Ep. 38  Freedom Coalition: Powerhouse Women, A Call To Pastors, and Why We All Hate Sarah Palin! [audio/text]

Ep. 38 Freedom Coalition: Powerhouse Women, A Call To Pastors, and Why We All Hate Sarah Palin! [audio/text]

Conservatism Comments Off on Ep. 38 Freedom Coalition: Powerhouse Women, A Call To Pastors, and Why We All Hate Sarah Palin! [audio/text]

Ever wonder why so many uninformed voters have such an easy time being disgusted with the Tea Party? Why are so many Republicans even willing to distance themselves? Are you yourself not convinced yet? The media has spun it well on this one. But the Tea Party is bigger than party politics. It’s a movement: conservatism is here to stay, and Christians would do well to know the leaders and get behind them.  There are a few more heroes left to meet!…

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So I’ve done a few previous episodes now on the Tea Party, with the Republican primary race in full swing, and if you haven’t yet listened to those, you really ought to check them out. The goal was to get people to understand what the Tea Party actually is, that it’s really good for America, great as a matter of fact; it is THE voice for us conservatives in the Republican party, and it’s the authentic grassroots movement of conservatism in the country right now. But in spite of all of that, some may yet remain unconvinced, which leads to the purpose of today’s program. And as I move into the content, I’m warning you, you must fight the urge to shut off the audio in protest and frustration; ignore the impulse to disagree, shut me up, turn off the show, and bury your head back into the sand. Because it’s going to get uncomfortably disagreeable and controversial in just a moment. And no matter how much you think I may be wrong here, I’m not, and you need to give it a listen. And you should heartily resist the way you’ve already been trained to think by the media.

You see, if you’re still hating on the Tea Party and remain unconvinced, I know why. It’s because of the one stumbling block you can’t get past that you may not even realize. It’s because of a single name that represents the Tea Party in most people’s minds, a name that has been dragged through the mud perhaps more than any other, a name we’ve essentially been trained to hate by incessant degrading media coverage. This is the one individual that the Left has hammered from day one to ruin, malign and mercilessly annihilate in the hopes of eventually wiping out the entire movement because she epitomizes the Tea Party. And that’s… Sarah Palin. I know, some of you just squirmed so uncontrollably that you almost passed out. But the fact is, I say this with all gentleness, you’re wrong. Let me say it again: you’re wrong about Sarah Palin, and no matter how conservative you think you are, if you think she’s an idiot or enjoying hating her or find her irritating, then you, like most others after the 2008 presidential race, have bought into a perfectly spun false media narrative about a strong conservative woman in American politics; you’re fallen for the lie. You’ve been duped, and you, unfortunately, believed the hype, of which I constantly warn you not too, if you’ve been listening to my show. Sarah is someone they hated from the very beginning and set out to destroy, and you have bought into the media lie and have fallen for it. You’ve got a little liberal thinking polluting your mind, sorry to say. And you gotta lose it. And the good news is, I’m here to help fix that.

