Ep. 26 The Establishment’s Worst Nightmare: Meet The Tea Party! [audio/text]

Ep. 26 The Establishment’s Worst Nightmare: Meet The Tea Party! [audio/text]

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So the primary races for the 2016 presidential bid are in full swing, and the renegade Tea Party candidates are once again disturbing the status quo in the Republican Party.  Yet all we hear in the media narrative is that they’re fringe cooks unfit for the political arena.  It’s time we learned the truth about who the Tea Party really is.  There are a few people I’d like you to meet….

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Alright, now on to what I’ve been wanting to get to for a while… which is going in a different direction than what we’ve been discussing lately on the program. But before that, a quick announcement to let you all now, the Feet To The Fire App should be coming out soon for iPhones, within the next couple of weeks. Very excited about that! And then hopefully an App for you Droid users out there as well, later in the summer.

Okay back to our topic today. I want to talk… Tea Party. And I want to talk with regard to the developing Republican Party primary race and some of the candidates we’re seeing. So for a moment I guess you could say I’m gonna leave the flaming liberal Democrats alone, their feet are hot enough for now after all of our blogging here, and we’ll hold the political right’s feet to the fire. And that includes all Republicans, conservatives, Patriots, and especially Christians even, who are developing a dangerous ignorance over who is the real deal and who are the charlatans. Unfortunately, especially amongst evangelical Christians, we conservatives are just not staying well-informed, not remaining politically savvy in order to discern whose really playing for our team and fighting for the true cause. And we end up shooting our own, or even joining in the drowning chorus from the liberal LEFT and their media lemmings. We end up affirming the outrageous and ignorant condemnation of, quite frankly, good men and women who ought to be held up and esteemed as the leaders of our movement and spokesmen for our greatest interests.

Here is what I’m trying to say bluntly. The Tea Party is our representative party currently in America, it’s the party that represents us. And that’s because it isn’t really an official party at all in fact. It is just a name, an idea, an affiliation that people who agree with a conservative America have found solidarity in. There is no actual Tea Party beyond normal, everyday conservative Americans, Republicans and certainly Christians, finally raising their voice and organizing themselves around a common set of principles, a platform of traditional American ideas. Listen, you have to get this, especially you Christians out there listening, you have to get this. We have to stop criticizing and condemning and distancing ourselves from the Tea Party. There is way too much ignorance out there on this, about who is the Tea Party. And I’m gonna tell you. WE are the Tea Party, we are them and the Tea Party is us. They are our greatest political ally, our political strength because the Tea Party is conservatives all over the country, Christians, folks with traditional American values, family values, social conservatives with moral absolutes, who have joined together in an unorganized grassroots effort to finally organize themselves and say, “No More! We have a voice, we are going to be heard, we are picking our limited government candidates to run and we are gonna run and win on uncompromising conservative values.”

This movement, because again, it isn’t really an official actual political party, it’s a set of ideas, a cultural movement, this is where we find political asylum precisely because it is the movement of traditional American patriots. It is the movement of patriots who love things like babies and the unborn, who love families and faith, hard work and the working man, and guns and large tanks and a strong America. This is the movement of patriots who love men being masculine and women being feminine, who love ingenuity and industry and prosperity and wealth creation and charity; folks who love oil and coal and fossil fuels, who love rifles and hunting and marriage and church and the Bible and American flags and football and chopping wood and cutting the grass and Saturday barbeques, who love getting dirty, making things with our own hands, earning and building the home we have and who love the Constitution and the rule of law and shotguns and right to carry laws and free market enterprise and small businesses and big businesses and farms and freedom and low taxes… oh and guns. And babies. And… bluegrass. And we loathe croissants and tyrants, and European socialists and arrogant college professors who eat croissants and talk like tyrants. That’s us! And the Tea Party is NOT what the media paints, a bunch of fringe-cook, power-hungry, sold-out Republican political masterminds who are unyielding, blind party loyalists. That’s exactly what the Tea Party is NOT, what it’s fighting against and why, to be honest, it’s been so successful and why the Republican Establishment is starting to hate it. Our loyalty is first to God and country. And that’s a Tea Party American, because well, that’s a regular, true-blue, old-school American, the kind that fought in the greatest generation.

