Ep. 10 Plan For Republicans, Part IV: Rebuttal to Obama, the Amnesty Emperor [audio and text]

Ep. 10 Plan For Republicans, Part IV: Rebuttal to Obama, the Amnesty Emperor [audio and text]

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Is he serious?!  That speech cannot go unanswered.  Can someone please clarify the debate on immigration?


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Man, he uses some slippery, weasely language, doesn’t he?!  That Barack Obama!  What a speech on amnesty last Thursday night. Listening to him would make you think that every immigration problem created in this country was due to heartless conservative bigots and their refusal to address the issue, the stubborn gridlock they cause that is preventing innocent outcasts from joining the fabric of our nation. And wow did he sound convincing! I’m sure good-hearted conservatives and Republicans were even somewhat shaken by his oh, so heartfelt appeal to just work this out so people don’t get deported and families aren’t torn apart. The only thing is… no one is rallying to deport people or tear apart families! But you’d of thought Republicans are after just that after listening to him. And that’s why his speech was so slick and sinister and convincing, because he used tried and true liberal tactics; tactics that every evil demagogue has used throughout history, which is precisely what Emperor Obama is, a demagogue. Just looked that up online to clarify. The definition? a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument (thank you Google). That’s exactly what Obama did and always does and what every liberal always does when they are trying to persuade the audience of the justice of their position and the inevitability of the policy that they just HAVE to implement. And it’s all a show, a complete sham.

And furthermore, he had the nerve to lecture us on what it means to be an American! Is he serious?!? He has subverted our national interests at every opportunity ever since he stepped foot in that White House, he has no idea what it means to live the American identity! And then he even quoted Scripture at us, trying to teach us with words from the Bible, as though we should learn a lesson from him, as though he even believes it or follows it! How arrogant, how condescending and self-righteous. You know Christianity is what Obama used to mock conservative citizens out in rural Pennsylvania if you hadn’t heard; he referred to them as “bitter, clinging to their guns and their religion.” Mock Christianity one day, invoke it the next when it’s politically expedient. I’m sorry, but that put me over the edge. Don’t quote my holy Bible to try and excuse your wicked agenda. And any Christians out there who say they support this charlatan or sympathize with his secular humanist political philosophy and policies better wake up and think twice.

Welcome to Feet To The Fire, the new voice of Conservative dissent! What an intro! Well today we are continuing our normal program schedule but with a minor adjustment in order to offer a concise rebuttal to Mr. Obama’s wildly irrational speech on Executive Amnesty last week. And in so doing we will be holding his feet to the fire! And simultaneously we will be continuing with our theme from previous episodes of holding Republicans feet to the fire; that is, keeping them accountable to advancing a conservative agenda with their new majority in Washington after November’s electoral landslide. And that’s specifically the Establishment-types, the consultants, the Republican politicians, party bosses, as well as all Republicans nationwide, generally. So, essentially you get a 2-for-1 with this episode. Wow, what a generous host!

But before we dive right in, I have to say it is purely coincidental that my recent episode topics have been locked in, perfectly aligned with current affairs and political events in the news. But seriously, in an effort to emphasize the imminent and pressing importance of the issues we’ve been addressing here at FTTF, it’s worth noting the following:

My first audio-blog after the election was what Republicans need to do moving forward with control of Congress, and I delineated a few main points. Here’s what I said. As a general strategy, Republicans, do NOT compromise with liberals on anything. Go for gridlock if need be rather than allowing any of their maddening agenda to proceed unchecked. And that’s exactly what Obama mentioned in his immigration speech the other night, accusing Republicans of already doing just that and threatening that shutting down the government over this single issue or any other issue for that matter would be a bad idea. Well, here’s my rebuttal to that, Obama. If you keep acting like a lunatic dictator, gridlock and shutdown are our only options.

And then I mentioned there are 3 issues the Republicans MUST NOT yield on with their newly won majority, 3 specific no-compromise particulars that have to remain at the center of our political fight, no caving allowed. And the first was this:

  1. Repeal ObamaCare. And just as I was planning to address this issue, the Jonathan Gruber videos surfaced, with his candid admission that liberals deceived and exploited the citizenry in passing ObamaCare. What perfect timing for our previous two podcasts.

And lo and behold, the second no-compromise issue I wanted to hold the Republicans feet to the fire over is:

  1. Immigration Reform. And, again coincidentally, this issue just hit center stage in mainstream news because

Obama has decided to unilaterally grant amnesty to 5 million illegals with one sweeping executive order. That was the speech from last Thursday night, and he followed through with it on Friday as he was heading to Vegas.