You’re wrong about Palin. She’s great, she’s proven, she’s been great and she’s still great. She’s the real deal, no matter how much people deny it or buy into the phony, false, slanderous, defamatory reputation that the media and the Democrats impugned onto this poor woman. They trashed her reputation at the outset; and since, in the minds of many, she was the first national figure of Tea Party politics, the reputation of the Tea Party was in many ways trashed with her. People hate the Tea Party because they hate Sarah Palin. But it was completely ungrounded and false, simply demagoguery and old-fashioned dirty, mud-slinging politics. And the whole point in the end was merely to discredit the Tea Party, the movement for which she had become essentially the titular figurehead through no fault of her own; not by choice, but it defaulted it to her because of the times and circumstances of her rise in national politics, which I’m about to get to so you can understand this better. But I interrupt myself here just to clarify – that’s why I’m bringing this all up about Palin. It’s not so much about defending one person in and of itself or having an obsession with vindicating Sarah Palin; but it’s about defending the ideas and values she represents and the political movement that gave her momentum, the movement she represents, a movement that the LEFT made it their ambition to destroy when they tried to destroy her. And by the way, it hasn’t stopped with Palin. The Democrat LEFT has kept it up with every Tea Party leader since and after her. Ted Cruz, perfect example, who as I’ve mentioned before, orchestrated the government shutdown over ObamaCare in 2013, same thing – oh, he’s a nut, wacko, maniacal politician voted in by extremist Republican-party sympathizers. He’s inflexible, polarizing – same things they accuse all our guys of; and then everyone, including people on our side unfortunately, buy into it. Can’t tell you how many so-called Republicans and conservatives and Christians I run into, it’s SO frustrating – they’re all like gung-ho Republican, and then I mention Tea Party or a Tea Party leader like Scott Walker, and then all of sudden their face gets squeamish or they say, “Oh I don’t know, I don’t think he can win; too extreme, that guys an idiot, I can’t get into the Tea Party yet, not sure about that guy;” the same old constant clap-trap from uninformed people who have not discerned properly through the refuse of propaganda constantly spewed out by a biased, left-wing national media. Todd Akins from Missouri, Joe Miller from Alaska, Ken Cucinelli in Virginia: the list goes on and on; and the reason “Tea Party” has come to mean extreme, radical, right-wing, backwoods, lunatic, fringe cook is not because that’s true at all but because that’s how the LEFT has painted every Tea Party candidate in the national media ever since Sarah Palin first hit the scene.

And you’re still probably thinking I can’t believe you mentioned Sarah Palin, I can’t believe you went to that… Of course I did! Of course I mentioned her. Because I’m tired of it: liberals and Democrats and the media devouring our own people, our own guys and girls, and then we say nothing about it and it goes unanswered because we’re too embarrassed or we cower in fear. Man up! And let’s respond to these people and not take their presumptive criticism as obviously self-evident, as some forgone conclusion that we can’t or shouldn’t give a rebuttal to. Why do they get to do that? Why do they get to take one of our people and make her look like a complete fool, and we just have to shut up and be quiet about it and accept it?

So back to Palin: this mud-slinging at her initially erupted all because Palin was a no-nonsense Conservative and a woman who wasn’t buying into the LEFT’s political narrative that every woman with an ounce of self-worth must be a card-carrying feminist that pays homage to the Democrat party. The greatest threat to the LEFT is conservative women and conservative minorities. That’s because it’s very hard for Democrats to maintain legitimate grievance politics for women when a conservative women stands up and says, “I’m conservative and I’m not a victim and I’m a confident female.” And it’s even worse when she’s attractive! That makes them even angrier! That kind of strong femininity undercuts the entire platform the LEFT is trying to maintain about the victimization of women and minorities; the same holds true of black conservatives, just like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who they tried to impugn way back when during his confirmation hearings in the 90s. They did it to Herman Cain, black presidential candidate in the Republican primary in 2012, and that’s what they do to any minority or female voice that promotes conservatism and doesn’t fit into their mold of angry liberal Democrat. Michelle Bachmann, Allan West from Florida, Christine O’Donnell, again, the list is endless. How about Mia Love from Utah? Fantastic conservative, she was the Tea Party favorite from her district in 2014. As a matter of fact, Mia Love is the first black female to ever serve in the U.S. Congress and she’s a conservative Republican; doesn’t that count for anything?!? But no, they trash her to. And they’ll even go so far as to call black conservatives Uncle Toms; it’s so degrading. So Sarah Palin was a lethal threat to their social grievance playbook from day one. And so the LEFT loved and still loves to hate Sarah Pain.

