Ep. 35 History of the Modern Tea Party: A Conservative Revolution [audio and text]

Ep. 35 History of the Modern Tea Party: A Conservative Revolution [audio and text]

Conservatism Comments Off on Ep. 35 History of the Modern Tea Party: A Conservative Revolution [audio and text]

If you knew how it started, you’d know why we need to support it.  Here’s some more Tea Party leaders, including folks running for president that every conservative should know by name.  Do people have any idea what these guys are fighting for?

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“Well, I am blessed to receive a word from God every day in receiving the scriptures and reading the scriptures. And God speaks through the Bible,” That was Senator Ted Cruz at the first Republican presidential primary debate back on August 6. Cruz also recently led the effort in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood at the end of this summer, ever since those notorious undercover videos surfaced detailing federally-funded infanticide. And Governor Scott Walker, candidate from Wisconsin, said in his closing remarks at the same debate, “It’s only by the blood of Jesus Christ that I’ve been redeemed from my sins.” Unfortunately, Walker has since dropped out, just a few weeks back actually, as painful as that is to mention, but we press on. And in light of a constant flow of comments and evidence like this, I’m continuing a conversation I started in previous episodes with a question… do we as Christians and conservatives realize who the Tea party is and that candidates like these, guys like this, Walker, Cruz, Rand Paul from Kentucky, are the ones we need to wholeheartedly support? I wonder how many conservative Americans and Christians, I wonder how many pastors, are even aware that this kind of stuff is being said at a national debate. These guys are out there, trying to get elected, and they’re association is none other than the Tea Party.

And so the Republican primary is raging right now, debates, speeches, campaigns, media coverage, and huge anticipation of who the next candidate will be. Will we be ushered in to another mind-numbing presidential contest between a liberal candidate and a not-quite-as-liberal RINO Establishment Party Republican? RINO stands for Republican in name only, by the way. That would be someone who calls himself a Republican (McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie) but isn’t truly conservative or doesn’t truly advocate for the political right. Simply a phony that caucuses, draws up ranks with, the Republican party yet fails to uphold any core values of conservatism or republicanism. Another example would be Speaker of the House John Boehner who thankfully just resigned, but not without first committing to a budget that would continue funding Planned Parenthood. Thanks for the last minute betrayal, Boehner, and on your way out the door!

So as I just asked – will we get another lame moderate? Or will we get a tried-and-true red-blooded conservative statesmen representing our party in the 2016 race? Well, rest assured… we will get our stale, played-out, soft-soap Republican moderate if Senator Jeb Bush, the Spanish-speaking panderer from Florida, wins the nomination. Or Christie or John Kasich from Ohio, to name a few others. So then who do we support? This has been a constant question over the last weeks/months that I keep getting from everyone I run into. “So who do you support?” That and, “So what do you think of Trump?” The Trump answer I will save for another time. Keep you hanging. But my answer to the first question is always the same… Go listen to Feet To The Fire! And you’ll know who I support…. And then you’ll know who to support.

But all kidding aside, here’s what I support – conservatism. Which is why I support the Tea Party. I gave you a definition of the Tea Party previously and a survey of some strong names in the movement – if you didn’t hear those episodes, you need to go listen, it will greatly clarify. I’m continuing that discussion now with some more characters you should know on the American political stage. I’ve mentioned several times in those previous episodes, I see this Republican primary as a teaching opportunity, specifically regarding conservative philosophy and the current form it has taken in American politics, and that form is the modern grassroots Tea Party movement. The reason I’m exhausting this topic is because some conservatives, many so-called Republicans and even many Christians, criticize the Tea Party and it’s spokesmen, even still, even in light of all that Cruz and Walker and past Tea Party leaders have stood for, but they do so from a significant position of ignorance. And they frankly don’t realize that the Tea Party movement is the movement that is fighting for our cause, comprised of freedom-loving Americans and strong candidates running on traditional values. I’ve gotten so weary of hearing the media and Establishment Republicans and even Christians attack the Tea Party or distance themselves from it or complain about it. And I’m tired of folks apparently on our side evidencing downright ignorance over what the whole thing is and why we need to get behind it. As I’ve said numerous times, this is so important because the Tea Party is a home-grown movement made up of us: Christians, patriots, conservatives; and if we assault it, the only thing we are doing is failing miserably at supporting the leading force for conservative values in contemporary American politics.