And yet, we have Republicans, some Conservatives, even Christians! saying, “Oh no, not them, I can’t go Tea Party yet, I’m not there yet, those folks are crazy.” And they roll their eyes at the Tea Party!!! Roll their eyes? Are you kidding me? Do you know what you are rolling your eyes at? Are you just regurgitating the Democrat party-line spun out by the media? They HATE the Tea Party and convince us to hate our own precisely because… it’s dangerous. It’s a growing phenomenon of diligent, productive, politically active Americans saying we’re taking this country back. And we actually have Christians rolling their eyes! And that’s because, now here it is, they don’t know who the Tea Party is, which is why I’m gonna tell you right now. We’ve been praying for conservative leaders, even Christian leaders, begging for some respite from the insanity, for men who are finally leaders, statesmen with character. And the Tea Party movement is providing the political platform to hand us that on a silver platter, and we eye-roll. Unbelieveable. Now, you’re saying, some of you, “Okay, prove it, prove the Tea Party is us, representing us, the common man.” Okay, I will. Let’s look at the candidates out running for the Republican ticket right now. Let’s find out who the Tea Party is. And this isn’t a particular Feet To The Fire endorsement of anyone in particular, although I would have no problem doing that, this is just a survey of the landscape.

The Tea Party is Ted Cruz. Now for those you weak-willed out there who succumb to media hype and are about to shut off the audio and bury your head in the sand because I just mentioned the man most loathed by the American Establishment, stop and listen for a second. The Tea Party is the man who stands up in the Senate a year-and-a-half ago and says “compromise with evil is for cowards. Principled leadership is for the courageous who have the will to fight.” The Tea Party is the man, though standing all on his own with barely a handful of others, who says “I will shut down the entirety of this behemoth in Washington precisely because ObamaCare is the most vile act of legislative tyranny ever perpetrated against the American people. And whether I win or lose in the long run, I will expend everything, even all my so-called political capital, just to stake a claim on what is true and right and just. ObamaCare must be stopped, and I am willing to be the man to do it. And if it goes through, it is despite my most valiant efforts.” That’s Ted Cruz. In 2013, much to the protests of the media and the Democrats and even the Establishment Republican Party and all the elite political class in Washington, he was the one who said this is our last effort to stop ObamaCare. Let’s refuse implemention by defunding that portion of the government’s budget until it is repealed. And of course, he was tar-and-feathered, and mocked, and made to look like a lunatic and fanatic, someone who will never compromise and won’t “get things done in Washington,” you know all the same empty clap-trap and drivel we hear the LEFT spew constantly… And yet, stalwart he was, stalwart he remained, and right he was to fight. A hero. That’s the Tea Party.

Ted Cruz got in as the newly elected junior Senator from the great state of Texas, and yes, he was the favored Tea Party guy, ran on it, and received nationwide attention. He is the poster child for Tea Party candidates in fact. And he came sweeping in, and immediately got right to work, ignoring the fact that he was the incoming, newbie who was supposed to sit down and shut up and know his role until he learned to kiss the ring and toe the party line. There was Ted Cruz, no respecter of status and political hierarchy. That was the best, watching the LEFT completely squirm and FREAK OUT and come undone at his presumptuous leadership when he arrived in Washington. They unraveled like uptight, stuck-up elitists at a $500-a-head dinner party when a commoner comes rolling in from off the ranch with dirty jeans to fill a hungry appetite. “Who invited this cowboy rabble into our lofty Senate?” was their thought. I’ll tell you who! Angry Texans, that’s who! That’s who invited him, that’s who elected him and sent him there. Goodness, I love that state. You can still carry a gun in Texas.

So that’s Ted Cruz, Cuban American, a professing believer, claims to be a Christian. Graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law, he served under Chief Justice William Rehnquist. He memorized the US Constitution, was a national debate champion in college and was described by liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz as one of the smartest students he’s ever had. And Ted Cruz is running for president. And when he announced his candidacy a couple weeks back, see you wouldn’t know this because it goes unreported or painted in a completely negative light, when he announced his candidacy, he gave his announcement speech at Liberty University in Virginia, a well-known Christian university. And just that alone was enough to make the Christian-hating LEFT go completely batty! And he gave his now famous “Imagine” speech with no notes or prompter, which also defies Establishment elitist protocol and made them go nuts. That’s too genuine, he’s not playing the political game! And the best part was, he didn’t just mention God, a token throw away gesture to a Christian base, he actually named the Name, in his national announcement speech, the Name of Jesus, and shared his personal testimony. Check out some excerpts:

“I am thrilled to join you today at the largest Christian university in the world.” – that’s how he started out!