And remember, Palin was selected as the conservative candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential ticket to join moderate John McCain; he was a horrible choice for sure. She was the only good thing about that ticket. 2008 was the hotly contested, historic election against the first-ever black candidate running on the Democrat ticket, Barak Obama. And it was also a landmark election year because the country was in an upheaval over hating Bush (unwarranted I might add) and Obama was pushing this “hope and change” and radical plan for transforming America. This was a campaign driven by the most radical Leftist candidate we had ever scene in American politics. It was divisive and ugly and partisan, and the Democrats had to go all in, guns blazing, to destroy the opposition. Sarah became the one with the target on her back because she stood as the stark conservative contrast to Obama-mania, even more so than McCain did. And when it was all over, and the conservative resistance movement took on more force after Obama started his first term, Sarah became the natural voice for that movement, now known as the Tea Party. But the damage had been done to her, and, just as the LEFT was hoping, damage was likewise done to the grassroots movement that she came to represent. And unfortunately, in many ways, in the minds of low-information voters, a great deal of damage had in fact been done. A lot of people unwittingly fell for this portrayal of Sarah and the broader Tea Party movement.

If the tea party has become the modern face of American conservatism, then Sarah Palin has been the face of the Tea Party and continues as such.  As an example, she helped spearhead the Tea Party Express bus tour across the country to campaign for conservative candidates over the last few years. And since the Left has wanted to kill the Tea Party since its inception in 2010, that meant they had to kill Palin. In their minds, bringing Sarah Palin into disrepute meant disqualifying the Tea Party as any viable or reputable political movement because she represented it. Destroying the Tea Party meant destroying her, which they nearly accomplished. Now the movement certainly is bigger than any one person, and that’s why it has survived nonetheless, and in many ways is stronger than ever. But in the meantime, a great conservative leader, a woman no less, was dragged through the mud and nearly obliterated. And we can’t allow the media to be successful in their spin against conservatives like Palin because in the end, their goal is to discredit the entire movement simply by discrediting it’s spokesmen. If we accept their constantly repeated premise that this or that conservative leader is an idiot or a bigot or a fanatic (and believe me, that’s all it is: merely a presumption of idiocy grounded in nothing except their unbridled hatred of conservatives) – if we except this premise of conservative stupidity, we end up helping advance the Left’s agenda, which is to undermine and discredit conservatism altogether. And so now with Sarah, unfortunately, it’s a foregone conclusion, even among Republicans and Christians: Sarah Palin’s an idiot. And I’m here to tell you that just isn’t true, and if you fall for that line of thinking, you are playing right into the Left’s hand and succumbing just like everyone else to their endlessly repeated narrative about dumb conservatives. That conservatives are idiots and backwards and old-fashioned and need to be silenced because they are ruining the country, and they need to be dumped overboard or the Republican Party will never win another election. Quit listening to them when they trash our guys and girls and stop believing the hype. Conservatives like Palin aren’t idiots. I repeat, stop accepting the media spin and their false premise when they start attacking our guys, you are only helping their cause. All they do is just keep trashing our guys. Understand, Liberals would trash their own grandmother, call their own grandmother an idiot or worse, if it means maligning and undercutting a conservative spokesperson and disenfranchising the broader conservative base. It’s a game they play, so stop buying into it.

And I have a question: Where was their feminist advocacy for women’s rights and women’s equality when the media was turning this woman Palin into mincemeat just for being a strong Conservative voice? She was and is everything they hate. Conservative, Christian, proudly feminine, articulate, unflinching. And she came out of the gates as an unapologetic Tea Partier, successful governor of Alaska. And Sarah herself, believe it or not, is responsible for some of our greatest Tea Party slogans. Perfectly example, “Drill, baby, drill!” regarding the best conservative plan for energy production and energy independence for America (I couldn’t agree more with her). She’s the one who coined the phrase “death panel,” and rightly so, regarding the board of bureaucrats who will manage the country’s socialist health care system under ObamCare. You see, ObamaCare set up what’s known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a bunch of government nubs who will decide who gets government health care and who doesn’t; in other words, unelected officials deciding who lives and who dies; exactly what Sarah said it is, death panels. Right she was, as usual. She also just appeared back in September at the Anti -Iran Nuclear Deal Rally in Washington, D.C. along with presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and a host of other conservative leaders like Mark Levin. Here’s an excerpt of the speech she gave:

Okay, of course Obama’s deal is insane to anyone but Iranian regime sympathizers. It’s betrayal of U.S. hostages. [That includes Pastor Saeed by the way]. He left them behind. It’s betrayal of America. He has strengthened our enemy. The whole premise of this thing.. it’s wrong!

