Ep. 11 Plan For Republicans, Part V: Militarize the Border [audio and text]

Ep. 11 Plan For Republicans, Part V: Militarize the Border [audio and text]

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For Democrats, amnesty is a party voter drive.  For Patriots, amnesty means another foreign invasion.  Maybe it’s time we build a fence…


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So here we go! Go big or go home, right? Well, this one’s gonna be heavy duty. Welcome to Feet To The Fire, the new voice of Conservative dissent.

We ended our last show with an overview of the details of the illegal immigration debate. In so doing, hopefully we cleared the air of some of the confusion caused by Obama’s deliberate distortions and politically-charged rhetoric. We called him out on the ridiculous speech he gave last week, and now we are ready for an honest examination of what both sides of this debate are really aiming for. A lot of emotional appeals out there are being made, but what is the root objective behind Obama’s gross executive overreach? And what is the logical, not emotional, but logical, reasoned, thoughtful resolution of this mess that Republican’s need to be standing for? What is, essentially, the conservative solution?

So let’s talk first about:

I. The Democrat Objective

Make no mistake, hard-core leftists and Emperor Obama do not care about the wellbeing of illegals or their families or keeping families together or looking after orphans. That’s all a façade, a sanctimonious display, a front to cover up the main objective of the LEFT, which is this. Here we go, the main objective of the LEFT, and that’s this: creating a massive Democrat voting block by granting amnesty to illegals.

That’s it, when it comes to immigration, the Democrat objective is simply getting more voters.

They want a consistent inflow into the country of a permanent underclass of illegals who are dependent on the government and who will then serve as an ever-expanding voter base to give liberals an advantage in elections. They see them as simply huge welfare recipient, and it’s really degrading. Amnesty is, and always has been, for the Democrat Party a massive nation-wide voter drive. That’s why they never have and never will agree to shut down the border and close it. Because that would cut off the perpetually flowing tide of new prospective Democrat voters, illegals who can be granted amnesty and eventually herded like animals onto the government dole and into the Democrat voter base. The only ones in this country exploiting Hispanics and illegal immigrants are Democrats, exploiting them for their votes and the political advantage they can supply. To the Democrats, Hispanic/Latino immigrants are merely red meat to be consumed and eaten up politically. And every time there is an immigration crisis of accumulating illegals, Liberals/Leftists are licking their chops. Now, this is also all besides the fact that hard-core leftists, socialists, and humanists, like Obama, actually resent and truly hate this country and want to see it torn down, want to see it’s traditions, it’s identity, it’s way of life, and it’s Christian heritage overthrown. And massive foreign invasion is a very peaceful, strategic and effective way to do just that, to transform America from the inside out. But back to illegal voter drives for the Democrats…

You might be saying this, “Wow man! That’s all a heavy indictment against the Democrat Party, can you prove that?” Well sure! History proves it! Just look to one of the greatest icons of the modern progressive movement, the late Ted Kennedy, Democrat Senator from Massachusetts, who has helped unmake this country. His horrible 1965 immigration bill ended 50 plus years of well-regulated immigration policy into the US and essentially opened the floodgates to the entire world, particularly Third World nations. That bill ended the quota system and the relatively low, controlled inflow of immigrants up to that point. Then in 1986, Republican President Ronald Reagan, who we affectionately call Ronaldus Magnus, he was unfortunately persuaded into signing the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration reform act. And that bill gave a massive wave of amnesty to approximately 3 million illegals, on the simple condition that the border would be, what?… secured! That’s how the Dems like Kennedy got Reagan to sign on… But guess what?!?!

Amnesty was granted, and yet border security on the southern border never came and still hasn’t. And immigration has increased exponentially ever since then so that we have even MORE illegals than we did back in the 80s. And what did Obama and the Democrats just propose all over again, nearly 30 years later?? Would you look at that! you guessed it, blanket amnesty once again, how convenient!! Lets add to that 3 million some 5 million more voters. That, as well as an invitation to the rest of the world to keep crossing the southern border because it’s looks pretty obvious to everyone else after over thirty years of this and a consistent policy of amnesty and subsequent citizenship that the political class in the US has absolutely NO intention of securing the border. Only allowing more and more migrants in and granting citizenship to hoards of people when the shrill outcry for reform starts to ring out loud enough again.

How about other examples of Dems trying to use illegals to create a voter base?

-Gov Jerry Brown of California, poster child for liberalism signed a bill last year allowing illegals to procure a valid driver’s license! Can you believe that?!? What country are we living in?!? Great, a photo ID for illegals, that’s an awesome idea: a fixed, documented way to avoid being discovered as undocumented. A that’s also one step closer to getting into a polling place during elections.