Speaking of his father’s conversion, he shared how his alcoholic dad abandoned his family when Ted was just 3 years old, only to get saved down in Texas and then return to his wife and kid. Cruz said of his dad “And yet when he was in Houston, a friend, a colleague from the oil and gas business invited him to a Bible study, invited him to Clay Road Baptist Church, and there my father gave his life to Jesus Christ.”

In the speech he spoke of his own faith in Christ and how it impacted his family, “There are people who wonder if faith is real. I can tell you, in my family there’s not a second of doubt, because were it not for the transformative love of Jesus Christ,… I would have been raised by a single mom without my father in the household.”

Cruz even makes an appeal to the evangelical community, “Today, roughly half of born again Christians aren’t voting. They’re staying home. Imagine instead millions of people of faith all across America coming out to the polls and voting our values.”

And in an interview with CBN, he said outright, “I think evangelicals, Christians, people of faith are going to play the decisive role in the Republican primary. And I think we’re going to play the decisive role in the General Election in 2016.

If you look at the last couple of elections, 2008 and 2012, sadly millions of Christians stayed home. Millions of Christians didn’t come out and vote. Is it any wonder we have the government we have today if people of faith don’t vote our values? That’s what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to energize and bring Christians back to the polls to vote and defend our values.”

Wow, now that is some encouraging and refreshing stuff to finally hear in American politics, isn’t it? What priority this Tea Party guy is giving to the Christian faith in the public arena! Now, like I said, I’m not officially endorsing Ted Cruz. Nor I am saying with absolute assurance that Cruz is in fact a true believer, although he sure talks like one. I don’t know his doctrine and denomination. That’s not my point here. I don’t know Cruz personally in order to assess his personal testimony. Let’s just take an honest assessment of Cruz’s observable words and behavior.  What we do know is he doesn’t shy away from speaking about Christianity and professing faith in Christ and making a strong appeal to born-again, evangelical, Christian conservatives with whom he identifies, which is generally not the Establishment’s advisable strategy for getting ahead in national politics. If you’re a politician licking your finger and sticking it in the air to try and appeal to the wind of popular opinion, you’re not going out of your way to align yourself with the so-called extreme Right-wing Christian fringe. Yet Cruz is doing just that, willing to expend his political capital on such an association with Christians. I mean one of his earliest TV campaign commercials starts our with him praying around the kitchen table with his family for crying out loud! Who does that in politics nowadays? That is way too damaging to your general reputation with the mainstream media, a far too significant expense of your political reputation, to call it merely pandering to the Christian vote. It goes way beyond that. You don’t have to go that far to make an appeal to Christians. That’s over the top and indicative of an honest conviction that traditional Christian faith and values need to be brought back into national politics.

And with what movement is Cruz affiliated? That’s right, as I’ve already said numerous times, the Tea Party. He is one of the faces, one of the identifying figures in the Tea Party movement, and he is not just asking for the support of born-again Christians but calling us to wake up and get involved in winning back this country. That’s what Tea Party means. You don’t hear Democrats talking that way. You don’t hear many mainstream Establishment Republicans talking this way. This kind of non-conformist rabble-rousing is coming from one place, the Tea Party. And that’s why we throw our support towards solidarity with the movement because these are the guys in the political world that are willing to and offering to represent us, Christians, conservative Americans, calling us out by name to rally the troops to reform our nation back to founding principles and Christian roots. That’s the Tea Party.

And yet we still have Christians wondering, “I don’t know if I can endorse the Tea Party, I think they’re kind of fringe, cook, extremist. I mean, after all, aren’t they the ones creating all the gridlock in Washington and around the country, disturbing the process and refusing to work with the other side? Aren’t they like these obscene, cook, Republican party loyalists filled with hate and a stubborn resistance to compromise? Aren’t they unelectable ‘cuz they’re so extreme?” No, that’s not who they are at all! I mean, in one sense, yes, they are creating all the gridlock, but with good reason, to stop the advancing liberal agenda that is attacking everything noble and good and traditional in this country, especially the Christian faith. But as far as extreme lunatic or party loyalist, upon hearing Ted Cruz talk, it doesn’t sound lunatic nor partisan. It sounds exactly like someone we’ve been looking for, even praying for, with the policy reforms this country needs. No loyalty to Republican party bosses in this guy’s speech nor his record whatsoever! He doesn’t play nice with party politics, and so you better believe both sides hate him for it. You’re not sure about the Tea Party? I suggest we get behind the candidates that are standing up for what we believe in, with policy reforms that match their strong rhetoric.