We’re negotiating with the braggadocious, number one state sponsor of terrorism? Obama never even clenched a fist against a wicked regime where anti-semitism and holocaust denial is official ideology. And with state sanctioned torture and killing of women just because they’re women? Well stoning, amputation.. those things that are just national policy.

That’s Palin, she’s still fighting on the front lines of conservatism and hasn’t backed down, thankfully, despite all the attacks. She’s got guts, and they hate it, but that’s Tea Party, and when they hate something that strong, that violently, it’s a pretty good indicator that it’s exactly the thing we need to get behind. Sorry folks, don’t believe the hype out there. Did I say that yet? Sarah Palin is still the real deal. As I said, she was the only good thing about John McCain’s candidacy for president. And if she had one transgression, it was that she was outspokenly and unapologetically… conservative.

My point in all this is that: this is what the Tea Party produces, this is who the Tea Party is, these are the candidates, Tea Party candidates, these are the ones who are deliberately advocating for Christians and Christian values, overtly and unabashedly, and that is every reason to identify with the Tea Party as the movement of conservative reform and traditional, biblical values in American politics. Christian candidates are Tea Party candidates, that’s where our people go to run for office. Cruz is making Christianity the central platform of his candidacy, for crying out loud, his identifying campaign slogan essentially. That is unheard of, and that’s because he’s a Tea Party radical. Gotta love it! Buck the system, baby!

Ever hear of Michele Bachmann? Absolute political hero. Another female conservative they went after, a Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota. One of my favorites as a matter of fact. And she without a doubt is a bold Christian, a staunch believer. That I know firsthand because I personally watched her get on her knees and pray on a small stage at a Pastor’s Conference in Washington, D.C., right in the Capitol building, the very building where Congress meets. That’s right, you heard me, on her knees.   Prayed for the country and the pastors and our leadership. Unbelievable to see a sitting Congresswoman do that. It was like watching my church pastor’s wife up there. You getting this? You still not sure about the Tea Party? Let’s go folks, wake up! This is the kind of people that the Tea Party is giving us, it’s like having pastors and pastors wives running for office.

Bachmann came into Congress just before the tea party wave and also later ran in the Republican primary presidential race in 2012 – a staple in the Tea Party coalition. Yet how many Christians even know her or her efforts in Congress? And obviously the media and the Democrats shamefully tried to annihilate her, too. When the new Republican Congress took over after the first Tea party wave in 2010, Bachmann was actually bold enough along with some other congressmen to demand that the entire Constitution be read on the floor of Congress. YEAH! Who doesn’t love that?!? And then she spearheaded classes on constitutional law for the incoming freshmen class of representatives so they could better understand and implement conservative government. It was fantastic, and the left went absolutely nuts.

And this is all besides the fact that aside from being a Congresswomen, Michelle Bachmann is a mother of five… and 23 foster children. That’s right, you heard me. 23 foster kids. Unreal. So conservative leader as well as Christian mother and caretaker of underprivileged children. This is almost superhero status, I must say. Listen to this, she was quoting saying this in 2008, “”Every weekend now when I go home, [meaning home from Congress] I will go to the grocery store, I’ll buy food for the family,” she said. “We have five kids and 23 foster kids that we raise. So I go to the grocery store and buy a lot of food.” Feeding orphans, changing the country. C’mon people. That’s the Tea Party. And we’re afraid to mention it in church, might offend. Get real!

