Revised: Why Republicans, Trump Supporters & Pastors Need to Stop Apologizing for Charlottesville and Stop Piously Denouncing a False Leftist Construct Known As “Alt-Right”

Revised: Why Republicans, Trump Supporters & Pastors Need to Stop Apologizing for Charlottesville and Stop Piously Denouncing a False Leftist Construct Known As “Alt-Right”

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Good morning, all. Before we all post volatile, impassioned responses or start apologizing for the conservative right, let’s get the facts on the table:

1. Charlottesville was pre-orchestrated by the LEFT, for the Democrat Party.

This was a Democrat-run Riot, bought and paid for by the Liberal Left from start to finish. The death and carnage is their responsibility, not the supposed “alt-right.” The LEFT capitalizes on riots, violence, death, tragedy, civil turmoil, and racial strife for political purposes, to demonize the opposition and moralize its disparate cohorts of angry, immoral so-called “victims.” Charlottesville was organized by Leftist community organizers. Who? How about:
-Obama (continues to reside in DC and ran to a mic as soon as it happened), who has been active in community organizing and fundraising since he left the Oval Office
-Terry McAuliffe (VA governor, looking to run for president, also ran to a mic)
-multi-billionaire and Democrat donor George Soros (who pays for protesters to show up at airports, Trump rallies, and public assemblies around the world) and
-the Democrat local officials who granted the initial rally permit and then told the police to stand down and permitted two otherwise separated groups to intersect in public protest for the PURPOSE of exacerbating a riot, which then serves as political exploitation against Trump and the conservative right to accuse, defame and delegitimize. This whole incident is fake community organizing, well-constructed to direct the national dialogue against conservatism and Trump’s electoral victory by falsely associating racist nut-jobs with the Republican Party (a false assertion indeed). And anyone running to a mic (including conservative well-intentioned pastors) to apologize on behalf of the Republican party, the right, conservatives, or people who want to preserve American monuments (Confederate or otherwise), are playing right into it. As is anyone posting such sappy, apologetic nonsense. The Right didn’t do this, we have nothing to apologize for. And if you don’t believe me, please note that the organizer last Saturday for this supposed “Alt-Right” protest in Charlottesville in favor of Confederate monuments, Jason Kessler, was an Obama supporter and activist in Occupy Wall Street, a Leftist Democrat movement. Interesting, huh? Husbands, please check your info before you post rambling absurdities, and check your wives’ info before they go off posting half-cocked nonsense.

2. “Alt-Right” isn’t real and isn’t Republican or Conservative. And doesn’t need to be apologized for… because it isn’t real.

Supposed “Alt-Right” isn’t a part of the political Right and isn’t even an actual existential movement. It is a construction and terminology of Mainstream Leftist Media.
The Conservative Right is constituted around the principle of constitutional law, not racism or violent protests (that’s the Left). Lawless groups like Neo-Nazi’s, white supremacists, and the KKK are small in number, negligible in political influence and generally ignored, unwelcome in the Conservative or Republican movement, do not form the base of Trump’s coalition, were defeated in the Republican-led Civil War victory of the 1860s and Republican-led Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, relegated to the status of “silenced and useless” in American society and politics BY Republicans, and are thoroughly repudiated and rejected by Conservatives and always have been; and furthermore, they have more in common with Fascist Leftists who believe in civil disorder and centralized government control. The KKK was started by Democrats in the mid-19th Century as it’s terrorist arm against blacks (who Republicans freed), the same Democrat Party that has always been the party of violent, unruly protests. This Charlottesville incident was fomented between two groups in order to paint the image that Republicans are associated with Alt-Right. Not true, never has been. We don’t have wackos in our coalition, the Left does. There is no need to specifically defend ourselves against groups that have ZERO solidarity in our movement, zero power locally or nationally, and have nothing to do with us or the peaceful movement to keep American monuments and historical memorials, although Obama and his ilk would like to portray it thus in order to demonize his opposition and exploit political race wars for the accumulation of political power. He and his coalition are more Marxist than they are even civil rights activists.

