Ep. 06 Elections: Why Democrats Need to Lose [audio and text]

Ep. 06 Elections: Why Democrats Need to Lose [audio and text]

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So the 2014 Midterm Elections are today.  And who do we want to win?  And why?  Do we even care?  Aren’t they all the same anyway?  Actually, no.  The two sides of this power struggle in our nation are drastically different, and the situation is dire.  So listen up!  And find out why the Democrats NEED TO LOSE at all levels of government, from your local school board to the halls of Congress.


Full Text of Audio:

So it is the night before the 2014 Midterm Elections., and I was thinking with elections looming, a general commentary on why we care about election results would be appropriate. More specifically the question is this, why do we want Republicans to win at all levels of government? Because we know we want Republicans, Conservatives, and Tea Party candidates to win, but why? And now, when I use the term Republican, I’m just using that as kind of a general loose term for all of the political right and conservative minded politicians and citizens. And this is going to be a very broad perspective on the political left in America as we call them out for what they really stand for. So welcome to the Feet To The Fire program, and today we’ll be holding the Democrats, the liberals, feet to the fire.

And this answer to this question, why do we want Republicans to win, will be our thesis. And that’s this:

Democrats are bad at government, they’re very bad. They’re just really bad at government. That’s why we don’t want them to win. They can’t win! We must stand and resist at every point. And on a positive side, we need to support the Republicans, the Conservatives, and the Tea Party candidates. Now listen, this is not about party politics, and I’m the first to tell you I’ve been disenchanted with some of the moderate, big government Republicans we’ve seen as well. But what this is about, it’s all about preserving our liberty and way of life. Look, the time is no longer when freedom-loving Americans, patriots, loyal citizens, those who love their families and their communities and their churches, when Christians can idly sit by and fall for the following misconceptions. I hear this stuff, and it drives me nuts.  People, people talk this way:

  1. You know what? I’m gonna protest the status quo in Washington by not voting or being involved OR
  2. People casually excuse their apathy by accusing everyone else:

“Ahh, they’re all corrupt, the system’s broken, both sides are the same, we’ve got no good candidates.”

And then there’s the pious, superior attitude…

  1. “I’m not a party guy! I’m independent. I’m not participating in elections.”

Look, no one’s independent! I’ve got news for you. They’re either uninformed, lazy, ignorant or they’re not willing to take sides, meaning they’re too scared, or they’re too skeptical, or they’re too intimidated, or they just plain lack principle. Let me give you an analogy. No one is independent when someone is trying to break into your house and set it on fire. You’re either asleep and have your head in the sand and don’t know what’s going on. Or you’re too scared to get up and move. Or, and this is what we want, when someone’s breaking into your house, you get really mad, and you resist the intruder. Stand up and do something about it. But again, you get these, these same old kind of platitudes:

  1. “I’m gonna moderate my views because I’m too afraid of drawing a hard line or I don’t want to look like I’m slinging mud.” You hear people say this: “We don’t want to offend or be extreme or be like them. You know, both sides use the same tactics anyway.”

Listen: The Democrats are offensive! Their policies and their agenda are unique and specific: their agenda is all offensive to liberty and justice and virtue and anything else true and noble. And they are the ones forcing us to choose sides! And the other side, where liberty finds sanctuary, is the Conservative side, the Republican side. We need the Republicans to win and precisely because the Democrats are REALLY BAD at government, and they threaten our way of life.

And listen, this is not intended to incite or provoke or just upset anyone. The Dems, they may be great at other stuff. Liberals? They may be great at cooking. Or sports, maybe you know some good liberal athletes. Or maybe even writing poetry. Or juggling. Or decorating! Anything. But they are TERRIBLE at politics and governing, and that’s why they need to lose.

And I don’t know why you don’t get a lot more Republican, Conservative candidates, saying this type of thing in a debate. You know, you just say to your opponent, “Look, buddy, pal, I’m not trying to pick on you. It’s just, people shouldn’t vote for you because you’re a Democrat. And Democrats are bad at government. It’s nothing personal. It’s just, you’re terrible at politics and leadership. And you’re not gonna do a good job, and people just shouldn’t vote for you. They should vote for me.” I don’t know, I feel like that’d be really persuasive, pretty convincing.

And I’m gonna give you 4 main reasons why Democrats are terrible at government.



Number one, the liberals are in favor of consolidating power, and the other world for that, it sounds old fashioned, is just this: tyranny. Tyranny, consolidating power, is the primary means of advancing the political and cultural and social upheaval that Left wants to accomplish. They are against states’ sovereignty and states’ rights, which is power dispersed among the people. They’re in favor of expanding and inflating the federal bureaucracy to take over society. And you know, they’re better called statists. That’s a better name for them because they worship and extol the all-powerful state.

