Ep. 23 The Liberal Solution To Every Contrived Social Crisis… [audio and text]

Ep. 23 The Liberal Solution To Every Contrived Social Crisis… [audio and text]

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The same old strategy with the same end game.  What is it that liberals are after anyway?  It seems like they always come up with an alleged social misery that can only be rectified with us surrendering more of our freedoms.  It’s the Democrat way, it’s the Obama way, from amnesty to education…

Full Transcript of Audio…

Let me ask a question. And your answer will show how well you know liberals. What is the number one solution that liberals give when there is some social crisis, real or contrived, that they are demanding needs to be addressed? You know how it works: you hear the same liberal mantra repeated on an issue, there’s some injustice, some breach in equity, and they always take up the anthem, “the system’s broken!” And so they start clamoring for a solution, pitching their plans that just HAVE to be implemented in the most immediate timeframe, obviously before anyone has any clue what’s going on or what scheme is being hatched by these political con-artists. The media falls right in line, carrying along this narrative that justifies some further encroachment on our liberties, and before you know it, one more part of our society is nationalized.   And that’s it, that’s always their answer, nationalize some part or feature of our free society under the façade that the federal government in Washington will always necessarily do a better job than the private sector or state and local municipalities. And the danger here is that the national solution sounds just so reasonable and sensible, even to so-called Republicans and conservatives, well-meaning patriots and Christians, all of whom fall into the trap of thinking that the liberals have anything noble in mind, any other motive beyond simply consolidating authority in the hands of the centralized oligarchy that we know as the federal government, or national government. Federal means national, meaning Washington, D.C., as opposed to state and local government.

And so under the guise of noble intentions, liberals will use any excuse whatsoever to bring more of our civil society under national oversight because their guiding principle is the humanist goal of consolidating power.   And again, people, even Christians, fall for it because, well doesn’t it sound so good? “We need to get everyone on the same page, work together, come up with national standards, a national method, a national program that fixes this so no one slips through the crack, so none of those rogue states go off in another direction doing their own thing at the expense of the little guy and the victimized citizenry.” It sounds so cooperative, so communal, so harmonious and unified and so hand-holding. “Can’t we all just get along and get this solved?” I think I just made myself sick saying all that.

Yeah, it sounds so good! Except it is completely antithetical to who we are as Americans, constituent members of a Confederated Republic. We are a confederation, a loose association of sovereign states, which means quite simply divided government. And it is this American confederation that is fundamental in thwarting the consolidation of nationalized force, otherwise known as tyranny. We don’t have tyrants here precisely because things AREN’T nationalized beyond the limited scope of what the Constitution provides for, which is only specific federal jurisdiction for a limited national government. Beyond that, the broad power of government lies with the plurality of the states and with the people therein, distributed amongst 50 competing states and their respective constituents. It is this divided power that is tied to local interests and peculiar needs, and it is this division which permanently keeps at bay the tendency towards nationalism. That’s what we value as Americans and as Christians: civil independence, local liberty, the dispersing of power, not consolidation. It is the distribution of power away from a common point that best preserves righteousness and justice in law and society and best preserves freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. And yet the liberals keep trying to jam national this that and the other thing down our throats, until our just and free society is completely dissolved in a sinister monstrosity of the all-powerful singular state.

So that is the motive behind every liberal-generated crisis.   They foment crises and social strife amongst the populace and in the American psyche because it creates a problem in the mind of the masses that needs to be solved. And in the solving comes the consolidation of more power. For the liberal, what is always their answer? The federal government needs to step in and take over.

And we see this in all the classic examples, especially recently, being pushed and implemented by the Obama Administration and his mind-numbed liberal lemmings in the media. I’ll show you a few and then talk about the reason I’m bringing this all up. Here’s one to start… Education is broken, right? Kids aren’t learning, states aren’t adequately producing a consistent output of intelligent, high-scoring seniors that can compete in a global market. I’m sorry, so much of that is liberal drivel, it’s hard for me to actually get the words out. So what do we do now? The liberals know! Nationalize public education under Common Core Standards, and everyone screams wildly and giggles with excitement and tickles each other over how clever an idea that is: we’ll all be on the same page! How nice, how sweet, how noble! Give me a break, it is SO blithely ignorant to think that’s in any way a good plan. That is devastating to liberty. Do you realize the implication? Stop and think about it for a moment. Local communities swallow up these national standards whereby some distant bureaucrats become our board of ed, telling us how and what our kids need to learn, rather than our own parents, families, churches, neighborhoods and community members. We end up turning our kids, an entire next generation, into mental wards of the state, beholden to the progressive, godless doctrine that they will be fed for 12 straight years in nationalized public schools. How could we ever think that a national Department of Education is a good idea, or constitutional, or somehow a promotion of civil liberty? Abolish that behemoth wrecking ball! All that Common Core is is educational requirements imposed on the states through which the feds can accomplish the more diabolical plan of dissolving classical education and replacing it with humanist, progressive, godless instruction.   Local communities can no longer educate their children the way the think best, with traditional values and morals and dare I say a Christian worldview because we have abdicated the instruction of our youth to the state.

