Ep. 51 All Are NOT Welcome: Why Trump Is Right & Trump/Nazi Comparisons Are Just Plain Absurd [audio]

Ep. 51 All Are NOT Welcome: Why Trump Is Right & Trump/Nazi Comparisons Are Just Plain Absurd [audio]

Illegal Immigration Comments Off on Ep. 51 All Are NOT Welcome: Why Trump Is Right & Trump/Nazi Comparisons Are Just Plain Absurd [audio]

Did I mention I am pro Ted Cruz?  He’s the top conservative pick, no question!  But Trump happens to be right about some things as well, and he deserves a defense after coming under fire for his timely and accurate comments on Muslim immigration.  I’ve just gotten so tired of seeing these ridiculous social media posts suggesting Trump is the new Hitler.  Think before you post, folks!  Or at least check with Feet 2 The Fire first…

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I am candidly and finally weary of the notably naïve and wrong comparison of Trump to Hitler and the Nazis. The only proponents of such Statism (the broader term for Nazi fascism) in this country are found on the Political Left; not Trump, nor in the pool of Republican primary candidates.   It has been now multiple times that I’ve come across the Trump/Nazi comparison, and it is immeasurably inaccurate and decidedly erroneous and implacably frustrating. And it is drawing the analogy in exactly the wrong direction. Trump is in NO WAY comparable to Hitler. And unfortunately, anyone drawing such a connection or giving it a serious consideration is giving hearty consent (whether they know it or not) to the destructive and deceptive narrative of Liberal politicians and their willing accomplices in the media. Understand, it is mere demagoguery intended to smear the leading Republican candidate as the general election slowly approaches. This is just cheap party politics. Read on, read on, I’ll explain. But first, two points of fact to serve as our backdrop:

  1. The US halted nearly ALL immigration from 1924-1965. You didn’t know that. Most don’t because the media doesn’t tell that side of the story. It was an issue at the time of national interest and national security for the express purpose of assimilating the huge amounts of immigrants we already had in the country. So understand, the precedent has already been laid for modifying and/or halting immigration.
  2. Deportation is the law of the land and we’ve done it. There is clear, legal precedent for deporting foreign nationals, both in written statute and in practice. And there is no mandate that any and all foreigners have equal right and unchecked access to America. All are NOT welcome, and American citizenship is exclusive. Number 8, US Code 1182 (passed in 1952, by Democrats it’s worth noting) authorizes the president to suspend entry for or impose restrictions on any immigrant class whatsoever who pose a potential threat to our national security.   It reads as follows: “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by president.  Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”  The point here is that lawful deportation is standard operating procedure for the enforcement arm of government. And in fact, in recent history, the US has legitimately isolated and removed immigrants, under the directive of a Democrat no less, President Jimmy Carter. During the Iran hostage crisis, November 1979, Carter’s Administration gave all Iranian students one month to report to a local immigration office, after which time 7,000 were found to be in violation of their visas. A grand total of 15,000 Iranians were deported, compelled by the government to leave the US.
  3. The following headlines appeared over the past year in January and August, respectively:-No room in America for Christian refugees, thehill.com“Decades later, the Christians of the Middle East face the same problem, and the Obama administration is keeping the door shut.”-Iraqi refugees to be deported, ICE says, San Diego Union Tribune“12 Iraqi Chaldean Christians who fled ISIS will be deported in the following weeks.”

    So I ask, who is targeting who here?

Christian and Conservatives, c’mon, behave and stop listening to the Left, and think affirmatively about sensible policy. And this is not coming from someone who has Trump as his first pick. I’m not a Trump fanatic, but I will definitely get behind him if he wins, and he is FAR better than anything coming from the opposition Democrat Party. Because listen now, Trump is right, right about his biggest platform issues, namely: stopping illegal immigration, closing the border, deportation, refusing amnesty, and even the consideration to halt Muslim immigration. Sorry, he’s right.