Okay, so who else is the Tea party? The Tea Party is anti-Establishment Rand Paul, outspoken Republican senator from Kentucky who is also running for the 2016 Republican party ticket. This guy has been absolute raw conservatism from the very beginning, a true champion of liberty, much like Ted Cruz, and his highly anticipated election in 2010 was met with great acclaim by the conservative side of American politics. He was swept in by that very first wave of Tea Party activism in the now famous 2010 mid-term elections during Obama’s first 4 years in office. Paul’s story actually gives us opportunity to take a quick departure into the history of the Tea Party, so let’s do that right now.

It all started when Obama was elected in 2008 and started wreaking havoc in this country, “fundamentally transforming” it, just as he had promised to do with those exact words 5 days before his election. So he’s inaugurated in 2009 and begins his destructive policy from minute one. Well, by year two, 2010, the country had already had enough, and we had arrived at what’s called the mid-term elections, which is the re-election of all of Congress, that is the House and 1/3 of the Senate, which occurs halfway through a president’s 4-year term. There’s also hoards of state-level elections all across the country. As you could guess, Democrats got it handed to them in the 2010 election when Republicans took back not only the House of Representatives but also made huge gains nationwide even at state and local levels. Republicans won back statehouses and legislative majorities all across America as a giant protest vote against 2 years of President Obama and his debilitating policy, which included his historic national healthcare scheme, ObamaCare. As a matter of fact, the case can be made that ObamaCare is truly what gave rise to the Tea Party movement when it initially erupted nationwide in 2010.   This was truly an epic and pivotal election year in American political history as the whole country went Republican red, and that’s because of… the Tea Party. The Tea Party was largely responsible for the sweeping conservative victory that year, although Establishment Republicans will never admit that. Bluntly stated, it was a loud NO vote to Obama after just two years in. The 2010 election is really when the Tea Party first coalesced and gained immediate and significant traction, and it was ObamaCare that did it, that caused the monumental nationwide backlash. There were rallies and protests everywhere when that thing was pushed through, followed by a November electoral landslide for Republicans. It was a visceral and authenticate response of genuine protest to Obama’s election and two years of aggressive socialist policy, the greatest expression of which was nationalized healthcare, socialized medicine. The Tea Party was our natural reaction to ObamaCare, us saying “That’s it, the fight is on.”

You see, socialized medicine was always a distasteful hallmark of socialist-ridden Europe, where pampered, emasculated Europeans are always up for the next government-subsidized hand-out… and when they don’t get it, they blow up cars. Think French labor protest, early 2000s. But not here, we thought, never here, not in America where we work for a living and take care of ourselves and don’t want meddling bureaucrats. National healthcare was for Europe and was supposed to stay there. Or so we thought. And then the Leftists got their boy in in 2008, Barak Obama, a poster-child Marxist; and then somehow, much to our dismay, somehow in the unpredictable timeline of history, they actually, finally pulled it off: liberal socialists, Democrats, pulled off the unthinkable, something they had been trying to do since FDR’s presidency in the 1930s and 40s; they got it passed here, they actually created nationalized healthcare in America. And what happened? Well, logically, what you’d expect: we freaked; conservatives everywhere in this country freaked out, finally woke up and totally freaked out… and the Tea Party was born. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And Town Hall meetings were stormed all around the country, Congressional phones and email inboxes blew wide open, rallies were held, local communities were up in arms. And in the 2010 election, the old guard, tons of Establishment politicians and Democrats, were tossed out of office, thrown out of Congress, in favor of rising conservatives and Tea Party leaders, all right in the middle of Obama’s first term, a mere 22 months into this nut’s presidency. That’s all it took, two years of this guy, and Congress flipped to the Republicans, we wiped the floor with the Democrats and conservatism took on a new voice. It was a wave election of national proportions, a glorious protest vote against liberal policy.