3. Apologizing for Charlottesville needlessly incriminates an otherwise innocent Republican Party and her President, Donald Trump.

The Democrat Party Base IS Racist and it IS Violent Extremists. The Republican Base has never been nor will it ever be connected to Racist Violent Extremists. The Republican Party, the Political Right in America, Conservatives, Christians, Traditional Americans, Trump Supporters, have NO solidarity with racists or racists groups, including the KKK, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazi’s and the like, regardless of whether or not those groups claim such solidarity with us. It is abundantly clear both by history and the testimony of all mainstream Republicans that we reject and always have rejected those social, political outliers known as “supremacists.” Therefore, we have no reason to go out and repudiate them anymore than anyone else. As a matter of fact, the Democrats are more culpable and in need of repudiating these people since they started the KKK, and they’re activist groups are consistently strife-inducing, hateful and violent. We have a legacy of decrying, defeating and thwarting fringe wacko groups of misfits and racist outcasts; the Democrats have a legacy of creating and embracing them.

Consider these racist white supremacist groups repudiated by all us and by all Americans. To go out and do so specifically and intentionally based upon our identity as Republicans and some fabricated need to vindicate our now marred reputation presupposes that we had some relationship with these reprobates in the first place, but we did not and do not. It presupposes an inherent tendency towards racism within us by the very fact that we are Republicans and Trump supporters, as though all Republicans are racists and Trump’s base is necessarily a bunch of racists. Tripping over ourselves and our pulpits to say, “Not us, not me, they’re bad, they’re bad,” is a rather unseemly, misguided, false and erroneous admission; it is a tacit and dangerous and unfounded implication that we have some past association with creeps, which really confuses people and muddies the water. It is giving into the Media Narrative that presumes a deeper, past kindred spirit with wild, aberrant hate groups. I’m tired of it. It isn’t me, it isn’t us, it isn’t Republicans or Trump supporters, so stop apologizing for people we have nothing to do with. And I don’t care if these white supremacists CLAIM solidarity with us, the facts speak for themselves. They are an insignificant, useless, fringe segment of society that we don’t and have never welcomed, amounting to barely any sizeable portion in number of the voting populace worth noting. Furthermore, when you look at the total numbers by population, their accumulated count of adherents (with an even generous estimation) is less than insignificant, and consequentially their non-existent political power in a political arena where NO ONE listens to them nor takes them seriously doesn’t amount to a darn thing. Yet we are asked to apologize, and I ask, for what? And not so the Left, by the way; they are never asked to apologize for their hate groups, who do in fact have the affirmation and admiration and praise and listening ear of every Establishment media talking head and Democrat politician nationwide, as well as growing influence. These Leftist groups ARE a sizeable and growing portion of our society and the voting population, particularly in inner cities. The comparative power of white supremacist hate groups and Leftist hate groups is remarkable, with the former having negligible influence (if any) and the Left growing by leaps and bounds. And again, apologies are demanded of us, and misguided albeit well-intentioned conservatives and pastors acquiesce. The hypocrisy here is stark.

However, one may object: Wasn’t the rallying group called “Unite the Right”? Sure, but the radical protesters claiming to be part of the political right (when they clearly aren’t and we don’t welcome them and never have) and even calling themselves “unite the right” doesn’t make them authentically conservative or right-oriented anymore than abortion clinic bombers who claim the banner of Christianity makes them actually Christian. It is much like people associating with Christianity these crazy people doing things and then claiming the name of Christ. It doesn’t make it true, doesn’t make them authentic Christians, and I have no need to apologize for their stupid aberrant behavior as a Christian just because they coopted my name and used it to further their freak activity, like bombing abortion clinics. How often do we have to repudiate them before it starts to seem like we are quietly admitting that we had something to do with them and NOW we have seen the light and are FINALLY distancing ourselves? Of course that isn’t the case: real Christians have never had anything to do with radical abortion clinic bombers. Give me a break! They’re not Christian at all! They’re fringe, they’re repudiated, and no one on our side in the Church accepts them by any stretch. They defy core Christian values just as much as Nazi’s and KKK members defy core Republican and Conservative values. As a matter of fact, we loathe such mongrels who endeavor to give our side a bad name. A bomber’s claim to Christianity is just as bogus as the Unite the Right’s claim to Republicanism or Conservatism or mainstream Trump supporters. Any implication otherwise or suggestion that they are part of the actual conservative movement is ignorant and naïve at best and disingenuous demagoguery at worst. But keep on, as I said, tripping over yourself to exclaim, “That’s not us!” and you are giving into the initial stupid accusation that we ever had any association with such social outcasts.

