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Glad the Republicans had some great gains!  Good job… Now that we got the congratulations out of the way, here’s reality.  They need to get to work and reform.  None of this compromise garbage.  You don’t compromise with folly.  Get the job done, GOP!  A bill repealing Obamacare from BOTH houses should be on the Emperor’s desk every day starting on day ONE in January.  Make him veto it a thousand times!

And did you see MacArthy, House Republican Majority Leader from California, dodge Megan Kelly’s question about repealing Obamacare on FOX NEWS last night? Pitiful, Kevin! What’s to dodge?!  Repeal the absurd bill!  You’ve got the votes now.

And lastly, if I hear one more talking head say “Move Forward” or “Get something done in Washington” or whatever other dumb platitude about MERELY getting something accomplished between Obama and the new GOP majority, I don’t know… my heads gonna blow off.  MOVING FORWARD means nothing if you’re moving legislative TRASH forward! Getting something done is worthless if the something is destroying our way of life, like robbing Americans’ free right to private health care, which is what Obamacare has done.  “Compromise” for the sake of compromise is ridiculous, certainly not a virtue.  Compromise is absolutely a horrible vice and political DISASTER if you are compromising with bad government and evil agendas.  So let’s cut that foolish talk.  Don’t listen to it when the pundits are saying that on cable news.  We don’t want stuff done just to say that we did it.  That makes NO sense anywhere else in life.  What we want is good government, righteous laws, and just judgments.  Other than that, close the doors of Congress and send them all home on a long vacation.  We don’t need more of what we’ve been getting from them.  We need reform.  So don’t believe the hype out there.  Speak up, and hold the new GOP majority’s feet to the fire!

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