Ep. 15, Top 12 Misconceptions About Brown/Ferguson and Garner/NY: #1-6, This Isn’t About Civil Rights [audio and text]

Ep. 15, Top 12 Misconceptions About Brown/Ferguson and Garner/NY: #1-6, This Isn’t About Civil Rights [audio and text]

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Both of these events were terrible tragedies, but is it all racist brutality that led to death here?  Not so sure we can trust the spin we’re getting from the Media and the LEFT…

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So I hate to follow the prevailing media narrative and get my show material from their manipulation of the national conversation, but when information and opinions and commentary mounts to such a shrill level, it becomes necessary to address the elephant in the room and bring some clarity. And actually, I received an email from a friend asking my opinion on the issue, so I thought, “Well, I guess it has to be addressed.” And that issue is the recent media frenzy over some local police force altercations that ended fatally, specifically the cases of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. And those were obviously tragic situations indeed. And you’ll notice I didn’t say the recent civil rights debate going on because, well, it isn’t a civil rights issue at all, and that’s really the crux of the problem.

Welcome to Feet To The Fire – the new voice of Conservative dissent!  And today we will be holding the media’s feet to the fire for the absolutely horrible and ridiculous job they’ve done in covering the Ferguson riots and Garner arrest that have been all over the news. And we’ll throw Obama in their, too, and Eric Holder, the Attorney General, because… we have an obsession with criticizing them?!? No, not at all! Only because they have an obsession with injecting themselves right into the middle of local police issues that have nothing to do with the federal government or the executive office of the presidency. It’s so degrading to the office. But that’s these guys, good leftists, never let an opportunity go to waste. And that’s exactly what community organizers do, exploit situations and people for political power.

And the problem is, unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see this for what it is. Which is why we’re here – to challenge the status quo, the liberal media talking points – and bring a fresh perspective, to shed some light on the issues and bring reality to bear down upon the knuckleheads out there peddling worthless journalism as the truth. In addressing this, I’m not out to get into all the details of what happened or solve the mysteries of any video, or critique the grand jury reports, both of which vindicated both police officers by the way. And the reason why is because you have enough talking heads in media doing all that already. And also because I can’t collect all the facts perfectly. Nor can anyone else. I only want to bring up some valid points that can help debunk some of the media hype that is spinning this into racial war. So here it is:

The Top 12 Misconceptions About The Arrests of Brown and Garner. Alright, we’ll do the first six here.

1.  This Is A Civil Rights Issue.

Oka y, that’s the first misconception, that this is a civil rights issue. It’s not at all. All the reporting on race is media hype and political coercion from the Establishment, not at all the façade of a civil rights storm that the talking heads are so desperately trying to turn this into. This is classic propaganda from media and political machines, classic community organizer race-baiting and rabble-rousing intended to effectuate mounting social unrest, social upheaval that will serve as a springboard to further their liberal agenda. This is community organizers, like our chief executive, nothing more than community organizers stirring up the crowds, the fickle masses, just like in a poorly written Shakespearean play. Get ‘em all stirred up and burning local shops and then we can step in and save the day and implement aggressive social change – because – well, as we all know, traditional, free, Christian America – that thing, that evil monster that has oppressed the earth for centuries now; that imperialistic, racist, misogynistic, intolerant, colonial power that still hates blacks and that has exploited the poor of the earth and forced it’s bigoted western system on helpless victims; that rich, powerful, militarized, war-mongering fascist nation run by white, male, Anglo-Saxon Protestants who constitute the most heinous creature on the earth – well, that America has gotta go, has gotta end as we know it, has to pay and pay big for it’s atrocities, needs to be taught a lesson, needs to repent from it’s hateful Christian roots, needs to be brought down a few pegs, and needs to be transformed from it’s present oppressive state into a socialist utopia that finally gets its comeuppance and submits to a severely reduced status on the world’s stage. And with that, folks, you have the motivating perspective and attitude that is the force behind Obama and every socialist liberal elitist like him. Hate America first! That’s all this is about, not civil rights. Rouse the citizenry to bring down the existing system, and if you have to exploit the very tragic demise of two black Americans to do it, well, so be it. That’s what the Liberals say and that’s what the Liberals do. Okay, so Number 1, this is not a civil rights issue. Alright, second misconception is this.

2.  The Media And The Political Left Are Reporting The Facts.

No, they aren’t! They are using propaganda to advance a radical leftist agenda. Let’s look at some examples.

They called Michael Brown, the gentleman who died in Ferguson, they called him the Gentle Giant. But in actuality, this was a guy robbing a convenient store. Here’s his story: he was robbing a convenient store, which is what precipitated the incident with police. He assaulted a store worker and stole small cigars that are generally used for smoking marijuana, which, by the way, was in his system at the time of the altercation.