And for those of you confused with the Nazi comparison, understand the following: in WWII, the targeted people were Jews, and they were targeted by nationalist zealots (Nazis) who waged a genocidal war of racial cleansing against innocent civilians. Sound like anything familiar in world affairs lately? Wake up, America. Let me draw the comparison for you in modern times using this very analogy others have appealed to. Simply stated: The Muslim terrorists are the Nazis, Westerner civilians are the victims (like the Jews), the rogue terrorist-sponsoring leaders of Muslim nations are the Hitlers. Islamic terrorists and the silent Muslim majority that supports radical Islam is standing in the place of Nazi foot solders and the silent German majority that supported Jewish genocide. That’s the correct parallel in your analogy. As Americans, this should be glaringly obvious. And the victims now, just like the Jews in the Holocaust then, are the targeted innocent civilians (primarily Jews and Christians) both in the Middle East and also in our western nations. These are the western nations that Muslim countries generally hate and have sworn to wipe off the planet along with Israel; please note Paris and San Bernardino, California as just two recent examples. Do we really need to actually point out to the people getting shot up and murdered (you, the reader, your countrymen, Christians and westerners and innocent victims in Muslim nations)… do we really need to actually point out to the people getting shot up that you are the ones getting shot up? Seriously? I gently ask, are the citizens that out of touch? One of the guys murdered in California was a Messianic Jew that had gotten into a supposed conversation with the Muslim terrorist at the Christmas party just before the lethal attack, according to the narrative we are hearing. If we take that at face value as accurate, I wonder what the Christian was saying: I don’t know, maybe sharing religion with the guy? Let’s wager that guess as an option. Fastest way to tick off a Muslim radical. I wonder what the LEFT’s solution will be: prosecuting terrorism, or outlawing evangelism?

And after this dreadful, unspeakable tragedy, Trump reacts (justifiably I might add) by saying, “Alright, that’s it, hold the phone. No more folks coming in from Muslim nations ‘till we figure this thing out!” Right on, right on! But herein lies my consternation: Christians are getting shot up, and then Christians are running around on the Internet to attack one of the loudest guys opening his mouth demanding justice (that would be Trump). Christians essentially are running to the defense of the violent extremists (again, Nazi Fascists equal Muslim Terrorists in our analogy here, don’t forget that, not too difficult to draw the parallel – wipe out entire nations by murdering civilians whose race and religion you find repugnant). Christians and so-called Republicans run to the defense of extremists by attacking a conservative spokesman. I’m clueing you in on the confusion you may have. TODAY’S HOLOCAUST IS BEING DIRECTED AT YOU, NOT MUSLIMS! And that’s not to diminish the horror inflicted against the Jews. Thankfully we haven’t reached that point of sheer death toll yet, lest any think I am over-simplifying the magnitude of that Jewish genocide; but the comparison I’m drawing here is in ideology, not numbers. The Muslims are NOT the ones being targeted and dying; on the contrary, they are the perpetrators in this case. The genocidal activity is coming from their side, not ours; from their religious ideology, not ours. And any attempt to make Muslims out as the victims of civil rights violation or Nazi-style bigotry is beyond laughable at this point; it’s insulting and degrading and quite dangerous to our own welfare. The Muslim extremists are the Nazis, and Trump is a candidate with a big mouth who is articulating a hard line on how to put at least a temporary halt to the abject violence occurring within American borders. I repeat, he ain’t my guy, but he’s not far off the mark here.

Are we that out of touch that we are actually comparing the WRONG GUY to Hitler? You don’t realize THEY are Hitler? Oh boy, we are in trouble, and not because of Trump. It’s the confused public buying into this stuff. He is just one out of MANY conservative candidates articulating exactly what needs to happen: shut this down, this crazy immigration, and reestablish law and order in the country. And defeat evil. My goodness folks, we’ve got to come to terms with the reality here. So please, stop sharing and LIKING Facebook posts that take our guys like Trump and slander them with ludicrous comparisons to Hitler when in fact the only ones in this country complicit in the mass extermination of hoards of innocent lives because of reckless foreign policy are treacherous Democrats, the party of anti-America.   You don’t have to like Trump. He’s not my top guy, either. (Have I said that yet?) But by all means, at least he’s playing for our team right now.  So please, STOP buying into the slander nonsense. Trump at the very least is way better than the other side, way better than Hillary and the Democrats, way better than Establishment Republicans like Jeb or Kasich or McConnell or Boehner. For Christians to be posting and re-posting Trump-bashing commentary is quite frankly fighting for the wrong team and helping to weaken our position as conservatives. Let’s go folks. Check with me before you jump on the next bandwagon. And don’t believe the hype. Why don’t we spend time on Democrat-Fascist comparisons (which would actually have some substance to them) instead of following trendy Republican slander. It may be chic and hip to defame Republican candidates and conservatives, but it isn’t smart or informed or helpful and is quite destructive to our cause.