Christians and conservatives need not be ashamed of proudly brandishing the badge of Tea Party and calling themselves that and calling Christians to vote for that. Pastors need not be ashamed of supporting the Tea Party cause out of fear that it’s just too volatile an identification, too divisive as a political movement. They need not avoid being publicly outspoken in their endorsement of it, even from their very church pulpits. Did you hear me? From the pulpit. I mean, it’s about time pastors actually start getting vocal about endorsing the right political platforms and candidates and pastors themselves need to be encouraged to do that. This conservative Tea Party voice IS the strongest voice out their fighting to protect these very pastors and churches and their congregations from being silenced and having their religious liberty completely wiped out by the government. Tea Party is the strongest voice fighting to protect pastors who may soon be threatened with imprisonment for preaching the Word if we lose the current political battle. Tea Party is pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-limited government, pro-religious freedom, pro-property rights, pro-everything righteous and noble currently. We better start voting for them and endorsing them and telling Christians about them and rallying support. And start sending them some money, too! No, I didn’t say stop tithing to your church and instead send it to political campaigns. I said take your $25 or 50 bucks that you would’ve spent on dinner, on a night out at Applebee’s or somewhere indulging in your suburban American luxury and do something meaningful with your money. Pass up a couple lattes for a few weeks at your favorite café and instead send the spare change over to some worthy candidate so you can be involved with supporting the right campaigns and taking back this country. It takes money, ladies and gentlemen to run for office, and if the good people aren’t going to support the good candidates in a real way, even financially, then who will? Are we simply leaving this up to the elite, the wealthy donor class, the party bosses, and the unbelieving world to pick and choose who runs? Get involved! Go to the websites, get informed, support these people!

How many Christians and conservatives don’t even know who Jim DeMint is, former Senator from South Carolina, outspoken national Tea Party leader and head of the Heritage Foundation, one of our very best in recent years for sure. But we don’t know him? We should know who he is, and who Mia Love is, and Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Cruz, Todd Akin, we should know them, what they stand for and then throw our support behind them and call others to do the same.

We better start getting Tea Party candidates elected, seems like a last best hope in politics right now. Thank goodness for this grassroots revival. We finally have people campaigning in the name of faith-based reform to protect our religious liberty and freedom of conscience in life and worship. Isn’t this the very thing we’ve been lamenting about not having in politics in American anymore? Aren’t these the very candidates and campaign platforms we’ve been hoping for and praying for, and yet we’re flinching?! Shame on us if we miss the opportunity or sleep through it or cower in silence out of pressure from the spin of the prevailing media narrative. And even if some or all Tea Party candidates become crooks and cheats or they fail and the name is corrupted and changed and forever tarnished, it won’t matter one bit anyway because it’s not a person or a party, it’s an ideology. And that’s what we need to stand for without flinching – the ideology of conservatism.

And one more thing to note: it’s never politically expedient to come out strong on hot-button social issues, like abortion and marriage in particular, the way that these Tea party candidates do. And so when a conservative candidate does, comes out of the gate forceful on that kind of stuff, it sure seems genuine because why else would you jeopardize your national campaign by linking yourself with core traditional moral values when it doesn’t promise huge gains in the electorate or campaign success. Their fidelity to polarizing issues like abortion and religious freedom evidences an authenticity to traditional values that is decidedly lacking in politics today.

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream. Don’t believe the hype out there. The Tea Party isn’t a bunch of fringe, extreme Republican Party loyalists who’ve gone off the deep end, nor are they religious quacks who want to establish some arbitrary theocracy. Quite the contrary, they are regular citizens with earnest convictions on restoring liberty, citizens who are fed up with the status quo and are finally raising their voice to say enough is enough. We can only hope it isn’t too late. And you can tell the real advocates for liberty by who the Establishment hates. They hate the ones that appear to be the greatest political threat. And they hate the Tea Party, currently the loudest and most forceful dissenting voice against the ruling class. Join them, and don’t be a hater. And when liberals start recklessly blasting the Tea Party, defend your own like you’d defend your grandmother, and then go ahead, hold their feet to the fire.. the liberals, I mean, not your grandmother…


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