So now let’s turn the tables. You know, It’s so funny, because if there’s any political party that makes it’s political progress based upon the solidarity of diverse racist and hateful cohorts who are violent, it’s not us… it’s the Democrats. How about changing the conversation and repudiating the consistently evil and ever-expanding influential activist groups on the LEFT who ARE associated directly with the Democrat Party, are mutually supportive of one another and are commended by the media and politicians alike as normative, justified, virtuous and legitimate, even though they are nothing more than extreme radical, murder-breathing ideologues? And they have found their home in the modern Democrat Party. Listen, folks, that’s the story. Racist extremists who falsely claim a right-wing, right-leaning ideology have absolutely no home in the Republican Party, and there is no evidence that they ever have. Their influence has never amounted to ANYTHING in the conservative-right movement. They are insignificant, politically barren, politically neutered in fact (by us, the Republicans), and completely rejected. They are political rejects. But truth be told, racist extremists who authentically claim a left-wing, left-leaning ideology have absolutely found thriving nourishment and solidarity in the Democrat Party, They aren’t rejects, they are the Democrat standard-bearers; they constitute the base of the Democrat Party, whereas Trump does not have (nor does has he ever wanted) any such base. They all have found a home in the Democrat Party; every violent reprobate, car-smashing, club-wielding, black-hooded, rock-throwing, vagina-hat wearing freak on the Left is welcomed with open arms by the Democrats. Not so by the Republicans, yet the Democrats never have to repudiate. They commend their freaks. We are expected to surrender political power and go hide in a shameful hole of lonely exile because of a handful of idiots that have nothing to do with us. C’mon folks, don’t believe the hype out there.

4. The LEFT is Fascist, the Right is not.

AntiFa (Anti-Fascist) is a fake term that cloaks the true Fascist Leftist agenda. It is the name given to the Leftist protesters, who are anything but anti-fascist and is another Media-Created name in order to give a presumed moral high-ground, a moral superiority to the otherwise ethically inferior Leftist protestors by hiding their true nature. The Conservative Right is the furthest thing from Fascism, since our principle is limited government by LAW via democratic representation, namely Constitutional Americanism. Fascism is centralized government control, same as Socialism but of a different style or vein, also known as Tyranny, lawlessness or… wait let me describe it more clearly…. Democrats, the LEFT. There, that clears it up. They are synonymous with Fascism.

Leftist protesters are more aptly named Alt-Left, but actually they are Mainstream Left and their agenda is pro-fascist through and through. The LEFT has more in common with Nazi’s than the Right. Nazi means National SOCIALIST Party, which is exactly what the Left is – socialist: centralized government control over every aspect of life, including and not limited to property, religion, health care, industry, energy production, political thought and commentary. The LEFT is the party of propaganda and riots. Trump and his coalition is not. The Establishment LEFT controls the media and the ruling class in America, the bureaucracy, and the levers of political power in this country, much like the Nazi’s did. Not Trump nor his coalition. That why he wants to drain that political swamp.
The LEFT burns cars and loots buildings in Paris, Chicago, Baltimore, and Charlottesville. The difference in Moscow is that their Marxist Utopia became a reality and gave the Leftists total control, so rather than looting like immature childish idiots, the Leftists actually can just crush and murder with reckless abandon any and all the opposition as they do in every other Leftist nightmare Regime around the world. The other word for this is: LAWLESSNESS, which is diametrically opposed to the Conservative Right, which is defined by LAW. That’s the difference, folks, paints a clearer picture between the right side (ours) and the wrong side (theirs) perhaps in more starkly biblical terms. God is a God of LAW. We believe in LAW. Black Lives Matter as well as Nazi’s and KKK believe in LAWLESSNESS, the political treasure chest and center-pin of the LEFT. Charlottesville was an orchestrated clash between two different sets of ignorant, angry people, but make no mistake: there is more solidarity between BLM and KKK and the LEFT than there is between Republicans and any white supremacist groups. That’s because BLM, KKK, and the like all have this in common with the Democrat Left: racism, violence, rioting, lawlessness, civil strife and an appeal to strict government control… ahem…. otherwise known as, Fascism. And the Democrats are the only ones, not Republicans, who every time and always, reap great political advantage from angry fools getting more angry at each other and breaking things. The Democrats LOVE race wars and racism; it’s their bread and butter for gaining votes and accruing power and political influence.