But believe me when I tell you, I decided to cover these topics well before any of these new developments precipitated into the news, which just goes to prove that Feet To The Fire is way ahead of the curve! So spread the news about our show!!

Now back to Amnesty and Illegal Immigration, which is issue number 2 for the Republican majority. Resist any and all Immigration Amnesty. Rejecting and now impeding and subverting any amnesty or immigration plan coming from the Left is precisely what the Republicans need to do as their second no-compromise policy position. Which brings us to Obama’s speech last week and the dire need to have some truthful, rational clarification of the issue so that we as conservatives can better articulate where we stand on immigration and why.

So let’s start with this, defining the debate. What exactly is being debated here? And as I mentioned early, there are certain tactics that demagogues use to garner support. These tactics are exactly what Obama and the liberals have employed in the current debate regarding “illegal aliens,”… uh, oops, I mean “undocumented immigrants” or “immigrants without legal status.” That’s the politically correct way the media and the elite say we need to reference them now. And the two basic demagogue tactics go like this: slander and presumptive reasoning.

  1. slander: which means destroy, impugn, malign, misrepresent, maliciously assassinate the character of your political opponents and their particular position with all kinds of false accusations and misinformation. Make it look like their motives are evil and their position is hateful and you’ve won half the argument already
  2. presumptive reasoning: redefine and reinterpret the terms and boundaries of the debate with erroneous presumptions and presuppositions that the listener can’t help but get dragged into if unaware and undiscerning. And these presumptions often go unspoken but are implied which makes them so hard to discern. It’s very deceptive. They change the implied definitions of words, the presentation of facts, the tone of an argument, things of that sort. And presumptive reasoning is where Leftists/Statists start out winning essentially from the outset on any issue. They bring certain false and erroneous presumptions to the table, to the debate, that Republicans unfortunately and often unwittingly accept without a single protest or objection. If there is no resistance and these presumptions go unchecked, it immediately puts the conservative on the defensive and portrays our side as inherently in the wrong from the get-go.

And the perfect example would be the debate over ObamaCare. Here is their demagoguery:

-the conservative right wants to deny the poor, needy, old and sick appropriate health care coverage. Now that’s slander. And they go on with this:

-the evil insurance companies and doctors are taking advantage of everyone and so people are dying in the streets

-it is then falsely presumed that everyone has a natural, constitutional, political, legal right to health insurance

-it is further erroneously presumed that the central government and its plurality of bureaucrats and departments can necessarily provide better health care than free enterprise and the private sector; and that the government always has the purest and best of motives.

Conclusion? Well, it’s easy! Government MUST step in, take over our health care and swallow it into a socialist regime, regulate private citizens and their personal health and in so doing restore freedom and medicine to everyone, especially the victims who have heretofore been exploited by the rich, the doctors and the Republicans. See? ObamaCare is perfectly logical now, right? See how sweet-sounding, emotional? And at the same time patently ridiculous!! Well, that was essentially the same thing we got from the Emperor on Thursday night with regard to illegal immigration.

So then what are the terms of the debate? Well, let’s look at a few key points.

  1. Illegals are NOT victims as Obama portrayed in his speech. That’s one of the central and most egregious presumptions and falsehoods at the outset of this debate that pretty much goes uncontested. It is a key liberal talking point, and yet, it simply isn’t true! They are NOT victims, they are perpetrators of a crime against a sovereign nation. They are trespassers, not victims. Although anyone will readily admit that many are in very unfortunate, sad situations, and their children may very well be victims of the indiscretion of their parents. Secondly, let’s address some of the slander we’ve been hearing form the liberal Left on this issue.
  2. Republicans aren’t fighting for massive deportation by any stretch. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen a campaign with “Deport the Aliens” as the central theme, nor have I ever seen or heard of that as any portion of a candidate’s platform whatsoever, Republican or otherwise. C’mon, seriously, who has ever seen a “Vote for me and I’ll deport the aliens” bumper sticker anywhere? But listening to Obama, you’d think that was the position of every Republican in Congress right now! I mean, who would ever even seriously consider making that their campaign sticker?! Can you imagine?!? And furthermore,
  3. Republicans aren’t fear-mongering at election time by saying the liberals want to grant massive amnesty to millions of illegals. That is precisely what they want and that is precisely what Obama did with his dog-and-pony-show Executive Order despite the fact that he denied it explicitly in his speech in a very clever twist of words. And that’s another point that we’ve got to remember and keep at the center of this debate. They want and have executed amnesty. Look it up online, here’s what it means: pardon to a large group, decision that a certain person or people will not be punished for their particular offenses. And that’s what Obama did, unilaterally, without any Congressional statute or precedent allowing it. Obama’s executive order is fundamentally unconstitutional and outside of his jurisdiction and prerogative as president. That makes him an outlaw because he is acting outside of prescribed constitutional law.