-also please note the liberals’ persistence nationwide in resisting voter ID requirements. That means requiring people to show proof of citizenship/registration at a polling place during elections. Proof of ID, I don’t know, say with something, like, oh I don’t know, maybe a driver’s license? Why in the world would you oppose that unless YOU WANT illegals sneaking into polling places and voting, for your candidates and party. Or in the case of California, not sneaking in but marching right in with a legit driver’s license. And so throughout the country in states and municipalities where these requirements exist, we’ve seen constant lawsuits and objections from the LEFT, screaming with ludicrous talking points and race bating like “that’s discrimination against minorities and the poor.”

-and the Democrats, the political class, they use all these nice sounding catch phrases to cover up what they’re actually doing; they say things like: we need to help people “come out of the shadows;” see how that plays on the victim theme? Listen, you can bet a whole lot of illegals aren’t coming out if it means having to start paying income tax. And if they can still get a drivers’ license in states like California even as an illegal resident, why in the world would they come out of the shadows? And if they can go vote without proof of citizenship, why come out? Liberals are making living in the shadows as comfortable as possible! And the reason illegals are in the shadows anyway is because they broke the law in the first place!

-then you hear this: “The system’s broken” – if I hear that one more time, my head is gonna blow off my neck! NO, there’s laws on the books already. The actual statutory immigration plan, the statutory immigration system is NOT broken. It’s just the laws aren’t being enforced, and so the enforcement of the statutes is what’s broken. We don’t need more laws, we need the laws that are on the books enforced. And the reason for no enforcement at the border and elsewhere is because enforcement would reign in illegal immigration and so it would impede the progress of the Democrats’ accumulation of more voters. Don’t you see? Don’t you get it! It’s so glaringly obvious what they’re trying to do! Their impediment to border security and immigration law enforcement is proof positive that they don’t want to slow the tidal wave of immigrants in any way shape or form.

The Democrats, listen, want this mess, and they want to keep granting amnesty. And the motives are purely political!  So in that sense, yes, perhaps the system’s broken, but not for the reason the Dems give. Not because people are living in the shadows. If it’s broken at all, it’s broken precisely because the BORDER’S BROKEN. And that’s because the Democrats never have and never will agree to shut it down. And even when they agree to, they’re lying and they don’t do it. Which leads to my final point, the true Republican objective on Immigration, the conservative position. This position is very clear and needs to be our single fight/goal on the issue… and here it is…


II. The Republican Objective – Shut DOWN THE BORDER!

SECURE IT, CLOSE IT! Shut it down. We need a fence from the mouth of the Rio Grande in Texas to the Baja Peninsula in California, or a thousand tanks along the same line, or 300,000 soldiers, or all of the above. Because as my brother commented, what’s more common sense than a wall, with guys on it. That’s a militarized border. That’s it! That’s all we want! That’s the Republican objective and has been since Reagan signed that bill back in ’86. And that’s why we keep getting snookered on this issue. Because our request is so simple. and we keep getting promised the ever-elusive secure border in exchange for some ridiculous concession like amnesty and yet the border security is never delivered even when the amnesty is, which is why compromise is never an option again on this issue, EVER. I’m sorry, but you can’t compromise with liars who don’t hold up their end of the bargain.

And to be sure, as an aside, no one on our side is advocating massive deportation! Did you hear me? No one on our side is advocating massive deportation, regardless of the picture that Obama paints in his ridiculous speeches. As I’ve said before, I’ve never heard that as a platform position from anyone. We’re just saying we are doing NO MORE on this issue, not a single other thing or step towards any reforms, until the laws we have in place already are strictly enforced and the border is militarized and secured. And if people complain that militarizing it costs too much, then take the money from where it’s being wasted elsewhere in our behemoth bureaucratic mess of a government and move it over to a giant border security budget – that simple!

And here is the thinking behind this position. Let me give you two basic political principles that are at play here:

  1. We are a sovereign nation.

We are a sovereign nation. And that means we have an edge. Okay, I’m sorry I’ve got to explain this, uh, it feels a little bit childish. But I guess we gotta sink down to this level to explain it to liberals and some of our moderate Republicans. Okay, listen. Being a sovereign nation means we have an edge. That’s what being a country means. A legal boundary that is agreed upon through international negotiations and treaty, which every nation in history has had and which needs to be respected. That’s what it means to be a nation. You’ve got boundaries. It’s a spot on the ground, our southern boundary, that says this, “Here’s Mexico, and here’s the US. Sorry, no can cross except through normal customs like an airport.” Now, that’s not mean.   It’s not racist, it’s not intolerant; for crying out loud, it’s natural, normal, requisite, determinative, implicit in the concept and condition of being a free and sovereign nation. And if people or nations (ahem, Mexico) won’t respect that, then we put military down there to enforce it, that simple. And build a giant fence. Miles and miles of a fence all along the entire edge. That’s actually one of my favorite ideas. It could be like a national monument. Find me any other planet on earth or in history that has peacefully abdicated its border authority and resigned itself to a constant incoming flow of unaccounted foreigners. There’s a word for that in history, invasion! And a quiet, peaceful invasion is what we are allowing in this country if we continue to leave the borders unattended. I reiterate: no other country on earth is expected to behave this way. Everybody else can have a secure edge, and you can find it in a grammar school kid’s geography book. France, Germany, all the Latin American countries, the list goes on and on. No one is demanding for the sake of tolerance that they neglect to defend and secure their borders. That would be an absolutely preposterous proposition to the rest of the world. And yet, with the USA, there’s a double standard, and we’re supposed to leave the borders wide open because, well, people just want to come here and it’s not fair to keep them out. And there’s that stupid liberal talking point about fairness again. Sometimes I feel like “not fair” is the only argument they can come up with.

Alright, the number 2 principle behind our demand for a secure border. So, number 1, we are a sovereign nation. Number 2…

  1. We are a nation of LAWS.

Laws that are binding over all men everywhere at all times and that find their origination in the supreme law of the land, the US Constitution: a formal, written code. This is unique to our experience and conception as a constitutional confederated republic. See, constitutional means government by LAW. And if you need to understand more about this, you have to listen to Feet To The Fire Episode number 04. That’s part of the America Defined Series, Part III, called Constitutional, Government By LAW. And honestly, doing that one was a favorite for me. So please, go on the website, check it out.

So all of our statutes proceed from this original construction, the US Constitution, and they find their authority and their substance in it. And for any law to be law it must remain binding and unyielding, blind and constraining over all people in all circumstances. This is the essence of justice and equality and liberty. Where there is no law, there is no justice, certainly no equity and subsequently, no liberty. Abolishing law leaves only anarchy and tyranny of the powerful few. To deny or suspend LAW would be to not only overturn our judicial system and undermine our very framework of constitutional jurisprudence, it would be completely un-American and antithetical to these founding principles of justice, equality and liberty. I’m sorry, but just because we feel bad for illegals, or because people have unfortunate circumstances, or because people come from poor countries, or their personal narrative pulls on our emotional heartstrings, doesn’t mean we can suspend immigration LAW and erase our boundary with Mexico. Or pretend that the consequences of illegally trespassing onto our soil can just disappear! Tat makes no reasonable, logical sense whatsoever, although it makes for good presidential speeches if you are trying to use propaganda to persuade your audience. For a nation to exist, preserve itself, sustain order and prosper, LAW must be upheld, immigration or otherwise.

The border is clearly delineated. Crossing it is illegal, and the just consequences for invading our national sovereignty must be justly executed and enforced.

And strangely enough, this is exactly what the state of Arizona tried to do and what the LEFT wholeheartedly resists and exactly why Obama brought a lawsuit against Arizona. You see, Arizona passed a law back in April of 2010 that essentially prescribed the same rigorous border security and enforcement stipulations of already-existing federal statute. And the reason why is quite simple. It was because of the prevailing and persistent problem throughout all the Border States. The federal govt. was not adequately supervising Arizona’s southern border with Mexico, nor was it enforcing it’s own federal border law; and by the way, it still isn’t. So naturally, the border situation kept getting worse for that state and it’s citizens. It was a safety issue obviously. And consistent with our construct as a confederation (confederation means divided government between the national and the several states), consistent with that system as a confederation, the Arizona state legislature did the perfectly legitimate, legal, constitutional act of securing it’s own border as a sovereign state and member of the Union. Simply put, they passed and started enforcing state statute consistent with federal statute on border security.

Well guess what, since Democrats don’t want border security because, as I said before, it will interrupt the flow of prospective welfare recipients and Democrat voters, Obama immediately sprung into action! He flagrantly resisted a member state’s constitutional prerogative to protect itself from external threats and filed suit against Arizona in order to overturn the new law. And wouldn’t you know, our activist Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obama’s dictator administration and decimated Arizona’s state sovereignty.

No matter, by the way, that the governor of Arizona who signed the bill was a woman. That’s right, Republican Jan Brewer. Now, that doesn’t constitute a war on women or anything like that from the LEFT, right? However, any time we conservatives disagree with liberal policy and women are involved, oh, sure that’s a WAR ON WOMEN! Man, what a double standard, they’ve got, huh? Where was the LEFT protecting the womanhood of Jan Brewer when she got pulled down in a lawsuit by Obama and the Supreme Court. Incredible.

