong-minded conservatives and Christians should hesitate one bit in getting behind Tea Party candidates like him and brandishing that Tea Party label as our own. The Tea Party is us, I said that last time, so wake up! Cruz, Walker, others, their whole mindset is to generate momentum in the conservative base and capitalize on it, roll back this listless apathy that has become so prevalent amongst conservatives. I repeat, there are still good guys out there. Conservatism is their ideology, and the Tea Party is their movement. And anyone who comes along and takes a shot at us and our guys, well, don’t be afraid to hold their feet to the fire…

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