And as a side comment, it is interesting to note the difference between conservative Tea Party protests and rallies and then liberal riots like the Occupy Wall Street or labor fights. I would know because I went to some of these Tea Party rallies and I noticed some things. And as much as this sounds like I’m trying to make a joke, I’m actually serious. First of all, conservative rallies occur after work hours generally because the people attending are too busy being productive during the day to attend some protest; they have to be at work. They are the creators and the producers in society who are responsible and have a job. As opposed to the jobless, whining, emasculated government-dependents who you find attending liberal riots, like ignorant college students who want us all to pay their tuition. These liberal riots occur any hour of the day, usually during work hours, because well, their protestors probably have no job and don’t even want one; or else if they have one, a protest is a good reason not to have to go to work that day. Take a day off, throw an explosive through a shop window; why not? I also noticed the conservative rallies have people dressed in polos and dockers because again, they work for a living and actually probably just came from work on the way to the rally. Whereas liberal riots are usually characterized by smelly hippies who haven’t bathed and who are most likely running around naked just to cause a scene. And finally, ours are peaceful, despite liberal reporting to the contrary from the biased media who paints us extremist maniacs; they are peaceful gatherings with organized speeches given by excellent public speakers and an audience filled with dignified folks from all generations, including civilized old people. Whereas liberals protestors just arrive and flip cars and set things on fire and cause a general disturbance to all peace and sanity in the community that they decided to invade. Then they get mad when other protestors steal their MacBooks. True story, Occupy Wall Street, NYC. How ironic.

Okay, back to our story. Well, in the 2010 wave I just talked about, that’s in fact how and when Rand Paul got elected, and again, he’s one of these freshmen senators that was upsetting the status quo big time in Washington from the moment he set foot in Congress, just like Cruz. Gotta love these guys! And in Paul we have yet another radical conservative standing for all the traditional values that we cherish as Americans. He is articulate, no nonsense, and in a breath of fresh air, much to the cheers of impassioned conservatives across the country, he stood up to the overbearing, biased media in some TV interviews last spring after announcing his candidacy. The interviewer happened to be female, Savannah Guthrie, and so of course he was called a misogynistic woman-hater engaged in a War on Women by the media, who immediately snapped into action with their same-old, played out scripted clichés about evil white male sexism. So he happened to talk back to a female news reporter: how unheard of a transgression in our pc culture! The point is he wasn’t going to take her garbage liberal demagoguery and he stood his ground; it had nothing to do with gender. And as far as I can tell, if women want to demand equality, then they better be able to handle pushback in interviews and not use their femininity as an excuse to complain about dissenting voices.

As a matter of fact, his comments were mild to say the least; but they were confident, and that’s what put the LEFT in a frenzy. Confident conservative pushback is what makes the LEFT completely foaming-at-the-mouth insane. But on our side we say “way to go Rand Paul!” Finally someone sticking it to the media and not agreeing to their underlying presumptions and false narrative about conservatives.

Well that episode with Guthrie did it. The media kicked into action to destroy him with this regurgitated theme of gender wars. But the woman thing was merely a cover to try and silence Paul. The LEFT was just ticked off he had the nerve to talk back to one of their highly esteemed media lemmings. And accusing him of a War on Women provided a perfect opportunity to try to agitate people into turning against his candidacy. Trust me, the Dems and the libs are threatened by these guys and need to take them out, which is all the more reason why we should throw our support behind them. They have real potential for great electoral victory, and the LEFT knows it and hates it. As a matter of fact, it seems like liberals know better than some Christians how much of a serious threat Tea Partiers are to the godless, liberal agenda permeating Washington, D.C.