And do you find it hard to believe that they are pro-tyranny? Let me give you some examples. Listen, the Democrat Party: pro-government regulation of business. They want government to regulate every aspect of business. Even to the point of telling a farmer in a state how much wheat he can grow on his farm. That’s real. They’ve done it, that’s what they do. They’re in favor of the minimum wage. Or they give it a nicer name: living wage or fair pay, forcing businesses to pay a certain amount to their employees. They’re pro-centralized power with all their “-isms.” Environmentalism: monitor how much emissions a car produces, the car that we drive. Or how much emissions a factory produces, and then tax businesses for it. They call that Cap and Trade. Or how about Socialism: welfare programs to keep people dependent on the government. Keep ‘em wards of the state. Listen, that’s institutionalized slavery. The government dole is the Democrats new plantation. They were the party of slavery and racism in the South. We’ve even had leaders recently in our own US Senate that were former KKK members, Democrats. Example, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Former KKK leader and a Democrat. Feminism and Affirmative Action: mandating certain hiring practices and quotas for society and businesses.

This is the party that’s pro-confiscatory tax rates! Why does ANYONE like them for this reason alone? Their policy is wealth redistribution, egalitarianism: steal one person’s hard earned property and give it to someone else who hasn’t worked for it. And they call it paying your “fair share.” It’s the party of politically correct speech. If your speech doesn’t match their code of what is acceptable, you come under heavy criticism and scrutiny. They’ll even silence you. I mean, this is some sort of twisted Big Brother situation. “Conform to the system, man!” You gotta speak like they speak. No dissent allowed! And then they say that they’re the tolerant ones. They’re completely intolerant of anything that goes against their agenda!

They deny religious expression in public and private. They’re pro-, listen, uniform unionization of workers, which denies the free right to work as an individual. And that, what that does is consolidates authority and money into the unions which are a Democrat fundraising slush fund.   They’re pro-nationalizing education with Common Core Curriculum Standards. Are you kidding me? National education standards for our communities where our kids go to school?! Listen, D.C. we can educate our children in our own local communities much better than you, so stay out of our schools. They even create departments for all this stuff: the DOE (Department of Education), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), HHS (Health and Human Services). How about that one? The government takeover of private health care industry by forcing nationalized and socialized medicine on the American public. That’s ObamaCare. They’re against the 2nd Amendment. Register, limit and then eventually confiscate all of our weapons, which are supposed to be protected by the right to bear arms in the 2nd Amendment. Oh, except the government, they can keep all their weapons. This is the party of tyranny.



Number two, this party is divisive! They create a culture of warfare amongst classes, races, gender, ethnicity, anything that can divide us. Their whole means of creating support is to foment angst and anger between one group towards another, and they pit them against each other in order to consolidate voter support by fear mongering and jealousy. The best example is class warfare. They make people discontented with their supposed “class” and make people bitterly jealous of those “above them.” There’s their propaganda: “Oh, we support the middle class. We hate the evil rich! And then they coddle the poor and keep them dependent. And then they say things like this, here’s their platitudes: “The rich have to pay their fair share!” And they talk about the “evil insurance companies.”

Look, here’s the reality: there aren’t any classes in America! Yes, there are differences – but we are all Americans! Our culture historically, traditionally, has always minimized class and economic distinctions in favor of equality, unity, and charity, brotherhood. These are pillars of the American identity and American civics. These virtues are enshrined in our documents. This is all uniquely American! Those virtues are what distinguished us from the aristocracies of Old World Europe! In America, the prince and the pauper: equal under the law, equal in society. And that’s uniquely Christian.

But this unity does nothing for the Democrats in harnessing the voting potential of angry cohorts. So the Democrats need to create angry cohorts. “Go for the Black vote, the Hispanic vote! You know, the Republicans have a War on Women! Society is still racist to all you minorities! You better vote Democrat, and we’ll take care of you. Otherwise they’re gonna get you!” It’s a bunch of lies. It’s a sham just to get votes. They’re prostituting people just to get their vote. And a good statesman doesn’t want a group vote – he wants everyone’s vote because he’s doing something good for every American. Group warfare reinforces coveting, envy, strife: the mark of evil and disorder. Group warfare makes people hate each other and bite and devour each other. It’s not good for a family, a church, an organization. Is this how you’d run a business with your employees? Make them jealous and envious and divided? Is this the way to maintain a national identity, social order, patriotism, unity, peace, brotherly love, and charity? Listen, Abe Lincoln, the first Republican, quoting Jesus from the Bible, rightly said, “A house divide against itself cannot stand.”

Alright, so they’re the party of tyranny; they’re the party of division.



Number three. This is the party of no values. They oppose core, fundamental, traditional American values. Don’t be deluded. They do everything they can at every point to overturn time-tested, Christian, biblical ethics upon which our social order is constructed. A society is organized around a set of ethics and mores. Ours is Christian in heritage. Can’t be denied. It’s in our documents. It’s in our traditions. It’s in our history. And they hate that.