Next, we’ve heard this theme peddled beyond the news, from NFL players to representatives in the Congressional Black Caucus – that Brown pleaded with “Hands up, don’t shoot!” – that’s the, the theme, the banner theme you’ve been hearing from the LEFT lately. Matter of fact, one of the NFL teams, the St. Louis Rams went onto the field, some of the players Showing that motion with their hands as their mantra, “Hand up, don’t shoot!”   And that’s how the Congressional Black Caucus went into the floors of Congress one day a couple weeks ago. And they use this mantra as though Officer Wilson shot a casual black youth in cold blood who was begging for mercy. The autopsy shows Brown’s hands could not have been extended up when the bullets hit. And further evidence corroborates the officer’s testimony that in fact, the Gentle Giant got physically aggressive, attempted forced entry into Wilson’s police car and tried to grab his gun and then later charged him in the road, which is why the cop ended up defending himself. So much for the eyewitnesses that Brown was surrendering. He was running at the officer who asked him and warned him to stop. But sadly, Brown wasn’t surrendering, he was resisting arrest, and in such a way as to threaten the cop’s own life. A lot different that Obama’s description that police officers target innocent civilians simply for “walking while black.” That’s what Obama said. Listen to that rhetoric, smearing the good reputation of police all over the country.

And so the Feds are working to advance the same narrative. They are not just the neutral observers or source for help that they should be in a local police incident. They are using similar rhetoric to twist the story. And they are actually sending their spin to classrooms everywhere across America! Enter President Obama, who ran meetings at the White House last Monday to investigate police force public relations with the grandiose conclusion that schools throughout the country should receive instructions on how to bring Michael Brown’s story into the curriculum, including constructing classroom memorials for him.

The thing is, facts don’t matter to the LEFT. Even though the grand juries, with mountains of evidence, did not indict these cops, the LEFT decides it could only have been police brutality and a corrupt justice system. Because what matters is the lie, the talking point, the fuel for race war: “these guys were murdered by racist white cops who were profiling and stereotyping young black men.” See, you need to use all those key buzz words to sustain the narrative of unresolved, institutionalized racism in this country

And the LEFT does not respect the law or the justice system. What did the country do when OJ was acquitted, which was a joke of a trial? Americans moved on with life, the accepted the verdict. No riots were to be found.

The fact is, in these two cases, the motivation for the grand juries to issue an indictment was strong because of the very real and open threat of riot. And the lack of any indictment means the compounding evidence was unarguably in favor of the cops.

This a repeat of the Trayvon Martin case from years back when Obama said that that the young man looked liked his son. In that incident, they called George Zimmerman a White Hispanic so they could make sure it was a racial incident between a white and a black. Facts didn’t matter then, only the rhetoric of racial profiling and alleged cold-blooded murder. Listen, if George Zimmerman was a white Hispanic because his father was white and his mother was Hispanic, then what does that make Obama since his mother was white and his dad was Kenyan? This is all a political game, a political show. Alright, number 3, here’s the next misconception.

3.  Brown And Garner Were Innocent Victims.

The main fact that is conveniently left out of the narrative and the main catalyst of the physical altercations was this: both men were resisting arrest. Neither one was compliant with police orders. And the reason the police showed up to begin with in either situation was because both men were violating the law. None of that constitutes victimization from racist cops. We already saw the general details of Michael Brown’s crime in Ferguson.

Unfortunately, in Eric Garner’s case, his crime was much less offensive: selling black market cigarettes. But thanks to excessive government overreach and leftist policy in New York, he was made into a criminal. So if anything, Garner was in one respect a targeted victim of liberalism. You see, cigarettes are taxed VERY heavily in New York, highest in the country as a matter of fact. That’s because as much as liberals say they hate evil Big Tobacco, to the power-obsessed liberal mind, cigarettes and tobacco products stand as a huge cash-cow revenue source for the state if you tax them. And so that’s what New York does. Except, as you’d expect in an extreme blue Democrat state like New York, liberals don’t like when their tax dollars aren’t coming in and people are evading the confiscatory tax policy by buying and selling black market contraband – smuggled cigarettes from other states – out on the streets. So what did liberal Mayor Bloomberg do? Of course, press the NYPD to crack down on illegal cigarette sales in the City with tougher policy. And that is exactly what Eric Garner was doing, selling smuggled “loosies,” single cigarettes, for extra income. Some local shop owners called the cops and complained about him, and, in compliance with liberal marching orders and while much more severe crimes were being committed elsewhere, the police were diverted from important law enforcement to show up and confront a black market cigarette salesman. So while Garner was violating the law, what he was really violating was stupid tax policy enforced to an extreme point by liberal politicians. And you want another reason for ratcheted up enforcement under liberal administration in New York? What do you think they do with all the confiscated black market cigarettes that the police confiscate from so-called criminals? Resells them, to fill more of the states’ treasury. Unbelievable. A guy gets criminalized by liberals, liberals send cops to collect their precious tobacco revenue, the scene gets ugly when the guy is non-compliant, and then the liberals blame the white cop for racially motivated murder, and then they encourage riots and demonstrations. This is the result of their foolish politics. Alright, 4th misconception.