And as far as being electable or not, first of all, they are indeed! They are winning all over the place, not all the time, but for sure they are winning often enough to tick off the Establishment. The Tea Party’s honest electability is exactly why the Establishment in both parties hates them so much and feels so threatened by them. Establishment hatred betrays Tea Party success. Tea Party candidate electability is serious enough to make them a mutual agreed-upon national target for what is normally two opposing parties that can never agree on anything, except of course eradicating non-conformists and any dissenting voices. This hatred is rooted in that fact that the Tea Party movement has grown like wildfire, rapidly across the country, gaining ground, gaining support and running potent candidates and breaking through the prevailing fortress of bureaucratic despots that comprise the national government. They are quite electable, and recent elections have shown just that.

And we also have to ask, why is that, why are they winning? Because like I said, Tea Party isn’t actually a party after all, it’s a principle, the principle of conservatism, which is a winning platform. How about the greatest figure of conservative leadership in modern times who stands as the example of how to win and win big by clearly articulating conservative values? Ronald Reagan, right?… two successful election cycles to serve two wildly popular terms as president, both of which were landslide electoral victories across the entire map of the US; the first one, he grabbed 44 states, and the second every state except one. And ever since then, we’ve been running milk-toast moderates for Republican presidential candidates and either barely winning or losing flat out. Look at the data! Bush, Sr., Bob Dole, George Bush, Jr., whose brand of moderate big-government Republicanism and so called “compassionate conservatism” gave conservatives a bad name. John McCain, Mitt Romney?!? Seriously?!?! Bob Dole?!? No offense, but these party moderates make lousy candidates, and they lose. Give me a break; don’t believe the hype. Conservatism can win, it does win when a reasonable case is made, and conservatives are very attractive candidates to traditional, fly-over America. Maybe not in the big metropolitan centers, but in rural, hometown America for sure.

And second of all, since when do true, honest, principled freedom-fighters ever care about whether or not their position is popular or if they are electable? That is patently absurd for someone who cares about right being right and simply standing up for it, regardless of the fallout. Principled leaders aren’t in it for a social popularity contest. Who the heck cares if you’re popular when you’re standing up for what’s right?! What counts is standing up for what’s right, not whether or not people like you or applaud what you’re saying. In that case, Lincoln never would have run for President on a platform of abolition. In that case, hoards of great leaders and heroes the world over never would have accomplished the great things they did if they waited for their ideas to become popular or if they moderated to avoid ruffling feathers. Tea Party candidates don’t consult polling data or wait for approval from the political class; that’s what makes them authentic, and that’s what makes them great statesmen.

Who is the Tea Party? Well, we’ve got more names that are worth knowing, more examples of freedom fighters for you to be familiar with. But we’ll leave it here for now. Just understand, I repeat clearly, this was not a Ted Cruz campaign pitch or some official endorsement. That’s not the point I’m trying to make here. It was an endorsement, not of any particular person, but of an idea, a political philosophy, a grassroots movement in American that has the right trajectory and platform for fixing this mess we’re in. And right now in this country, that happens to be the Tea Party movement.

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream. Don’t believe the hype out there. I’m making a persuasive argument for traditional Americanism, for freedom and religious liberty and for the need for us patriots to wake up and start getting behind authentic statesmen who are finally willing to confidently articulate with one voice a consistent message of reform. That’s what we need, and that’s what this unofficial, disorganized, grassroots tea party uprising of everyday Americans means for our country; and it has proven itself out time and again in recent elections where we are gaining ground. So when the Establishment elitists scoff at us, at regular Americans standing up and raising a voice, when they scoff at us commoners, at “Tea Party rabble,” when they choke on their tidbits of croissant and morsels of sushi in horrific embarrassment of the boorish country class, and mumble condescending remarks about Bible-thumping, gun-totting, ignorant cowboy rifraff from behind their girlish porcelain tea cups and steamy lattes inside university lounges, well, just ignore their abuse and defend the cause. And DON’T get caught up in the narrative that Tea Party means lunatic or something to be ashamed of. It means principled, conservative reform. Be confident, and articulate what makes America great. And then in a light-hearted way, just slap the sushi out of their hand and hand them a steak, tell them to eat some real food, maybe it’ll help. And go ahead, hold their feet to the fire…

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