5. Leftist organizations (most notable Black Lives Matter and AntiFa) are terror groups with no equivalent on the political Right.

Black Lives Matter is a lethal terrorist organization, and the mainstream LEFT is emphatically violent, racist and lawless. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why anyone on the Right should “hear” or “listen to” the complaints of a racist, Marxist, murderous organization like BLM that is responsible for the death of 5 cops in a Dallas shooting, or the complaints of any of the other stupid Democrat organizations like Southern Poverty Law Center or PETA or their sundry pseudonyms that are merely a pretense for advancing Marxism and deconstructing traditional Christian America. (Where was Obama’s denouncement at the time of the cops’ murder in Dallas? Oops, he instead invited BLM to the White House, because it’s not about Blacks or civil peace or civil order or true justice or even civil rights; it’s a FAKE pretense for the Leftist agenda, folks, a pretense for accumulating power. That’s BLM, just like every other Democrat group.) “White Privilege” is not real; it’s a political term created by the Left to capitalize on racial strife by making one segment of our society guilty and acquiescent and another cohort victimized, angry and justified, based on nothing more than superficial skin color, which is only skin deep and useful only for political exploitation. Falsely asserted “white privilege” does not deserve a “conversation” in our public discourse or church meetings, and anyone that does so is participating in the civil disorder, moral decay and spiritual train-wreck of huge segments of our society, the very pillaging and destruction of souls by the kingdom of darkness. That kind of pious, sanctimonious sensitivity kills spiritually and is neither NICE nor LOVING; it only kills rather than exposing the truth, which is love, unto the salvation of souls (and the preservation of the civil society as a secondary bonus).

The Left is a conglomeration of punk activists, leftover from the segregated South and more notably the hippie movement of the 60s, complete with draft-card and flag burning anti-war protesters who run around naked, fornicating in small lakes and generally acting like idiots. Let me be more explicit: they are immoral, anarchist law-haters who are anti-traditionalism, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-law, anti-Constitution, and decidedly racist against white people. The Conservative Right is NOT racist against blacks or any other minority group; we don’t have an equivalent group of hate-mongering racist wackos on our side. Our principle is lawfulness, equity and civil rights, so we have no need to apologize for groups that have nothing to do with us that no one respects anyway, like Neo-Nazi’s or the KKK. In fact, this aforementioned guiding principle of Conservatism and Republicanism has been the same ever since Lincoln, the first Republican, freed the slaves and ever since the Republicans rebuilt Southern society despite the ever-present, still-continuing racist agenda of the Democrats. That racism inherent in the LEFT and the Democrat Party (explicitly illustrated in the post-Civil War Democrat Solid South where they continued with Jim Crow Laws, lynching and segregation right on into the 20th Century) has continued unabated since the mid-1800s through the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s (that they, the Democrats, resisted) and on until the present day, when Democrats (still racist) are simply using modern “civil rights” to exploit poor minorities for their votes in order to gain political power for the purpose of advancing a Leftist, Marxist, Christ-hating agenda. It’s Satanic folks; and don’t argue please, I’m right (politically, and in this short essay).