Rand Paul also made news by going on the offensive with regard to his pro-life position against abortion, again in a great moment of standing up to the media.   A physician and one who also professes to be a Christian, Paul had this to say when a reporter tried to corner him on the issue of abortion after he announced his presidential bid: “Here’s the deal—we always seem to have the debate way over here on what are the exact details of exemptions, or when it starts. Why don’t we ask the DNC [that’s the Democratic National Committee]: Is it okay to kill a 7-pound baby in the uterus? You go back and you ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz [that’s the angry feminist head of the DNC] if she’s OK with killing a 7-pound baby that is not born yet. Ask her when life begins, and you ask Debbie when it’s OK to protect life. When you get an answer from Debbie, get back to me.” Yes, once again! Cheers for Rand Paul!

So there’s another example. The Tea Party is outspoken conservatives refusing to subject themselves to the criticism of a biased media culture any longer. The Tea party is outspoken conservatives going on the offensive on topics like abortion, rather than running from social issues. And we aren’t sure if we want that?! The Democrat-sponsored, liberal-driven mainstream news media has gone unanswered in pummeling Republicans for the last 50 plus years, has gone uncontested in establishing the terms of the debate on every issue from abortion to gun rights, and finally Tea Party folks are telling them to sit down and be quiet. Republicans would do well to get behind this, and Rand Paul would quite honestly make a fine Republican presidential candidate in my humble opinion.

Just recently Paul froze Congress with an excellent 10-hour filibuster to prevent the extension of the Patriot Act, which allowed the feds to monitor and collect all kinds of private data and records of free American citizens, cellphone communication and the like. Joined by Cruz and other fine Tea Party leaders like Senator Mike Lee of Utah, he challenged the status quo, resisted the Republican and Democrat Establishment in D.C. who wanted to continue this data collection nonsense, prying into our personal lives, and thanks to his efforts, the bill has expired. Well, the controversial portions at least expired. Sorry to all the phony Republicans out there, Rhino’s like Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader, who like Boehner also needs to resign from his position. These guys just keep towing the Establishment Party line and Rand Paul challenged it, and won. And even while running for the Republican primary no less, unshaken, not afraid to expend all his political capital and be excoriated by the media and the political ruling class because he knew he had to stand up for what was right.

Ever hear of Dr. Ben Carson? Another Tea Party-type conservative running for president RIGHT NOW in the Republican primary. Better pay attention to him, top-notch conservative. As one of the most prestigious, innovative neurosurgeons in history, he publicly denounced the horrors of ObamaCare directly to Obama’s face, quite tactfully I might add, at the National Prayer Breakfast a few years back. It was amazing, unbelievable and completely awesome, a grand moment in national news. Senator Marco Rubio? Famed Tea Partier from Florida also running for president; he came into the Senate with Rand Paul in that original 2010 Tea Party landslide victory I’ve mentioned now several times. Yep, another one to support if he ends up being our guy for president, although not at all our best choice anymore. He let a lot of us down when he waffled on illegals with that lunatic Chuck Schumer of New York and the Democrats, and it cost him quite a bit of support on the conservative side of politics nationally; but still, we’d take him if he gets the nomination, and he’s worth mentioning as one in our coalition. And there’s more of them out there, I could keep going, which is why we need to pay close attention to all the good guys taking up the fight for us and our cause.

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Stay tuned, I have one more discussion of the Tea Party coming up for you, the most controversial Tea Party episode yet!! So don’t miss it, complete with a couple more personalities you need to meet. I’m telling you, if you call yourself a conservative, you need to know this info and these people so you stay on the front lines of our movement. Don’t be the slug that knows nothing and ignorantly criticizes everyone and everything because you bought the lie that all politicians are corrupt. Don’t believe the hype!! Sure there are corrupt ones, just like there’s corrupt people everywhere. I’m sure you even know some corrupt gas station attendants, too. That doesn’t mean they all are or that you stop buying gas. And there are still good statesmen out there too, and they need our support, our votes, even some money! 10 bucks shouldn’t break the bank for you, but if every conservative gave a little, it could go a long way in really helping a good campaign. Go on their websites, read up on them, and get involved. Otherwise, I gotta be honest, you may be part of the problem. Wake up, conservative America! And help the Tea Party conservastives hold the liberal’s feet to the fire…

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