Alright, couple more quick examples. The health care system is broken, right? Evil Insurance companies, BIG pharmaceutical and greedy doctors are ripping people off. What do we have to do? National health care, and bam! there it is, you’ve got ObamaCare, and all the people scream in delusional ecstasy because it’s another government freebie hand-out in the name of equity. Meanwhile, the FEDS just took over a whopping 1/6th of the entire economy by bringing the medical and health market under national government oversight. And they have reduced our personal liberty to budgetary line-items on a government spreadsheet because cost-saving bureaucrats now become the determinists of our fate and medical care, rather than the individual private citizen and his private doctor. Or how about the environment? We are destroying it, right? So we need to implement Cap-And-Trade, which nationalizes manufacturing. Thankfully, that one hasn’t gone through yet, but here’s how it works. There is a federal limit placed on all private industrial companies for carbon emissions; it says you can only produce this certain amount of greenhouse gases annually in your production facilities under the supposed noble intention of environmental protection, that’s the cap; and if you need to increase those limits to increase productivity, you can buy or trade from other companies or the Feds, that’s the trade. But again, all that does is give the national government prerogative over private industry to ultimately determine who can make how much of what and with what production capabilities. You’ve just brought the ability of the civil society to produce anything for itself under federal, national control. Soviets, anyone? Nazi facism? And liberals call us fascist? They’re the fascists, the nationalists! That’s how all these totalitarian regimes ascended to power, dominate the population’s ability to produce, all production eventually must become a machine for the all-powerful state. And although we don’t have Cap-And-Trade yet, we’ve already got the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, a federal bureaucratic office with no constitutional check against it’s unilateral authority that is currently imposing crippling restrictions on private companies and municipalities all in the name of trees. But see that’s just it, it has nothing to do with trees. It has everything to do with consolidating power. The environment is just another exploitable issue. And yet who could ever honestly make the absurd claim that such an agency is ANWYHERE permitted by the US Constitution in it’s clear enumeration of specific and limited powers granted to the federal government? It’s a bogus agency created by bogus politicians on the LEFT and their willing accomplices in the Republican party who think it’s a cute and neat idea.

And who can forget the recent nationalizing of the internet under the guise of “net neutrality” just some weeks back on February 26th? A perfect example of exactly what we’re talking about here, textbook scenario! Net neutrality is the scam liberal buzz word used to justify the federal takeover of the internet. Equal and fair internet access for all, right? Liberals raise the complaint about those evil ISP’s, internet service providers, who are overcharging the poor, victimized American consumer with high rates and slow connections. Uninformed people clamor that it isn’t fair that their streaming videos are buffering and everyone assumes European-style internet regulation will solve their personal media crisis, when in fact it will only make it worse. How quickly people will sell their freedom for faster movie-watching! And meanwhile, what we got is over 200 pages of authoritative federal internet regulation issued by the FCC, which is yet another unchecked, out-of-control bureaucratic arm of the executive branch. Faster internet for all? I don’t think so; let’s be honest, that’s not the goal of liberals. With this newly found control over the web, the next step for power-hungry tyrants is suppressing access and political and religious speech. We just surrendered what was up to this point the freest avenue of information, communication, and economics ever devised into the hands of the central government.

And of course, a final example, would be national amnesty. The immigration system is broken, right? So give the executive branch unilateral prerogative to execute amnesty for all illegals in flagrant defiance to the actual constitutional prerogative of the several states to maintain legal citizenship and protect their own sovereignty and the sovereignty of their citizens.

Alright, let me leave it there for now as a backdrop up for my next conversation, another specific federal power-grab, federal take-over that I want to discuss that is threatening our liberty and civil society. For now, just remember that for the liberal, this is the narrative, this is the consistent strategy and playbook: nationalize-away our liberty.

Let justice roll down like waters, America, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Don’t believe the hype out there! The federal government isn’t the savior, isn’t the solution. Nationalizing brings tyranny, not more freedom, and certainly not better solutions. Who says the federal government is better at doing things anyway? Let’s keep our Constitution of limited government, and as the 10th Amendment says, the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Local government is one of our greatest defenses of freedom, so hold onto it jealously. And when liberals threaten it with hair-brained schemes, don’t just jump on the bandwagon. Think through the implications, and then hold their feet to the fire…

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