And one more thing before wrapping up here. All are NOT welcome. This endlessly repeated “All are welcome” theme and “Trump is a hater and a bigot” claptrap are really getting under my skin, especially when it’s coming from Christians and conservatives who should know better. It’s nothing more than the same played out mantras and stale empty platitudes from the LEFT, and people are just ignorantly regurgitating it all over social media. That phrase, that thought process, that’s an emotional appeal: all are welcome. That sounds noble with its façade of contrived compassion, but it’s devoid of reason. And it’s based on this false premise that there is some universal right to entry into America, or any other nation for that matter. Or that Christianity somehow obligates us to suspend our discernment and righteous judgment. Let me be clear, all are NOT welcome. Most assuredly not, not when they are coming here to blow us up, murder our citizens, wage jihad, commit treachery against our civil order. And not when they are coming from nations that are flagrantly anti-American sympathizers. Quite the contrary, we have a lawful prerogative and obligation for defending our citizenry. Let’s not allow a pretense of compassion (which in reality is no compassion at all) to blind our intellect and pervert our sense of right and wrong. This is a classic case of false presumptive reasoning leading to disastrous conclusions.  The starting point here of obligatory open-arms is wrong, and so those of you shouting these trite phrases are all wet.

And now if you want my fast-track reaction to Trump’s recent controversial remarks specifically, see below, email response to a friend…

“Oh I’m with you, I tend to agree [with Trump]. It’s not that we are trying to single out Islam; in fact, we are a country that lawfully allows any religion. However, we maintain our civilization as decidedly LAWFUL and Christian. That means alien ideologies that practice lawlessness and aberrant behavior are justifiably excluded. We wouldn’t accept a bunch of Communists that commit treason and espionage. A lawful nation doesn’t justify nor excuse disruptive unlawful conduct that threatens the very fabric of peace and orderliness. Our civil liberties are not there to be abused, turned against us, and then used an excuse to justify our own extermination.

And what the media keeps leaving out is Trump’s comment, “until our representatives figure out what’s going on.” I think that’s key. Leave it in the hands of the elected plurality of representatives until stability can be maintained. People tend to forget, this is how we beat the Nazis. We didn’t talk nice-nice; we firebombed Dresden and melted it to the ground, which was their military industrial center. Firebombed. People remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki but they forget what we did to Germany and Dresden. We melted an entire city, infrastructure, people and all, literally melted it with liquid fire. The force of righteousness, those on the side of the just cause, do not compromise with evil or they become complicit with evil. There are civilians in the Middle East getting their heads chopped off as well by these psychotic terrorists, and people everywhere need us as Christians to take the firm position for the cause of the innocent. That is decidedly biblical. No question.

How far do we take it? Well, to be honest, I think Trump has the right idea right now, considering we just had our own small version of Paris: 14 more people brutally murdered in a terror attack at a work Christmas party in California for crying out loud, and 17 injured!  We all have family that goes to work Christmas parties!  We’re being chastised for not showing compassion to Muslims?!  What in the world…? What reality are we living in?  What about compassion for all the people now with dead family members because we were too clueless to enforce the law and protect our citizens?  Where is the compassion for little kids who lost their parents in reckless bloodshed because we are allowing foreign combatants into our country?  Or is it that compassion doesn’t fit this situation, compassion doesn’t need to be shown to white Christian kids and civilians, compassion doesn’t come into play here when it’s American citizens having their civil rights violated?  Compassion only to Muslim immigrants?  Give me a break.  Law trumps emotions and law trumps compromise when it comes to a society at large. And no pun intended on using the word trump. LOL! 🙂 And by the way, this is coming from a guy who does not support Trump as the first pick.  I’m a Cruz guy all the way.  But when someone’s right, they are right, and I think Trump is right. 🙂 “

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