These are the SAME Democrat Leftists who attempted to murder Republicans at a baseball game, early summer 2017, and nearly killed the House Republican leader. Multiple cities are still burning and have been looted with loss to life, property, and the civil liberty of it’s citizens and police forces ever since Obama’s radical administration with all of his community activism that caused the rioting (remember Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.? His fingerprints are all over it.) They bus in rioters and pay them money to indiscriminately loot and pillage and burn. Same thing in Charlottesville. Never let a good race riot go to waste, especially if you can be the one to start it and enflame it, that’s the Democrat Party motto.

Interesting, the LEFT and it’s organizations, which are POWERFUL, INFLUENTIAL and VIOLENT, are all given public respect as fully-vindicated, peaceful protestors by Obama’s Whitehouse and by the Media in the national conversation (and by naive apologetic Republicans and pastors), despite their racist rage and outlandish, never-satisfied, illegal demands, while at the same time… the tiny, nonexistent, wacko white supremacists who are equally Leftist and Fascist and have ZERO solidarity in any political party (least of all the GOP) and are entirely discredited (and have been since their Democrat forefathers were routinely thwarted, squashed and routed both in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement by Republicans until they’ve been basically brushed out of existence, think KKK and Neo-Nazi’s), these minuscule wackos are in the meantime branded as mainstream, Republican and influential. Give me a break.

Why isn’t anyone climbing into their pulpits to denounce murderous Leftist groups as emanating from the pit of hell, like Black Lives Matter, AntiFa, ACLJ and the like, who promote death, baby-killing, hostility to spiritual and civil authority, and abject godlessness? Seems like their damning influence deserves equally condemning remarks from our pulpits, perhaps even more severe remarks, since their influence, pervasiveness and spiritually destructive force is exponentially greater by far than any imperceptible Nazi influence that doesn’t even register on the Richter scale. And yet everyone seems too cowed into fear and silence from actually doing it, from criticizing the Left. I guess it’s only trendy to decry Nazi’s (which all of us in civilized society have been doing since the 1930’s to the exclusion of Nazi’s and supremacists from every last square inch of the mainstream culture); and it’s equally trendy to leave the real, sizeable threat of racist Lefties (who, by the way, ARE coercing hoards of young people into the flaming pit), it’s equally trendy just to leave them alone and let their power and influence grow. The black community should be up in arms over our carelessness here, not thanking us for capitulating to media demands.

I think I’ve made some fair points. Husbands, as I said, please check foolish links that you or your family may be posting to ill-informed pastoral statements and sermons and other commentators and/or vapid observations/commentary that quite honestly are dangerous and unwise statements in this current political climate.

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Don’t believe the hype out there. The Alt-Right is non-existent, and any semblance of current white supremacist organization in the KKK or Neo-Nazi movement is powerless due to the Republican Party’s advancement on behalf of civil liberty and constitutional law over the course of many generations; such remote extremism has nothing to do with conservatives, Republicans, Trump, traditional America or Christianity. In fact, we the Republicans are the very ones that have relegated such deranged bigots to the ash heap of history. Unfortunately, the same CANNOT be said about the LEFT, who fosters, promotes and encourages racism and racist groups like BLM and the KKK for disgraceful political profiteering by fomenting violence in our streets and neighborhoods. The Left started this and is exploiting it. They are the ones who are divisive, defiant, factious, race-baiting violent insurrectionists in their everyday so-called “mainstream” political agenda, which is really anything BUT mainstream: they are radical, anti-American, foaming-at-the-mouth ideologues. Sadly, this is what constitutes their rank-and-file nowadays. The propensity for rioting is innate in the Democrat Party’s lifeblood, or at least cheering for it while they watch on TV.

Sorry, but I had to hold some Feet to the Fire. If you can agree, you’re helping strike the match, hold the torch and light the way. If you think this is a bit harsh, you’re succumbing to sissy-syndrome and care more about “niceness” rather than love and truth, which are one-in-the-same and a higher calling indeed. So, man up… before I do another post on “sissiness” and hold your feet to the fire.


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