This is the party of what? The party of legalization of marijuana; overturning traditional marriage in favor of so-called “marital choice.” This is the party of pro-abortion. They build an entire party platform out of killing the unborn and then calling it women’s rights. This is the party of deconstructing the nuclear family as the core of civilization. Hillary Clinton goes around writing a book and taking up this mantra: “It takes a village to raise a child.” No, no it doesn’t! It takes a family. It takes a mom and a dad and a family. So keep your village away from my kid. This is the party that’s anti-death penalty for convicted terrorists but pro-leniency for convicted criminals and rapists. They’re anti-military and defense, the very American military that promotes freedom and peace here and abroad in the world. They support pornography as free speech, but then they mandate censorship of religious expression and political dissent. This is the party of the hippie movement! Do we realize that?! The silver ponytails left over from the 60’s era. This is the party that is home to the same folks who decades ago were running around naked in a drug-induced orgy at a rock concert in NY back in ’69. This is the party that these people have run to to find a political voice. And do you realize that in 2012, they actually voted God out of their Party Platform. Look, you gotta check out the YouTube© if you haven’t seen it. You see they’re trying to vote on all the different platforms for the Democrat Party for the 2012 presidential election. And, you know, God comes up – do we support God in the party platform? The whole place erupts, the stadium booing God! It’s unbelievable. Then the guy speaking tries to ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen; calls for a second vote, they boo again. And they just kind of jam it back into the platform because they realized, “Ohh, hey, that’s, that’s bad for PR.” Yeah, no kidding. It’s unbelievable! But again, that’s the modern Democrat Party. This ain’t the party of JFK anymore.

They’re for tyranny, they’re divisive, they’re against traditional values.



And here’s the last thing: they’re globalists! The Democrat Party is globalist. They’re against a sovereign, strong, independent America but in favor of our identity being subsumed in a global community. Here’s another way to say it: they’re the opposite of patriots. They see patriotism as a vice. They resent out country, it’s heritage, its values, its prosperity, and freedom. They see us as arrogant and imperialist and believe the world is better if America would decrease. They have some strange euphoria found in a borderless EU, and they want the same thing for us. They love the UN, even if it means uniting us with massacring dictators and totalitarian regimes. They elevate peace and unity as virtues over justice; whereas, the true righteous and just do not ever make peace with evil. They denigrate our national identity in favor of “world citizenship.”

You want some examples? Here you go. The Kyoto Treaty: all of our infrastructure and factories and manufacturing has to be subordinated to some environmental protocol that somebody else in another place of the world, part of the world invented. That’s the Kyoto Treaty. They’re in favor of nuclear disarmament: we give up all of our nukes along with all the evil empires. Yeah, like that’s gonna work. Then they’re in favor of “coalition” foreign policy. We all gotta do it together rather than unilateral action in our own interests. They’re for surrendering our own citizens’ firearm rights to worldwide regulation. And this is why also they are consistently in favor of open borders and protecting illegal immigration. Well, they’re in favor of that because they’re globalists, but that’s also besides the fact that illegals are an easy voting block for Democrats to exploit if they can just grant them amnesty.

Listen: Patriotism in this country is a virtue. Patriotism is a virtue because we cherish law and liberty, freedom and justice, and we reject any outside influences corrupting our way of life or diminishing our national identity. Borders and sovereignty are a security to freedom. Globalism means surrendering our way of life. And to be perfectly frank… one world government? C’mon. Hmmmm, sounds pretty sinister to me. Sounds very “lunatic dictator, evil empire.” A global, one world government has generally been pursued by the more ignoble characters on the stage of human history; think Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin. Global government doesn’t have a good reputation.

So there it is. Democrats, Liberals and Leftists shouldn’t win elections because they are just plain bad at government. They favor:

1. tyranny, the consolidation of power in one place, centralized in the hands a few. They favor:

2. social envy and strife, dividing the citizenry against one another to exploit our jealousies just to gain our votes. They favor:

3. overturning traditional values. And they favor:

4. surrendering our national sovereignty to a broader global community

So, on Election Day, go vote Conservative. Go vote Republican, from school board to U.S. Senate and everything in between. Because Democrats are bad at government from school board to town council to US Senate. They’re not good at it. And as for Conservatives? Now they govern quite well.

The talking heads saying it could be a big GOP win, so we shall see. But until then, let Justice roll down like waters America, and Righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Figure out who you should be voting for and why. Don’t believe the hype out there! Get involved, and go vote for the conservative right. And when you run into Democrats, be nice, be gentle, but tell them why they’re wrong, and go ahead… hold their feet to the fire.

{increase volume, sweet bluegrass music with backbeat just because it sounds so good and so American… and oh, so free.}



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