So there you go, no security for decades from the federal government, and then even when states try to take matters in to their own hands to protect themselves, the liberal Statists in this country go out of their way to thwart their efforts. See, we can’t have that pesky nuisance of border security diminishing the ranks of liberal voters!

and all of this then leads to the final, pressing question…

What do we do with the illegals here once the border is secured? Well, leave that to the already existing statutes, the jurisdiction of the several states, the judicial system and the federal Congress to handle once the legal border is finally and fully secured and the bloodletting of immigrants INTO this country is stopped permanently. You can be sure there would be much legitimate deportation, Obama even allowed for that in his speech. You can be sure there would also be plenty of creative and lawful, legislative ways of administering amnesty and handling specialty cases that would avoid splitting up families or punishing children and orphans. There could be many legal scenarios offered of doing just that without further jeopardizing national security, without creating an economic imbalance of available jobs/wages, and without negatively influencing the election and voting process in this country. But don’t you see? All that is secondary and can be addressed/debated only AFTER the border is secured. Until then, such debates are irrelevant anyway because we cannot, we MUST NOT, agree to any of it until our nation is safe with a closed southern border. No such plans of action could be thought reasonable or effective with an unresolved open border crisis that is just going to put us back in the same predicament a few years down the road from now.

So Republicans, here’s the message: shame on you and stop worrying about getting Hispanic votes – you’re acting like Democrats! That’s all we’ve been hearing from the GOP on this issue lately. “Well, if you come down to hard against amnesty or don’t agree to some sort of “comprehensive immigration reform” – that’s another stupid buzz word, political speech we keep hearing from the talking heads and the ruling class that’s driving me NUTS!! What the heck does that mean, anyway, comprehensive immigration reform?! I’ll tell you what it means, it means let the liberal Democrats write the bill with support from moderate milk-toast Republicans, and then we all do whatever they tell us!

So back to the, uh, comments we keep hearing from the GOP, “If we don’t pass comprehensive immigration reform, well, you’re going to lose the Hispanic vote forever! And any future elections, most especially the upcoming 2016 presidential election, will be guaranteed losses for Republicans.”

Listen: worrying about elections, polling data, and whether or not a certain constituency or demographic is going to like you is a political game played by Democrats and Leftists and the Establishment. It’s not for conservatives because it’s not true leadership.

Is that how Abraham Lincoln thought when he emancipated the slaves? “Hmm, I wonder if this will make me unpopular or hinder my electability with white southerners?” Give me a break! He stood for what was right, literally, unto death. Is that how any other great leaders make decisions? Our Founder Fathers? Make decisions based on political expediency and polling data? Our new Republican majority needs to do the right thing, regardless of the outcome now or then. Right is right, no matter what the cost. Win or lose any future election, it doesn’t matter. When you are given the power and opportunity and responsibility to lead, then do it and do it well! Quit licking your finger and sticking it in the air to see which way the wind of popular opinion is blowing!

So then what strategies are left that can be employed now that Obama has already granted Executive Amnesty. Well as we’ve been saying over and over again, put up roadblocks! Republicans, you’ve got the power of the purse in Congress! Defund the implementation of Obama’s Executive amnesty so that it can’t be practically carried out. And go the distance with him even if it means further stagnation or shut down in Washington. It will be his fault, and that case needs to be made to the American people clearly if and when that happens. How about congressional reprimand against the president. That’s a little mild, but it’s a start. What about impeachment? Sure, that should definitely be on the table. Or file a lawsuit against the administration in federal court. And you know what? The states could challenge his amnesty order in any number of ways. How about this? Block any judicial nominations from Obama and interrupt any other initiative he or the Democrats bring up. There’s a million ways to fight back, so the Republicans need to be creative and stand their grand against this monstrous federal invasion of our civil liberties as Americans!

Well, that’s issue Number Two. Stay tuned for issue Number Three, the final specific policy position the GOP needs to uphold. All good things come in threes anyway, don’t they?

But until then, let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Don’t believe the hype out there! The liberals just want more voters: they want massive illegal immigrants turned welfare-dependent, Democrat foot soldiers. And the conservatives – well we just want a country that has borders on every side, preferably with some pretty Sherman tanks and shiny B-52 bombers on the southern end. And as for the Republicans, well, they need to listen up! They better not agree to anything less than securing our blessed countryside, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Keep contacting your representatives and demanding nothing less. And when you come across a bleeding-heart liberal or spineless moderate, don’t suffer their sentimental rhetoric. Hit them with facts! And a dose of reality. And let’s hold their feet to the fire…

{increase volume, sweet bluegrass music with backbeat because it’s good theme music for tea party patriots like the ones in Arizona who take better care of our house then croissant-munching dictators. Hats-off to our local border enforcement…}

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