4.  The Cops’ Responses Were Racially Motivated.

Officer Darren Wilson was protecting himself from Michael Brown who was charging him. As we’ve said before, Brown refused to stop at the officer’s directive and was going for the officer’s gun. We’re assuming why he would want the gun, to kill him. So, Wilson was clearly protecting himself.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo in New York City acted with a plurality of other officers to take down a very large man, Eric Garner, who was again resisting arrest. And he acted, get this, under the supervision of a female black sergeant who was on the scene and oversaw the arrest. And she did not interrupt the process. And she was noted in a police report saying that the perpetrator’s condition did not seem serious and did not seem to be worsening. And the order given to the police to arrest Garner came from, here it is: a black precinct chief. Seriously? Racist police brutality? I don’t think so. Alright, 5th Misconception.

5.  Racist Police Brutality Is The Normal Operations Of Local Law Enforcement In This Country.

That’s slanderous and a lie. How many misdemeanor arrests in NYC last year ended in death? Let’s see, in 2013, NYC had 228,00 misdemeanor arrests on the books, which is what Eric Garner’s arrest was, and not one ended the way this one did. No deaths. That doesn’t indicate a trend in police brutality. But that also doesn’t fit the liberal narrative that cops are out of control and constantly using racially motivated excessive force. Garner resisted arrest, that’s the whole point, that’s the only difference in this case, not skin color.

And concerning the so-called “choke hold,” which is prohibited by the NYPD. The argument can be made that Officer Pantaleo was in fact using a submission hold that cops administer intending to physically subdue someone who is resisting, and that is not prohibited by the police department in NY. Experts say Garner didn’t die by asphyxiation and the autopsy showed no damage to windpipe or neck bones. This guy had major health issues, like asthma, diabetes, and heart disease among other things, that were triggered by his prone position on the ground and the physical stress of being held down by the cops, which was also included in the autopsy report. Look, this is a terrible tragedy and horrible ending to a simple misdemeanor arrest, but to turn it into trumped up charges of racist manslaughter is preposterous, especially since plenty of witnesses were standing around as well as other cops who were involved. And no one intervened or seemed concerned that the situation had turned fatal. 6th Misconception.

6.  The Riots In Ferguson Are Race Riots.

The riots in Ferguson are not really black civil rights protests. It’s just wild people acting wickedly, regardless of skin color, just people looting, rioting, pillaging, individuals whipped up into a violent frenzy. It’s an excuse to get angry and steal and pillage. An athlete who was being interviewed on CNN actually said it right, an African American athlete, when he noted, this isn’t, he said, a skin issue, it’s a sin issue. And as soon as he starting talking about Jesus as the solution, they snowed out his screen. Interesting timing. You gotta watch the YouTube on that, it’s completely ridiculous. But lets look at the details:

The rioters destroyed the little cake business of a black woman who had saved up everything for her shop. Most businesses damaged or destroyed in the Ferguson riots were minority owned. And moments after the verdict, people were raiding liquor stores and stealing alcohol, give me a break! They may say they are doing it to protest on behalf of blacks, but ultimately it’s nothing more sophisticated than angry mobs. They could be black, white, Asian, doesn’t matter. Their motives no more justify it than any other group of civil anarchists. That’s what we’ve seen in the aftermath of these grand jury decisions: good old-fashioned anarchy, regardless of race.

Alright, that’s all we’ll get to for now. So more misconceptions upcoming, you gotta check out the next program.

But until then, let Justice roll down like waters, America, and Righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Don’t believe the hype out there, especially the media hype in these cases! It’s all spin. The fact is two men tragically died, and that’s horrible, and we’re saddened by it. But it had nothing to do with racist cops out for a kill. We need to reject this preposterous defamation of our local law enforcement and the incendiary behavior of rioting that has precipitated through this whole mess. Reason, intellect and justice need to win out here, not unbridled passions and political rhetoric. So when you here the spin, speak up and dispel all the misconceptions. The Establishment is creating a lot of confusion, which is why we need to hold their feet to the fire…

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