And it was a complete lie that other presidents have done likewise. He actually had the nerve to invoke Reagan and Bush as examples of the same kind of action from his predecessors, when in fact their applications of amnesty were not unilateral actions by any means. They exercised amnesty under the superintending of and in conjunction with Congressional legislative action, specifically the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill of 1986, which we will discuss later on. In other words, amnesty was prescribed by a congressional vote, a bill, a LAW, which is the only constitutional means. Obama had no such legislative statute determining his course of action. Make no mistake, this was a departure from any previous presidential precedent, and to suggest otherwise is a boldfaced lie. He abused and misused his presidential authority and himself set a horrible precedent for future administrations to continue his process of shredding our constitution. Impeachable offense, absolutely.

  1. and it is the Democrats who are actually doing the fear-mongering when they tell hoards of demographics and races that Republicans oppose them, want to exploit them, want to deport them and generally hate anyone of Hispanic descent in this country, as well as poor people… oh, and uh, children, too, just for good measure.

and here are some more details to factor in to this discussion…

  1. the US border is NOT secure. Not in any way and hasn’t been for decades, despite Obama’s false claims to the contrary. That’s another thing to be aware of. So many, if not ALL, of Obama’s facts on Thursday night were completely false or portrayed in a deceptive way. Even AP [Associated Press], which is by no means conservative, that’s a liberal media source. Even AP fact-checked him and found him coming up short on certain information he cited! So don’t be shaken by his barrage of so-called “facts;” they were anything but that. And if you think I’m suggesting he actually lied, YES! He did, actually lie. That’s what liberals and statists do! They just bold-face lie, straight at the camera, no flinching. Because seriously, how many voters are actually going to really care enough to go out and research every fact cited. People just swallow things face value and Democrats know that so they take advantage of it, and well, they lie.   It’s really the easiest/simplest way to confuse people. Now, I don’t have time to do an exhaustive fact check right here, but the border certainly is NOT secure as he casually claimed. And the evidence is there. If the border was secure, why in the world did we have an unprecedented, massive influx of new immigrant minors this year, thousands of children being bused in from as far south as Guatemala and Honduras all spring and summer this past year?! Yes, I said bussed in, right to Mexico so they could then cross the border. Ya know, it begs the question, I wonder who was providing the bussing? And then they were bussed right up into Red Republican States and dropped off, places like Georgia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas. Just check the NumbersUSA.com website for full details. If you’ve never gone to that website, you gotta go. It tracks all the records of this immigration, illegal immigration fiasco and gives all the details on how many and the whereabouts. It’s an amazing website, check it out.

and one final point of consideration…           

  1. illegal aliens are in fact… illegal. They are aptly called illegals, and that isn’t mean or uncaring or hateful or racist. It’s just quite simply, true. They have broken the law. They are not entitled to the same rights, privileges and immunities of an American citizen. It is not our job to import any and every person from anywhere in the world who wants to come here. And having a horrible family situation on your hands based upon the illicit indiscretion and activities of you or your parents does not then absolve you from the responsibility and circumstances of being an illegal resident of a sovereign nation. Look, stuff happens, and whether their fault or someone else’s, illegals are just that, illegal. That’s their circumstances at present, and no amount of politically correct admonitions from the Left can change the bare facts of reality.

Alright, if that’s the current debate or problem we are facing with illegal immigration, then what is the real, authentic position of each side, the liberals and the conservatives? When you boil it down to the basics, what are the raw, fully disclosed objectives in resolving this mess? Well, that’s upcoming, and we’ll talk about that in our next show as we continue with holding Republicans’ and Obama’s, and heck, everybody’s feet to the fire on the subject of amnesty.

But until the, let justice roll down like waters, America and righteousness like an ever flowing stream. Don’t believe the hype out there, and certainly don’t believe the President! He unjustly gave amnesty to millions and dealt a severe blow to constitutional government in this country. And Republicans, well they better get their act together and prepare to fight and fight hard to block the implementation of this absurd executive order, because this has become a very ugly situation indeed. A lot of people need some hotter feet down in DC right about now, so if that means the grassroots citizens need to make their voice heard loud and clear, well then, so be it. Speak up! And let’s hold their feet to the fire…

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